Although when it comes to Windows Phones and Imaging most people will instantly think of Nokia; and the Lumias. Ali is a dental school graduate currently living in Amman, Jordan; born and raised in the US, a tech lover with a serious addiction to all things sweet. C’mon Nokia!!!!!!!, how come nobody asked about HDR and slow-mo features coming for Lumias in the recent Q&A? Photo to Painting: Prisma is another camera application that changes your photographs to look like sketches by popular artists.
This application uses a combination of artificial intelligence and neural networks and lo you have a magical filter.
This app can be easily used by anyone, and once you have installed it, you can capture a photo with your phone camera or use one from the gallery to create the beautiful paintings. This app has plenty of themes which you can select and convert your favourite photos into amazing paintings.
This app offers relatively novel functionality which sets it apart from many other applications. Related PostsTop 10 Best and Free Photo Editing Apps - Android Apps UPLOAD HERE - User submitted images will appear in Daily Inspiration page. After editing the video, you can share it with your friends and to social networking website.
Magisto Video editing app is very easy to use and has many controls which can be utilized in an easy way. If you want to use it for wishing a friend on birthday, you can make use of birthday style of editing feature. Available frames are adjustable and you can add music which you want to the video collage and also to the photo collage.
Even the video is recorded using your mobile or you get the video from anywhere, AndroVid Video Editor can edit the video accurately and easily. Subscribe to Fast Tech Buzz Newsletter and get all latest Tips and tricks directly to your inbox. A good number of smartphones are launched in the Indian market every month and at the same time, brands also cut the price of their older models.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 vs Lenovo Vibe K5 Note vs LeEco Le 2 vs Lenovo ZUK Z1 clash of the VFM titans"Wondering which smartphone to go for in the VFM segment? However this time it’s Samsung taking the initiative and  released their own camera app for Windows Phone with some cool new features. The algorithm for the app was originally published back in late 2015, which got a lot of people excited about the new technology. Create perfect Minecraft Videos within minutes.Replay Files are in a lightweight format - An average recording over 1 hour is less than 10 Megabytes large. There are also best video editing apps for both iOS and Android mobile phone users, which would be helping us to edit, cut or trim videos as we want.

You can choose wedding style of video editing, if you are recording the wedding video and lot many such styles can be applied to the video. If you have any videos which you want to edit and add effects for, then these apps would be very helpful for you. Add to that the discounts offered by e-retailers and it can become really difficult to find a smartphone that suits your needs at a good price.
The New app brings HDR built into the app itself, something that both Nokia and Microsoft have yet to do (for some reason), as well as the cool (but slightly gimmicky) Slow motion video shooting, for some cool effects.
If you want to keep them active, visit the Widgets page in your WordPress Dashboard to add some of your own widgets to this area. Within few minutes we can turn our video in to awesome movies with lot of graphics, by applying more effects and adding music to it. There are many effects, filters and other optimization techniques that can be applied to the video. The Galaxy On5 (first impressions) is one of the latest affordable smartphones launched by Samsung and comes equipped with an 8-meg primary snapper and a 5MP front-facing camera. The simple User Interface makes it very easy to design awesome Camera Paths.The Replay Mod is more than just a Minecraft Mod.
Apart from recording, we need to edit those videos in order to share or post them to social networking websites. Edited videos can be uploaded to Facebook or Twitter on the fly using iMovie video editor app.
Important feature of Magisto video editing app is, it can recognize the important people in the video using the face recognition feature. Filters and effects are available in plenty which can be applied to the video within few minutes.
Titles can be added in the bubble style to the video and it also supports to add music as the background for the video. To see how well the shooters on the On5 perform, read on for our camera review.The rear camera comes aided by an LED flash, but there’s nothing to help you click self-portraits in dimly-lit conditions. Suppose, you have recorded video for 20 minutes and you are interested to share only some part of the video.
We will take you through few best video editing apps, so that you can edit videos on the way you record them. It also allows you to make a video from available photos and can also add the music as the background.
It also provides you the option of making a slideshow using available photos or from your gallery.
Then, later you can add filters and features to it and make the video to upload it to the social networking website. Below the viewfinder you will find the virtual shutter button along with video, front-camera, and other modes like Pro, Panorama and Beauty face to choose from.

We can do this, just with the help of some video editing apps, which would be helping us to cut the video part which we are interested in. If you want to have some part of the video in slow motion or fast motion, iMovie allows you to do that. You can apply this theme or style, if you want to convey anything and it can be done easily. On top, there are the usual camera settings, a bunch of effects you can apply in real time while clicking pictures and options to control the flash and the timer. If you want to edit the video in holidays or Christmas events style, Happy Holidays style can be applied.
As you can see in the picture, the colours look vibrant and the reproduction is pretty much accurate.
Still, for the price it comes at, the On5 captures a decent amount of detail.Close upThe primary shooter does justice to the subject placed in close vicinity of the sensor as well, as you can see in the image of this beautiful flower. Let’s take a closer look at the picture so see how well the details have been reproduced.Close up (Zoomed)The magnified shot only impresses us more.
You can see the texture and veins on the petals as well as the tiny pollen in the centre of the flower pretty clearly.Front CameraThe 5-meg front facing shooter on the On5 is capable as well.
As long as you’re not short on ambient lighting, you should be able to capture Instagram-ready selfies. Low light The On5’s primary camera doesn’t deliver much in low-light conditions.
There’s a whole lot of grain in the picture we can hardly make out what the object in the picture is. The camera has managed to capture some colour though.Low light with flash The flash saves the day, as it lights up the scene evenly without washing out the subject. There’s crisp difference between the object and its shadow and you can make out a lot detailing in the picture, like the wooden background and the grooves on this minion’s arm wings.Night shotThe night shots captured by the Galaxy On5’s shooter didn’t impress us, but they weren’t exactly disappointing either. There’s a lot of noise in the picture but as long as there’s some light, your pictures should turn out usable. However, the trees in the dark look murky.The Samsung Galaxy On5 can shoot decent pictures in abundant lighting. While we would have liked it to perform better in low-light conditions and during night time, the phone delivers fair results for its asking price, which is Rs 8,990.
While the Galaxy On5 should please regular folks when it comes to camera capabilities, keep watching this space to figure out how well it fares as a daily driver.

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