I’m on a mission to help people just like you learn to use and love their Samsung Galaxy S5. Some links on this page are affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you click or buy through my link. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus delivers a lot of photography bang for the buck, and displays its creations beautifully on its huge, sharp display.
The Edge Plus wakes up quickly from sleep mode, focuses quickly, and its shutter lag time is short for a smartphone camera - about 0.3 second. The auto focus worked well in my testing, and the tracking AF did a good job of keeping track of a moving subject. Even though the 5.7-inch screen is huge and its resolution is ultra-sharp, you may still fail to notice an out-of-focus shot.
Although the tracking AF works well to keep a subject in its crosshairs, it did not always deliver a sharp shot. In addition to traditional video recording, the Home screen offers Slow Motion, Fast Motion, and Virtual Shot modes. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is compatible with the company's adaptive fast chargers, which promise faster recharge times than standard chargers.
Bottom line - The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus offers a lot more than just the "wow" factor of a huge high-resolution screen.
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HTC experiments with cameras to set its One phones apart and The All New One will have two cameras but we didn?t know why until now. The so-called Duo Camera will allow the user to choose the focus point and create bokeh effects. The adjustable focus has become very popular since Nokia released the Refocus app and all flagships have it ? the Galaxy S5, the Xperia Z2 and the LG G Pro 2 have it. HTC had a dual-camera, 3D-shooting phone previously, the HTC Evo 3D, but that didn?t work out great.
It remains to be seen if HTC's gamble will pay off, plus we still don't have many details ? camera resolution, optical stabilization, video resolution and so on. Other feature of the All New HTC One that the Telstra brochure details are the 5" 1080p screen, BoomSound speakers on the front and double tap to wake. Its enormous, 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen is extremely bright and offers a 2560 x 1440 resolution that displays very sharp details. In addition to a generous assortment of effects that you can use on both still images and video, you can capture full-resolution images at a rapid 11.5fps - and capture up to 30 of them at once. Contrast detection AF is not extremely quick, but it does the job in most shooting situations. For example, on the Samples Page, you will see a photo of a wine glass in the foreground, with a vineyard behind it.
The first two are self-explanatory, and they offer the novelty of multi-speed playback: You select a section of Slow Motion video to slow down and Fast Motion video to speed up. Namely, when you tap on the preview icon in the camera app to view your most recent shots, you can't access albums or pull up an index view of thumbnails. Sharp details, well saturated color, and smooth movement of subjects all made for impressive footage. It gives photography a priority, offering quick access to the camera, minimal shutter lag, very fast burst shooting, and lots of manual controls. You can also find hot, soon to expire online offers on a variety of cameras and accessories at our very own Camera Deals page. We have a photo of a Telstra (a big Australian carrier) brochure detailing the phone's feature and confirming the "all new" name. However with two cameras on board the 2014 One won't have to do multiple shots with one camera and should yield better results.
The large screen's contoured sides offer an additional element of sophistication, lending an effect similar to the edge of an infinity pool. Only in very low light did I find that it had difficulty locking onto a static subject, where it tended to swim in and out. Although the wineglass is in focus in this shot, I shot many other frames where the wine glass was slightly out of focus. This creates a lurching effect that's familiar to us because of reality TV shows, action movie trailers, and the like. Exposures were accurate, and had a brightness and "pop" you won't get from lesser smart phone cameras.

When shooting indoors, the footage retained the quality of outdoor videos, showing very little in the way of dancing digital pixels, even in fairly low ambient light. The generous assortment of filters and effects are well done - and you can download many more. And, the display is so bright that you will have no problem framing your shots in bright afternoon sunlight.
And you can assign the volume buttons to trip the shutter rather than having to tap the screen. At the time of shooting I did not notice - I suppose I was too enamored with the highly saturated colors and crisp resolution of the huge screen.
Had I been using Pro mode, I certainly would have increased both settings to ensure that my fast-moving son's activity was frozen. To see other albums you've created you have to go to the Home screen and use the Gallery app, where you get a grouping of thumbnails. Being able to focus as close as two inches makes for fun macro shooting, though optical distortion was apparent near the edges of the frame in some of my shots.
I did not find that the video stabilization feature did very much to counter my deliberately shaking hand, but no smart phone I've reviewed ever has.
All you are doing is cropping your photo when you take it, blowing up a small section of the frame. Low light performance is good, though you will probably wish burst shooting could used with the Pro mode manual controls. You cana€™t go wrong with Instagrama€™s retro-tinged photo filters a€“ they hide a multitude of photographical faux pas.
As for moving subjects, afternoon shadows challenge its ability to keep a focus lock on a moving target. I got better results when there was direct sunlight also in the frame, and got mostly sharp shots in this lighting, though Auto mode still chose a very low ISO when much of the frame was in shadow. But, even here you can not search by file type, date, or person (there is no face recognition feature to tag photos in this way). Playback functions are not the most sophisticated, but still, in the world of smart phone cameras, this one really shines.
Either take photos directly through the app or use the Samsung GALAXY S4a€™s camera interface to capture your shot, then crop and apply a filter after the fact.
Pro mode also offers RAW capture; when turned on the camera captures both a JPEG and a RAW file simultaneously. To see your albums, you swipe from the left side of the screen, which brings up your album list. As you will see on our Samples Page, shots at ISO 800 suffer a little in the fine details, but are attractive overall. Manual focus can be used via an on-screen draggable icon, however, you do not get additional on-screen help, such as peak highlighting.
This is a big drawback if you like to photograph a lot of sports or other activities, which pretty much require burst shooting to get that perfect shot.
When you swipe to move it off screen, the thumbnails rearrange themselves like floating puzzle pieces, which is an elegant little bit of eye candy.
Of course, the ability to select even higher ISO settings manually would increase the flexibility of the camera.
In both Auto mode and Pro mode, the camera offers an HDR (high dynamic range) setting, which helps retain details in dark shadows.
That said, having the ability to use an exposure as long as 10 seconds in Pro mode is a great tool for capturing low-light shots.
Pixlr Express Free a€“ get it here Pixlr Express is like Instagram on steroids; ita€™s just as free and gives you a host of vintage-style filters to apply, but also comes with so much more. Pixlr Express lets you tweak it by applying dramatic lighting effects like coloured shades and fades. If you want to draw the viewera€™s attention to a certain element of the shot, use focal blur to concentrate the eye. A dizzying array of effects is available, but once youa€™ve worked out your favourites you can save your most flattering overlays. It uses artificial intelligence in the form of a mix of neural networks and cloud-based machine learning to turn your photos into approximations of the work of artists like Munch or Picasso.
Whether it’s cropping, straightening, combining images, adding effects, or whatever else, Pixelmator for iPad is one of the best tablet-based graphics apps on the market. Cymera Free a€“ get it here Wea€™re sure all your friends are beautiful a€“ but could they be more beautiful?

