Looking for something special, why not try your hand at designing your very own business card? Adding to the ever-growing list of amazing projects you can create with the awesome Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC. Is this fantastic wearable Raspberry Pi Zero camera project which has been created with a little 3D printing and a few extra components to provide power. The small wearable Pi Zero camera is also fitted with an external lens to provide a wider-angle view and the camera is also capable of capturing time-lapse photography, allowing you to log your daily activity automatically as you go about your business.

The Adafruit blog explains more about the project which is available via their website as a tutorial with all the 3D printing files available to create the case required. This project uses the Raspberry Pi Zero and Pi camera module v2 to make a nifty little camera, ideal for capturing time lapse photography. If you found this article interesting you might also be interested in this list of awesome Raspberry Pi Zero projects we have put together or our comprehensive list of Raspberry Pi displays, HATS and small screens.
Creating custom photography business cards hs never been easier or more affordable than now.

Slide the SD card into your computer to review the day’s activities or merge all the images into a time lapse animation.

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