I shot tennis star Jelena Jankovic with my Canon 5d at 3 frames per second, fast enough to record her serve.
The Sony SLT-AT77 uses a Translucent Mirror and it is a whole lot cheaper than the high-end Canons or Nikons that professional sports photographers use. The Canon T5i is a newer T3i, with more of the latest features and technology (such as a touchscreen and AF during video).
Sign up to receive updates on new content - and get our PDF, Top 5 Canon Sports Photography Lenses Under $1000, free. The Sigma budget lens was going to be used to photograph the local high school soccer games.Boy was I disappointed. What are some good DSLR cameras that perform well for sports shooting, but don’t break the bank?

With 5fps shooting and an 18MP 1.6x crop sensor, the 60D is certainly capable of shooting fast action. Also featuring a 24MP 1.5x crop sensor, the D5200 shoots at 5fps, a much better, 39-point AF system, and a vari-angle LCD.
The D7100 has an excellent 24MP sensor, 6fps burst shooting, and performs very well at high ISOs. Many even turn it into a discussion of what company makes the best sports cameras, Canon or Nikon. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images.
If you can afford a D5200 or higher, I would recommend going with that; but if you need to save money, the D3200 is a viable option.

While not as sport-optimized as the 7D, the 60D is no slouch when it comes to youth sports. It will cost you more than the other Canon options, but depending on your budget, it could be worth it. You may want to make sure you have enough cash for a good lens first, then spend the rest on a camera.

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