But there's a bit of added functionality that we'd recommend you not forget about — and that brings us back to those rearward-facing volume buttons. And once the camera app is open, you can press volume-down (or volume-up, for that matter) to serve as a shutter button. I agree 100% except I wish verizon would not have made the buttons smaller, but I do enjoy the wireless charging convenience. Software is in no way horrific, that's just an ignorant statement made by no doubt an ignoramus. All in all, Microsoft says about the Pix app that it's here to let you enjoy moments, instead of "struggling" to capture them. At first my initial reaction was "Of course its on iOS first, everyone comes to Android later" but then by the end of the article, it does sound like MS is slamming Apple's native camera app. Either way, if MS can actually make a great app for another platform, then good on them for actually making it and releasing it.
Peekaboo Prank is a new iPad app that works with Apple’s Smart Cover to help you pull a prank, scare a friend or family member, and record their reaction.
This is not generally the sort of app that interests me, but it’s only the second app I’ve ever seen that interacts with the Smart Cover (Evernote Peek, a very different sort of app, is the first) – so I gave it a quick look.
So this one is not recommended for use with a friend or family member who is likely to be scared enough to have a bad physical reaction (but keep in mind this is way below the shock value of a scary movie or TV show scene) or to perhaps drop a precious iPad if they’re genuinely shocked by the scary popup. In 2011, I started making colored sketches on black paper and in 2013–2014 I decided to do the large drawings we're talking about now.
When you're back home, use your sketches and words to outline the message you're trying to convey.
The composition we want to do has several elements that are not easy to draw, including the hand and the gun. Gather all the images you need, either using your personal references (pictures of objects you have at home for instance), or creating images to use.
Then refine the shapes and add all the details of the gun, such as the cylinder chamber, the hammer, trigger, sight, and screws. When you have all the graphic material needed (hand and gun), assemble them in a rough photo-montage.
Then reduce the Opacity of the layer with the photo of the hand, create a new empty layer and trace the hand and arm with the Brush Tool. In our case, the sketches will appear slightly distorted if they are not viewed exactly from the same perspective in which they were created. There are several techniques to create such effects such as image projection (with projectors), pre-measured stretched model or free hand drawing. You can also apply a different pressure with your hand according to the results you want to obtain.
Before smearing, you must first create your basic shading (again, using charcoal sticks or soft graphite pencils).
This will generate smoother shading and blur the lines, making them less crisp and blending the shadow values together. If you don't want to get dirty fingers, you can simply get a blending stump or smudge stick. Now that you have all your drawing material and paper surface ready, you can finally start drawing using the original referenced montage to guide you to do an accurate and realistic sketch.
If it is really difficult for you to start a drawing like this, you can use a projector to help you trace the first main lines. This is very important: while drawing, stand back every five minutes, but always from the same angle, so that you make sure you don't make mistakes with the proportions and perspective of your sketch. Use any high quality camera (I use a Canon 5D Mark II) so that your final photos will be in a decent resolution, and don't forget to use a flash. You might also consider using additional lights (a powerful spot, for instance) as this is an indoor project and you'll need a lot of light to have an acceptable exposure and sharpness. Shoot in traditional mode and opt for RAW, it will give you more freedom in your settings later in post-production. As the drawing was done in one take (free hand), there might be a few issues with the perspective or some proportion problems in the final sketch. Now remove all the graphic issues on the photo using the Clone Stamp Tool (removing all the elements surrounded in green in the following screenshot) and do all the retouching you think are needed to improve and clean your final photo.
I've cropped the image, added more textures, subtle tones and gentle shadings in the drawing. Using the Dodge (brightening) and Burn (darkening) tools, strengthen the lighter and darker tones of the sketch in Photoshop. Lumia Camera is a fantastic tool for beginners and experienced photographers alike, allowing you to take control of your Lumia phone’s camera and get the best results possible.

Adjusting the Brightness setting in Lumia Camera is better than just brightening your image after the fact because it lets you preview the effect of your tinkering, letting you get the desired effect from your live image.
