So is a shoot it yourself or DIY wedding video right for youIf you feel confident to be able to edit your video footage once its been captured on one of our wedding video camcorders then this package is ideal for you everything you need is delivered and collected to and from your doorstep keeping the process simple.
If you feel you would rather have the footage edited and a unique DVD created of your wedding day then take a look at one of the You Shoot We Edit packages on offer. Vid4 Have been servicing the Shoot It Yourself Wedding video market since 2005 making us the longest established service provider of video camera hire equipment and editing services as far as we are aware. Having completed over three thousand wedding hire packages you can rest assured your in safe hands to help you capture your big day. All our team are skilled operatives and understand how to get the most from your equipment you will find online guides on how to get your DIY wedding completed and we will hold your hand along the way to ensure you avoid the major pitfalls to ensure you get the best footage and can transfer and edit your wedding video with the minimum of fuss not to mention using the latest equipment along the way.

We really have made sure the two main models we have chosen to offer in our Shoot It Yourself or Film It Yourself wedding video packages give outstanding results that can be achieved by a total novice for instance the Sony 2000 was actually designed for the wedding videographer and all you need to do is point the camcorder and press the red button to start and stop recording it really is that simple the Sony 2000 has a nifty Intelligent Auto mode that stops any shaky footage by using an image stabiliser and even detects faces keeping them all in focus and adjusts everything for you to give you outstanding results without having to understand the technology. AboutVid4hire the leading Video Camera Hire and Rental CompanyVid4hire have been supplying the video industry with Camcorder and Video Camera Rental and Hire solutions since 1995.
Important: We are replacing our camera shells with FujiĀ® cameras, click here to see the difference. You can take comfort that we have hand picked the best camcorders from the vast array of mind boggling options available with the sole decision of quality and ease of use and the wedding video camera hire packages we send out are the same equipment that our professional crew use to video weddings most weekends throughout the year so you will be hard pushed to find a company that can support you any more than Vid4 you would be staggered at the lack of understanding many hire companies actually have of the equipment they are sending you. The Sony 2000 also gives you the option to shoot through the eyepiece or by using the pop up LCD screen so you can always get the best available footage.

Gareth DaviesSaw a shoot your own wedding website wanted ?800 a videographer wanted ?1600 went to Vid4 shot it ourself and had a high quality edit for ?300!!!

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