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With a classic and timeless design, the Geneva Marmor Black photo bag by Pompidoo is perfect for everyday use. The following thoughts on Backyard Bird Photography was submitted by NaturesPixel (our forum Administrator). You will need a tripod to steady yourself also I some times set my camera up in the yard closer to the feeders, sit back away from the camera and use my remote to fire off the shutter.
I set my white balance manually although as I do tend to forget that sometimes I always shoot in RAW. I tend to shoot in Aperture Priority Mode when shooting birds that are feeding, that way you can control the depth of field.
There are numerous way to attract birds and it will largely depend upon the type of birds that are in your area.
Perches – Using perches made from broken branches and twigs can be good as they will provide a place for the birds to sit.
I could go on and on about attracting birds to your backyard but the rest is up to you to research as each yard and bird species is so different. There are a few things you can do here that will help you create a place that birds feel comfortable to visit without knowing you’re there. I don’t have many in-flight shots because they are harder to do, but here are a few tips that will help. You can get shots of birds flying off from the feeder by pre focusing just off the feeder and setting your shutter speed and aperture manually. For example, here in Ontario the Black Capped Chickadees need help, so feeding them through the year can help the species survive.
TIP – Try using a fill flash or off camera flash to bring out the highlights and detail in the feathers.
Your recommendation of continuous autofocus when tracking a bird in flight is a good idea to which I would add that you might also wish to set continuous high speed for your shooting mode. Please inform me about to prefer between the resolution 3Mp or 10 Mp when I photograph a flying seagull. Obviously, if you have no super-short flash, you must either use a super-short shutter speed or give up and allow the wings to blur. Very informative, will try taken pictures in Aperture priority, have been using manual only. Here is a shot of a couple owls where the sun was shining from the right side leaving a shadow on the left side of the owls. There are many talented photographers, but they may lack some skills which will prevent them from getting success in their wedding photography business. Here’s 12 tips that I feel you must know before starting your wedding photography business. A wedding photography business does not only mean that you have to take photographs at weddings. To compete in this market I would suggest you get yourself a properly designed website where customers can see all the features that you would be providing and a contact page where customers can connect with you. Create some space at home as an office and make sure you have the photography equipment you need. You will need to think about building a team you can rely on to help you with things like bookkeeping, post processing and marketing. Taxes, insurances, bank accounts and business registration etc. should be ready before you start with your business.
Many photographers hastily start their business without focusing on these basic 5 necessities and then they regret it later. If you’re thinking about a wedding photography business, it probably means that you already have great photography skills. You also need to be a very responsible person because wedding photography deals with capturing each and every magical moment of the couple.
Having a customer centric thinking would also help your wedding photography business to prosper rapidly. Your business of wedding photography will prosper more when you learn to pay attention to the details.
Not only the details of the wedding, you must also concentrate on the tiny details mentioned in the contract.
You must follow the golden rule: Customer satisfaction is the ultimate mission of a business.
If you keep your customers satisfied, then chances are that they will recommend you to their friends and relatives. Word of mouth can affect a business hugely and if your customers are satisfied, then you don’t have to work too hard on building a reputation. Although there is no fixed formula of customer satisfaction, you must try your best to keep your customers happy. Back up lenses, back up cameras, back up computers and back up memory cards must be kept ready. Similarly, if you don’t have backup images, there can be a risk of losing all of the wedding photographs. If you did, please join thousands of people that receive exclusive weekly photography tips & tricks and get a FREE COPY of my book, 10 Tips to Better Photos! It’s been a while since we had a look at some wedding day photography, so I caught up with Nando, from NPassos Weddings and got a bit of an insight into his business as well as finding out what Brides should be looking for when deciding on their wedding photographer. NPassos Weddings is a recent company in the UK but I started doing professional photography 13 years ago.
There are wedding photographers that prefer to do a photo journalism coverage, I integrate the fashion photography experience in my works.

