The start of summer in New Zealand is heralded by the sound of cicadas & while the start of summer is reason to celebrate, some people hate the cicada, especially production sound recordists! The number of days I have spent in the company of grumpy sound recordists due to Cicadas….
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The Krone LSA-Plus connection system is a reliable and cost effective technique for installation of communications, broadcast and data wiring and has several advantages over solder tag methods, including significant time and maintenance benefits. Krone offers a comprehensive range of connections and wiring system, based on a standard 10 pair (unscreened) termination module and a size compatible 6 pair + screen module. All items necessary for a Krone installation are featured in the Canford catalogue together with specially developed cable and accessories for the professional audio, data and broadcast industry. Krone uses an insulation displacement connection which totally eliminates the need to strip, solder or screw connect wires.
A Krone module consists of two rows of contacts, the upper row for permanent connection, the lower row for jumper wires.
Identical to the 237A except that dis-pegs, test jacks and attenuators cannot be used to break the connection between the equipment and jumper side. Introduced to cater for screened data and audio applications, the ABS module allows each screen to be continued through to the jumper side and continued. 237D 76 way earth moduleAllows bulk termination of earths or screens on a termination frame.
The Event Horizon was a secret government experiment to achieve Faster Than Light travel using a Gravity Drive. I saw Event Horizon during the Summer of my last year in High School with a friend and I was terrified by the time the movie was over. The movie has some really amazing cinematography from start to finish and one part to train your eye on is the opening shot with Dr.
Whoever thought that the Playstation 2 lacked any original and exciting games need only look at the titles that have been released so far this year. The heroic adventure of ICO will captivate players as they wander into a mysterious forgotten world, where every generation a young boy is born with horns. In recent weeks we have been picking out jaws up off the floor after playing and admiring the graphical splendour of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Sound is yet another aspect of this title which makes it stand out as a shining example of the talents in the game development community. Here is the same track (recorded at 192k) at half speed, quarter speed and finally one eighth speed.
I was walking the ridge between Kaitoke and Te Maruia the other day and as we dropped down into a bit of a hollow the cicadas were more intense than I have ever heard before.
I think the numbers vary greatly according to the weather and this is quite a big year for them. There is a complementary range of accessories for testing, alternative equipment termination, cable distribution and jumpering. It can be used for termination of unscreened pair cable or for screened audio cable where the screen either common terminates or floats at this connection point. This ensures proper individual screen continuation and termination for low noise audio applications, and other audio installations where common screen termination would otherwise introduce earth loops. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives or see the product page for suggestions. Upon entering the ship the Gravity Drive (the heart of the ship) activates and sucks a member of the crew into what appears to be an artificial Black Hole then spits him out.