Okay, so it’s not quite on a par with Photoshop, but I’m constantly impressed by everything that it can do. Simply take a portrait of your nearest and dearest then apply makeup, new hairstyles and stickers and borders to the photo after the fact.
It’s an original concept — and it is executed tremendously.Instagram – FreeFinally, did you really think I was going to leave this off the list? When youa€™re not busy prettifying your pals, you can add filters to your snaps, make collages of several pictures and write notes on your photos using the appa€™s various paintbrushes. Instagram is easy to dismiss as a basic filter app — but it’s come a long, long way since those early days.
Cartoon Camera Free a€“ get it here (or 99p for the ad-free version) Real life is okay, we suppose, but havena€™t you ever wished you could live in Springfield or Bedrock or one of those primary-coloured, soft-edged cartoon lands?
Graphicstock is an amazing site for all of the royalty free resources you could possibly need to help edit your photos.
It takes your harsh real world photos and transforms them into works of cartoon art a€“ choose from bright colours to dark strokes to pencil sketch effects and beyond. Paper Camera A?1.19 a€“ Buy it here If a full on cartoon world isna€™t your thing, you might want to download the rather more understated Paper Camera. With a variety of effects ranging from a noir-ish comic book style to the more serious pencil sketch, you can apply the filters as you click or after the fact by choosing any image from your GALAXY S4a€™s gallery. Each of the filters lets you tweak the contrast and brightness as well as specifying how hard you want the lines to be. Polamatic 65p a€“ buy it here Polaroid cameras may be dead and gone but their spirit lives on in Polamatic, the official Polaroid app. Shoot photos with your Samsung GALAXY S4 and then turn them into washed-out, nostalgia-tinged Polaroids. There are a variety of effects and colour options to keep things spicy and you can write captions on the border just like you used to on real Polaroids. Once youa€™re happy with your shots, save them to your GALAXY S4a€™s gallery or share them instantly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Tumblr. This clever little app lets you sharpen up the foreground of your images while blurring down the background to give a cool, professional feel. You can be as precise as you like with the smart focus area selection tool, which lets you select the areas you want to be focussed or blurred using the GALAXY S4a€™s touchscreen. Then you can go mad with film-style effects like Cross Process and apply a romantic out-of-focus bokeh, or blur. Therea€™s a free version of the app, or you can invest A?1.11 in the pro edition which gives you more filters and the ability to handle higher-resolution images.
Animated Photo If you want to make fun, short looping animated photos then look no further!
It lets you create animated GIFs by freezing areas of a photo while allowing other areas to move. And because the Animated Photos you create are GIFs, you can share them easily and quickly with friends and family.
Snapseed Free a€“ Get it here Ask any photographer what image-editing app they use on their GALAXY S4 and theya€™ll tell you Snapseed. Ita€™s less about applying filters a€“ although you can do that, with Vintage, Grunge and tilt-shift effects all available a€“ and more about tweaking your shots to perfection. Whether you opt for auto correct to balance the picture out or you decide to adjust it yourself, there are options from cropping, straightening, brightness and more, so you always have complete control over your photos. Pudding Camera Free a€“ Get it here If you yearn for the days of film photography, Pudding Camera is the next best thing. You still get to use your GALAXY S4, but the app allows you to choose between various a€?filmsa€? that each give a different photographical effect.
You can choose your aspect ratio as well, and apply effects like tilt-shift and fish-eye for added amusement. Ita€™s the best of both worlds: old-school film effects paired with the convenience of a powerful smartphone from which you can instantly share your photos.

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