So if you’re still looking for a wedding day photographer then pop over to NPassos Weddings and take a look at their gallery and maybe drop him a line or have a look at their social media!
One of the biggest problems a photographer encounters in landscape photography is trying to balance the exposure between the sky and the earth.
What usually happens when you first start capturing landscape photography is that you end up with either the sky perfectly exposed and the earth underexposed or the sky over exposed and the earth exposed correctly. A graduated filter (also known as a graduated neutral density filter) is a thin piece of glass that screws on to the front of your camera’s lens.
A graduated filter is useful because it allows you to reduce the amount of light that hits the top part of your frame while at the same time letting the normal amount of light hit the bottom. Its recommend that you use the manual mode on your camera as opposed to an automatic or semi-automatic mode when using a graduated filter because those modes may change settings when you attach the filter – resulting in an improperly exposed photo. There are two types of photographers in the world, one that likes to get every aspect of a photo correct within the camera on location and another who likes to use software to manipulate and correct their photos after the fact.
If you are the latter type of photographer you’ll be happy to know that you can achieve the same effect as a graduated filter by using software. Each book is jam packed with tips and tricks that'll teach you how to become a better photographer, fast.
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Check out her Flickr account – particularly her bird photography (one of which is the second shot in this article).
That way you have the opportunity to capture birds you wouldn’t normally see due to spring migration. You can even get good shots with an advanced point and shoot with 10x Zoom as I did with my Minolta Dimage Z5. That way if I do forget to set my white balance or my exposure is off a little I can fix within my image editing software.
For example planting a chokecherry will attract Cedar Waxwings and Robins to your yard for the 2 weeks that the berries are ripe. Keep in mind that most feeders are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye and could prove to be distracting in your shots. Make sure that you use the right size branch for the size of bird you are trying to capture.
You will toss many more shots into the trash then you keep, but that’s why we shoot digital. Head over to the forums where we have a bird photography thread for your questions, tips and photos. I love shooting nature and animals, I’m sure this info will prove to be more than helpful in the future! I’ve never tried bird photography (find it very complicated), but i think i should try it. This will allow more opportunities to produce the great image (from many possibles)that you’re trying to achieve. Am looking for special two way window film to prevent birds noticing my camera at the window , I have only a small area on my roof garden and have taken some lovely shots so far but always want to improve !!! Your external flash unit can reach out to illuminate birds (or anything) even at a distance of 50 feet.
I found my historic 70-210 Nikon was not up to the task so just bought the 70-300 VRII, and what a difference. I love bird photography it is so rewarding when your photos turn out lol I have lots of feeders all year long ! I read everything I can get my hands on and have no hesitation in saying the above item is fabulous. Apart from being interesting, the business of wedding photography can also help you to earn a decent income.
So, before you quit your mundane job and take the giant leap towards your dreams, go through the tips carefully. However, in order to stand out from the crowd,  you will need to think of something unique that will attract the customers to you.
Being great at photography is not enough these days, you need to have something unique about you, your business and your offers. If you fail to pay proper attention to the tiny details in the wedding, you will stumble in your wedding photography business. If you have told your client that you will deliver the photographs in a month, then you should not ask for a week extra to deliver the photographs. I am sure that there are many wedding photographers that do not reply to their customers promptly. You should keep in mind that even if you’re having a bad day, it is the most important day in the life of someone else. It is extremely important to have backups when you are in the wedding photography business.
You may think that you don’t require backups, but once your camera fails working on the eventful day, you would realize the importance of having backups.
If you end up losing the photographs by chance, then no excuse will calm the bride and the groom. I started taking photos when I was 17 with my first SLR, when there were no digital images. I generally recommend people that are not comfortable in front of a camera to do a engagement session.
To be honest, the main difference is that I try to make what is a stressful day for all of us (brides and photographers), a fun day.

With the filter removed from your lens, set your camera so that you get a good exposure for the earth.
Its important when buying a filter that you find one that fits millimeter size of your camera’s lens. By reading the customer reviews you’ll be sure to purchase one that will be an asset to your photography! With hundreds of positive reviews already from photographers just like yourself, you'll find it to be a great resource. We're dedicated to providing photography tips for beginners and intermediate photographers, inspirational photo ideas, photography book reviews, recommendations for photography equipment and gear. The camera bag is perfect for future-oriented photographers, who appreciate a timeless look and high quality. You can shoot from whatever room you like, even the bathroom, as long as it gives you a clear line of sight. I plan to set my camera on a tripod just behind the feeder and, using my remote, I will fire off shots as they are coming into land.
Search via zipcode and eastern western cananda, there are many different sites that pertain to different parts of the world.
Walking through the set up and settings make it sound easy, so that even I, may one day(soon)snap a focused pic of a backyard beauty. I find it wonderful to just be there in the midst of nature, camrea in hand, I dont use a tripod trying to capture its beauty ! When ever I am seeing the picture in camera it's looking good but when ti uploaded to laptop that time came to know the it's out of focus. You must get these following 5 things ready before you start your wedding photography business. By being a customer centric person, you will earn a good name and reputation for your company.
You can be extraordinary just by replying to the emails, calls and text messages of your customers quickly.
You should also be empathetic and you must keep in mind that it is a very special day for the couple. A wedding photographer is one of the most important people in the wedding ceremony and if you’re late, then there is no mercy.
There will be clients and customers who won’t be too polite to you, but you should keep a calm demeanor in front of them. A couple of years after I entered the world of macro photography, were I won several awards. Your wedding day is possibly your happiest day ever and it’s a blessing if I can capture that.
It will make them much more relaxed and therefore the poses will be more natural and elegant. Think of it as tricking your camera into taking two exposure at the same time and merging them into one photo.
One photo will have a properly exposed sky and underexposed earth and the other photo will have a properly exposed earth and and overexposed sky. That being said, any time of year can be good, in late Autumn you will get the migration coming back down south and winter you may have birds that live north during summer but live in your back yard during winter.
In the end I recommend you do the research for each bird that you want to attract as each will have it’s own unique things that attracts it. For example try hanging extra large sunflower heads off trees, get semi hollow logs and placing them upright with seed in the top etc. This flash tactic can help add contrast and detail even on birds that lack the color of a cardinal or bluejay. This is especially useful for freezing hummingbird wings because those wings beat at remarkably high frequency. I just wish I could get the Hummers wings in stop motion but heck I am working on that and am enjoying it thoughly ! Has anyone used flash magnifiers such as “Better Beamer” to beam the flash further than the normal range of the flash? You definitely should know how to take great pictures, but apart from that, there are some other things that you must know before starting your wedding photography business. Then, in software (like Photoshop) you can use layering techniques and masking to blend the two images together – resulting in a properly exposed merged photo. I did different kinds of works, from commercial photography to architectural photography as a freelancer and one day a big friend of mine asked me if I could shoot his wedding, I accepted. The top half of the filter can be a half stop, one stop or two stops darker than the bottom. After a friend, came another one and then came a friend of a friend, to the point of becoming almost my only kind of work. I I would like the top LCD feature but the current pricing I’m seeing has the t6i at $699 and the t6s at $1,169.
With the 18-135, the T6i costs $899.The T6s with 18-135mm costs $1049 at Amazon, still about a $150 difference.Good luck!
It will flash on when you take a photo to show you the results, but then turn off again immediately. I have been to a showroom where i came across that the 70D is a discontinued camera and 760D is the better alternative with almost all features and a better sensor. All of the more expensive Canon and Nikon cameras have the top dial on the left, so it’s a good thing to get used to now.

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