Ico, this generation's boy born with horns, is consequently kidnapped from his village and taken to an isolated castle where he is placed in a tomb to be sacrificed. While there is some combat with some shadow monsters the majority of the game will have you leading the princess through the secluded castle, murky dungeons, shadowy corridors and magnificent some river scenes. Through most of the game you will have to press the R1 button to hold her hand and guide her through the levels. As a gameplay experience it's near perfect as the main character has all the moves possible and the game includes accurate collision detection.
Without anywhere near the hype ICO emerges as a game which doesn't push as many polygons, but is probably even more impressive for it's artistic style and effects then Konami's game.
While the gameplay may lack the action which so many Western gamers love there over the top action. One local recordist I know has a special technique involving giant water pistols, but even that only buys a short moment of quiet. Connection modules have a permanent link between the equipment and jumper sides, allowing 'listen' access for test probes and other accessories.
The recommended wire is single strand 0.5mm conductor (standard telephone cable size per CW1308 spec). I have always been a fan of both Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill and when I saw the both of them together on the cast list for Event Horizon I knew it would be great.
When the camera pans out from his room everything turns but if you look at his room and don’t move your eyes everything becomes dizzy.
Surrounded by solitude, Ico rocks the tomb, causing it to tumble and break open, freeing him on the floor below. The puzzles are simply wonderful and begin with jumping across games to large multi-room solutions to helping the princess through each area. The use of lighting and fog is second to none, although Silent Hill 2 may have a slight edge, and adds so much atmosphere to the game. This game is a little more sedate in it's pace, but a lot more though provoking as a result.
These cut the wire insulation and into the conductor, maintaining contact with a spring force. The disconnection module has a spring contact connection between equipment and jumper sides, allowing 'listen' and 'break' access to circuits with appropriate test accessories.
In the fall, Ico is knocked unconscious and dreams of a young princess trapped inside the castle, calling out to him to rescue her. Leaving her for too long may give the evil spirits time to snatch the princess so you are always rushing to complete the tasks up ahead to get back to her as quickly as possible. Fortunately playing the game a second time translates all Jorda's speech into English so you can finally hear what she has been saying.
The characters are superbly animated as they run around the levels and leap from ledge to ledge.
The simplistic, and yet superbly stylish graphics and sound are a highlight that are used to enhance the experience. The disconnection modules have become universal in communications installations although some broadcasters prefer the connection type for premier grade circuits at the expense of some flexibility. The insertion of stranded wire may cut some strands, especially if smaller diameter conductors are used. Event Horizon has a really terrifying story line and is perfect for your horror movie list! The main objective of the game is to escape from an ancient castle after being imprisoned for growing horns!

The battles with the shadow monsters are infrequent, and never really taxing, but this is not a major aspect of this game.
Through the game you will have a wooden stick, sword or mace to help you beat off then enemies while other items such as fire and bombs can be combined to create new pathways. Watching Ico climb a chain for the first time is a complete joy, despite some small collision problems with Ico's legs (the chain seems to go through them). One must also make particular note of the wonderful echoing of the sound effects such as fires, crashes and even Ico's calling out to Jorda.
This one was happily chirping away in a tree outside my studio, so I put my MKH70 on a boom and went & stalked it! The sounds, music and gameplay have all been improved in both camera angles, special effects, and graphics. The inserter tool performs the process with the correct force and also cuts the excess wire off after termination with the same action.
Realising his fate, Ico sets off to save the princess and himself from the wicked queen and evil spirits that reside within the castle.
Just wait until you watch Ico leap across a game and then witness Jorda almost plummet to her death until Ico grabs her wrist at the last moment. Even if you aren't huge adventure fans I would still recommend you pick up this game and enjoy the wonderful talent that it has taken to create what is truly one of the most amazing games on the Playstation 2 to date.
Albeit a web browser game I'm not expecting mega detail but with that in mind it seems to be a very well executed game on those merits alone. Krone connections conform to all the standards for contact resistance, ageing, and durability including British Telecom’s D2920 specification. Unfortunately, she's not as strong or agile as you and along your travels you must help create pathways for her to travel safely.
The camera angles are dramatic but by using the right analogue stick you can look around the levels for clues to the next solution.
The Krone technique can be learned in minutes by anyone, engineer or otherwise, and can cut installation time by up to 90%. One of ICO's strengths is the storyline which, as for the hero, remains a mystery throughout much of the game. But in League of Angels 2 certain angels can remain in that position or be part of your general combat lineup as well.
When you've collected a full set you can upgrade a char to the next tier and start seeking the next set of prisms. Unlike League of Angels 1 in its early days Heroes can wield more than a singular skill and have up to 3 skills and unlocks as they are augmented past certain tiers. Recruiting Heroes is pretty similar to League of Angels 1 as you'll have to seek out fragments and get a certain amount before you can summon a particular hero into your party But you can also recycle away your heroes for fragments or shards or currencies to purchase other heroes, the same with equipments.
Though the game does have a Battle Rating system and diamond functions I'd suggest only pitting yourself against those in a similar tier or spending fashion.
The game's story seems to have a bit more of an impact than the first and is presented in a better fashion than in League of Angels 1. I definitely like the slow-motion effects on deaths of greater enemies in the story missions and adds to immersion.

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