We currently have reduced telephone capacity due to a technical issue at our local exchange. The Walter-Sisulu National Botanical Garden is one of the best destinations in Johannesburg to spend a morning photographing a wide range of subjects from relaxed bird species through to flowers and insects.
PhotographyBest Time to PhotographEarly mornings as the sun just starts rising over the horizon. Photographs have the power to change the world by altering the perceptions and understanding of the viewer.
The De Hoop Nature Reserve and Marine Protected Area is without a doubt, one of the flagship reserves of the Cape Floral Kingdom and the Fynbos. Two Thompsons Gazelle rams stand into the light afternoon rain on the grassy shoreline of Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya.
African Rhinocerous are increasingly appearing in the media due to the relentless and brutal poaching onslaught against them that is driven by greed and the ridiculous belief that they hold miraculous cures against a number of diseases. Fantastic photo's which bring home the terrible reality that we will very soon lose these wonderful creatures to the ignorance and greed of pathetic humans! The morning will start with a talk led by Jane Kelly of On The Wing Rehabilitation Center (Epping, NH).
Following Jane’s talk, Bud will make a brief presentation on best lighting practices for wild birds in the studio. Photographers will each take turns with each animal maximizing the opportunities for great images.
We have the privilege to be working with birds of prey such as a barn owl, a black vulture, a barred owl, a snowy owl, a falcon and others. Your class fee will go towards supporting both of these great organizations: SOPHA supports you, the photographer, and On The Wing supports the many birds injured in our area every year. Be sure you bring materials for note taking (if you desire), your camera, a freshly charged battery, and an empty memory card.
Join us and be a part of this amazing program and create some truly noteworthy images at SOPHA!

A King Protea flower set against the backdrop of the Heuningberg Nature Reserve high above the Overberg town of Bredasdorp, South Africa. The large waterfall is also a must see, both for its scenic beauty but also because of its nesting Verreaux’s Eagles. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.AboutAs a dedicated conservationist, Peter Chadwick has 30 years strategic and operational conservation experience in terrestrial and marine protected area management.
Sadly, they are only one of countless species under threat, with crimes against wildlife listing in the top three of global crimes and falling just below illicit arms and drug dealing.  Rhinos are an icon of Africa and deserve all the help that they can get to overcome the relentless poaching that is taking place against them.
And while these animals have been screened for temperament, working near these animals in a studio carries a certain amount of risk, however small. In the meantime we are happy to answer your questions via our Live Chat facility or via Email. Due to its proximity to Johannesburg it is an ideal destination to spend a few hours in the mornings photographing the array of highveld bird species and testing ones macro photographic skills.
HighlightsSite HighlightsUndoubtedly, Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden is best known for its pair of Verreaux’s Eagle that have nested at the waterfall for many years.
He has worked within all of the major biomes in southern Africa as well as having provided expert conservation advice at a global level. We all need to head the call to save this incredible animal and while there are many organizations currently collecting funds to be used in the fight against rhino poaching, care must be taken to ensure that the funding collected is used for what is promised.
The 70-200 (-ish) lens is our favorite, although we are sure you will have something that will work. Should you find yourself unable to participate in the program, you are welcome to sell your seat to another photographer, who also will agree to all these provisions.
We will make reasonable attempts to give participants the best photographic experience possible, but participants must understand that we anticipate a certain level of chaos and we will make our best attempts to control it.
Your online shopping experience will be unaffected and our delivery schedule is operating as normal.
His conservation and wildlife photography is a natural extension to his conservation work where he has numerous opportunities to capture photographs that showcase the beauty and complexity of the outdoors.

The World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-SA) has a long-standing reputation and will ensure that funds are properly used.
As always, SOPHA has a full range of rental cameras and lenses should you need it, please call ahead to reserve. Time spent at the SASOL bird hide which overlooks a small dam is rewarding.FootnotesSeason and WeatherWalter Sisulu National Botanical Garden has a typical highveld climate with approximately 700m of rain falling per annum and mainly during the summer months. Peter’s photography is internationally recognized, with this work appearing globally in a wide range of print and electronic media. They are also key partners in the Black Rhino Range Expansion Project that has seen the expansion of many conservation areas and the translocation of Black Rhino to community conservation areas. Pizza lunch, water, and soda will be available, but if you have special dietary needs, you should make your own arrangements.
Rhino's horns are used in defence against predators and male rhino will use their horns when fighting. There is no evidence of the horn being a cure against diseases in humans which therefore makes the destruction of rhino populations totally unnecessary. The Black Rhino population stands at approximately 1900 animals while the population of the White Rhino is around 20 000 animals. Wildlife and Conservation photographer Peter Chadwick shares a collection of rhino images that showcase the White and Black Rhino. A White Rhino cow bellows a warning to a White Rhino bull that was venturing too close to the cows newborn calf  16. A White Rhino rubs against a tree stump after bathing in the mud and to rid itself of parasites  18.
Rhinos are definitely worth far more alive through their repeated attraction to paying visitors.

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