Finding the right camera bag for travel is a challenge, because, these days, your camera gear isn’t the only kit you need to drag around the universe with you. Yes, it costs $300, but did you know it’s TSA friendly and fits under the seat in front of you? The F-22 Raptor is one of the US military's most powerful weapons, but everything -- man, woman, sentient rotted orange -- has a weakness. The recent hack that targeted US Democratic officials and led to the resignation of Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was much bigger than initially suspected, according to a new report from the New York Times. The Pelican Progear S130 Sport Elite carries your camera gear in a conveniently sized bag and has an invincible compartment for your laptop. The top-loading laptop case is crushproof and watertight, so when you need to drop your bag in the jungle to run after a chimpanzee (or something), your MacBook won’t feel a thing. I’ve heard from numerous women, my wife included, that the way weight is distributed in a bag that is comfortable for a man may make it uncomfortable for a woman, and vice-a-versa.
I have absolutely no clue whether this is true (since I’m a man, I have no way of testing it), but I want to put it out there as a bit of a caveat. Third, and along those same lines, it may be worth buying from a store that has a flexible return policy. I like Amazon (for online retailers) and Costco (for brick & mortar retailers) for this reason. My wife falls into this category, and we’ve had one heck of a time finding a bag for her. These were much better in terms of comfort, but many were ugly and the better looking ones were poorly designed or had wasted space.We ultimately settled on the Ape Case Holster Bag because she found it comfortable, compact, and without any unnecessary compartments. She can put a few other personal items in there, but it’s mainly just a one camera bag. The only people to whom I’d recommend it are those who know they will never purchase a second lens and absolutely must have a dedicated camera bag for their DSLR.

I’d hazard a guess that most of you would be just as comfortable or more comfortable carrying your single camera in a small, ordinary backpack.
On the rare occasions that I go out with just one camera and one lens, I don’t carry ANY bag.
Instead, I throw a nice drawstring disposable plastic bag in my pocket, and if it rains, I put the camera in that. It also has a rain sleeve, which is great for photographers who find themselves exposed to the elements. This is an excellent design decision, and if you’re in the market for the SlingShot, make sure you get the newer SlingShot 102 AW. This area can’t be part of the main compartment because of the sling, and is sort of like a triangle in shape at the top of the bag. You can put stuff up here, but I feel like it doesn’t hold as much as it could if this same space were in a normal bag. That LowePro Flipside 300 above is my main camera bag, packed and ready for a normal day on the move. Granted, two of those lenses are really small, but the other three are pro-grade full frame lenses.
The point is, this bag can hold a ton of gear, and most photographers will never outgrow it. This means it does not count as your carry-on item, but instead will fit under the seat in front of you and you can put a rolling bag in the overhead compartment (your tripod will have to go in the roller). Not only will this save you checked bag fees if you can otherwise manage to pack light when traveling, but it will free up space in your rolling carry on for camera gear you might otherwise put in there. I know that a lot of camera bags now have space for a laptop and other random stuff, but before you consider one of these bags, think about whether you actually need a laptop or a tablet while you are out and about shooting.
Even though I carry a lot of gear, I try to go as light as I possibly can, and that means not carrying anything I think I won’t need.

The padding on the bag is great and makes carrying all that gear comfortable (or at least as comfortable as lugging around 20 pounds on your back can be) and safe for the equipment. I’ve had my Flipside 300 for over three years, and in that time it has been dragged on the side of mountains, left sitting in the snow, scratched at by wild animals (okay, my cat), and come in contact with just about every surface imaginable in the Disney theme parks (and exposed to the grueling Florida weather). There are no signs of weakness anywhere that matters, and if this thing can survive three years of me banging it around, it can probably survive a lifetime of normal use.
This is a pretty big deal, especially for Walt Disney World photographers, who are bound to be exposed to an afternoon shower from time to time.
Mine has gotten rained on many, many times and the gear inside has never gotten wet, but I still doubt that this is good for the bag. When I was using the smaller SlingShot, I thought of new lenses in terms of what would (or wouldn’t) fit in my bag. If you’re anything like me, you will find yourself quickly finding excuses to grow into this bag in terms of new gear. No, they are not as nice looking as a 5 Million Dollar Home or whatever the latest trendy camera bag is, but as a photographer looking for results and not a stylish accessory, I think the LowePro Flipside and SlingShot lines have no equal.
Reply Anna Thomas December 7, 2014 I arrived from pinterest well done on a great social media promotion Reply Britney October 19, 2014 I currently use the Lowepro Slingshot 202AW, and while I see your point on choosing the Flipside, for me the Slingshot was the only way to go. Reply Donna July 2, 2014 I’ve always taken our smaller point & shoot cameras to WDW but recently purchased a Canon T3i and heading to WDW again in September. I have the square bag which holds the body, 3 lenses and other stuff but looking for something smaller for our trip for day-to-day use for the body and standard lens.

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