Here it is, our best wedding photography tips for all those photographers who sooner or later are asked to photograph their friends or family wedding day. When it comes to lenses, you'll need both a portrait lens and a general purpose zoom lens for the ceremony. Occasionally I'll take a few photos with flash to give the couple more variety when it comes to choosing the images they want printed. Now you are comfortable knowing you have the right camera gear for wedding photography, the next step is preparation.
Check the location out prior to the wedding day and take some test shots around the same time as the ceremony will take place. Apart from the usual rings and dress shots, also photograph everything the bride and groom has spent good money on. Special moments to capture for the groom is that nervous waiting prior to the brides arrival. If you have a second shooter, ask them to capture his first look at the bride as she gets out of the car.
While you are busy photographing it's of utmost importance that you have an ear open and listen closely to the celebrant. In my experience I find the person who gets the most emotion out of a bride and groom are those who are closest to them. Those first fifteen minutes after the ceremony when friends and family are congratulating the married couple are precious. Every wedding will have people who don't want their photos taken or give the photographer a hard time by not smiling and so forth. Everyone nowadays has a camera whether it be an iPhone or a digital SLR and they will want their own shots of the happy couple. The last thing you want to do is stress the couple out by being a grumpy photographer who tells great aunt or grandma to put their camera away.
Now I hear you thinking hang on so why are couples going to buy my photos when all their family and friends have similar shots!
In my experience guests warm to you much faster when it's clear you are the wedding photographer. Whether you’re a beginner, an enthusiastic amateur or a professional photographer one of the best ways to learn about your own photography equipment is using it out on location, in the field. You will need a compact, bridge or DSLR camera (DSLR available for hire at ?15 per day) a fully charged battery and a memory card. Once we have received your booking, we will usually email all confirmation details to you within 1 working day. Amongst the important qualities that such a photographer should have include using the right cameras that will be able to capture all the aspects of the wedding.
Another important quality that a Union wedding photographer should have is being competent. Being professional is also an important quality in selecting the most ideal Union wedding photographer NJ. Besides understanding the qualities to look out for while selecting the most appropriate Union wedding photographer New Jersey, it is also paramount to know where to get such a photographer. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. No doubt if you own a digital SLR camera the day will come when you are asked to photograph your first wedding.
This is a question I've been asked many times through our Facebook page so I thought it time to write it down so amateurs can learn from my personal experience with wedding photography. Obviously it's going to be hard to photograph a wedding if you don't have suitable camera gear. If you don't have two camera bodies, I recommend asking a friend or family member if you can borrow one for the day.
There is less stress on yourself as the photographer when you know you have a backup camera. The last thing you want is to change memory cards during the bride and grooms first kiss as a married couple, or during the important wedding dance.

However I find flash is so 80's fashion magazine style and not what couples generally speaking want for their weddings. Here is a list of the most important steps you should take when preparing to photograph a wedding. This will give you a good idea of the style she is most likely to want for her own wedding album. For example, you can't be in the bridal preparation room until the last minute and think you'll be ready to capture beautiful photos of her arriving in the car at the same time. Talk to the person who is arranging the event and if possible ask that the bride and groom be positioned in favorable light during the ceremony. In my experience those who are in the bridal room are often the most important friends and relatives of the couple. For example if the brides shoes or grooms cufflinks are a brand name, photograph the item with the brand logo showing. When photographing the bride in the room make sure you have two or three of her bridal party standing behind her just out of focus so your photos have depth to them.
You need to know when the end is nearing and get into position for photographing couples first kiss. I'll often have a small chat with the best man and maid of honor and ask that they help me to capture the best possible moments by keeping the emotion going as long as possible. I find nowadays most couples know exactly what types of photos they want and how they want to pose. In these cases I recommend telling people that the bride and groom (call them by name) want photos of all their friends and family so they can remember this special day for many years to come. You could tell friends and family that you want everyone to get great shots, so you'll position the couple, test the lighting (ie get your shots in first) then turn around and say to them, yep that lighting is perfect go for it.
When you take your photos, make sure you call the couple by name so they are both looking directly at you. So what better way of getting practical outdoor experience than attending one of my Essex photography walks. Keeping it simple! No jargon, no in-depth technical speak, just easy to understand information and practical exercises, all the while photographing beautiful and interesting places in Essex. This is because they help them keep the memories of this special day which usually happens once in a life time for many people.
This means that the photographer should have the ability to capture different aspects of the wedding without leaving some details out. This means the photographer should have the basic etiquette in providing the necessary services. Amongst the most ideal places to get a good photographer is going through various advertisement forums such as the yellow pages, on the local dailies and also online. You only get one shot to photograph a couples wedding day and you never know when your main camera will unexpectantly stop working.
You can never foresee illness for yourself or immediate family members who may need you on the wedding date.
It can be something as simple as black and white conversions, to removing old injury scars on a brides arm. Instead I suggest spending the first fifteen minutes taking notice of any emotion or tension in the room. At times like this, people spend money on branding they wouldn't necessarily buy otherwise. Capturing the hands of the person helping her do up the back of her beautiful dress are always great shots. Of course have plenty in mind yourself, but for the most part the couple will have their own ideas. Lets take a photo not for me as the wedding photographer but for them and their wedding album so they will have plenty of special memories. So how do you do this when there are a hundred cameras pointing at them from every direction.
If weddings are something you plan on creating a living from, I recommend you purchase a couple of shirts with your business name on them and wear them instead.

As a result, these photographers are expected to provide good services by taking high quality pictures. Most of these photographer use modern cameras which use the latest technology and which have state of the art features. The photographer should know how to position himself or herself so as to capture the important moments of the wedding.
The right photographer should be able to keep time and other agreements made with the clients.
This is because most of these photographers usually advertise their services in these forums.
Sometimes things happen, plan for it ahead of time so the bride and groom aren't left scrambling at the last minute for a wedding photographer.
The last thing you want is to stress the bride out more if she is already highly strung (it does happen).
Personally I've never had trouble during the ceremony as people are usually sitting down or standing out the back.
Move a couple into position take several shots yourself before everyone realises its done, then allow them to move in and take their photos.
When family and friends move in there are usually a dozen or more of them, the wedding party are now looking in every direction. However, amongst these photographers there are some who are better than others depending on the quality of services provided.
The importance of having such a camera for a photographer is that the modern cameras are more suitable compared to the older cameras. One can authenticate the competency of any photographer by requesting to view the pictures taken in previous weddings.
One can also get a good photographer through getting recommendations from other people who had hired a certain photographer in the past. Flash also takes time to warm up and for weddings you want to be ready to capture that special moment in an instant.
Move the couple again, quickly take several shots, then stand back and let everyone else take their photos. After the first couple of poses, friends and family are happy to stand back and let you take the first photos because they understand by now that they are also going to get their chance. Therefore, it is important to know the qualities to look out for while choosing the most suitable Union wedding photographer NJ. The most ideal way of establishing the cameras used by a certain Union photographer New Jersey is visiting the photographer and inspecting the cameras. These recommendations are especially helpful because one can readily view the pictures that were taken by the particular photographer. By contacting these previous clients one can readily establish whether those previous clients were satisfied by the services they got. This is important because it is not appropriate to delay a wedding because the photographer is late. Therefore, it is possible to get a good Union wedding photographer NJ through knowing what to check and the right places to get such a photographer. While he or she is working out their camera settings you've already gotten the shot you need. One can determine whether a certain photographer is professional by contacting the previous clients and establishing whether the photographer was professional in providing the relevant services. The professionalism should also include charging reasonable fees for the services provided.

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