Increasing the brightness will allow you to see a subject inside the room, but you won’t be able to see what’s outside the window. When it comes to taking photos with the Lumia Camera app on your Lumia smartphone, you’ll find the Brightness controls as part of the full array of manual controls. If you want to make images darker then you can move the slider down with settings between 0 and -3.
The Lumia Camera app can be found on the Lumia 640 and all Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1.
One of the most desirable and useful functions of any cell phone is the ability to take photos. One of the most desirable and useful functions of any cell phone is the ability to take photos. When you want to take a panoramic photo, many people don’t realize you can start from either the left or the right side of the area you which to capture.
If you have location settings turned on in your photos, you can view the locations of all your photos on a single map at once.
To use it in iOS 7 you open up the App Store app, hit Redeem and you’ll the screen above (left).
If you’ve downloaded and installed the beta version of iOS 7, what’s your favorite little feature so far? Chief among them is the moving of the power button and volume buttons to the rear of the phone. Called Microsoft Pix (as previously reported), the application makes use of AI (artificial intelligence) to automatically tweak your photos and videos and make the best out of each and one of them.
It certainly seems that the company believes the native iPhone camera app is not that great at capturing photos in the right moment, doesn't it?You can download Microsoft Pix from the source link found at the end of this article. Peekaboo combines Smart Cover technology and the forward-facing camera to let you play peekaboo with cute little animals as if they were inside the iPad. Think of an idea or a strong message you really wish to express in the creation you're about to do.
Using your own knowledge may not be sufficient for a fully accurate representation of these objects.
I my case, I had made tons of gun sketches recently, seen in different perspectives from different angles.
Don't pay too much attention to small details or textures, as you'll be able to add these later on.
In my case, I didn't have any original references of a hand in this specific perspective, so I just took a photo of my arm and hand in the desired position. This step is important because this will be your only guide during the next creative steps. Using Adobe Photoshop, I imported my gun drawing in a second layer just above the photo of my hand. Reduce its Opacity so that you can see the parts you have to erase with the Eraser Tool to make it look like the hand is really holding the gun. Anamorphosis is a clever eye trick requiring the viewer to occupy a very specific angle or use a special instrument to reconstitute the image. Also, if some real objects interact with the 2D anamorphic drawing (such as a person), the viewer's brain will be confused and the anamorphic drawing will look even more 3D like. It is a very simple and efficient technique: you just apply the charcoal or pencil strokes in different directions, one over the other. Then, using your fingers, simply smudge or smear (rub) the charcoal or graphite grainy substance on the paper.
With these you can get more precise results, reach all of the corners and smallest details and create softer shadows, but this is most useful for small size works.
It will be a bit faster, but you will still need drawing skills to apply the shadows and shadings later on. If you look at the work from the opposite angle, you'll notice that it looks completely stretched. Don't worry, you can correct all these little mistakes and edit your picture in post-production to make sure the final image works well and is exactly how you want it to be. I'm mainly using Adobe Photoshop CS6 to edit my pictures but you can use other image editing programs. Make some basic edits in your RAW settings (saturation, temperature, tints, contrasts, clarity).
I also wanted the model to be 100% connected with the gun, so I added the leash on the dove being held by the living model and I made the gun a little longer so that the fingers of the model can touch it and so that it looks even more 3D like.

You can also do this simply with the Brush Tool, adding delicately some white strokes where the light is supposed to hit the objects first and black strokes to simulate stronger shadows.
With the Lumia 640’s 8-megapixel camera to draw from, you can capture some fine images using this app. This is especially true when it comes to taking photos in difficult settings, such as at night or in dark spaces. This is especially useful when you have one very strong source of light, like a window in a dark room. Decreasing the brightness has the opposite effect by making what’s inside the room darker while emphasising what’s going on outside in the bright light source.
If you want to make images brighter, emphasising what is happening in the darker potion of your image, then push the slider up, moving the controller into the plus settings between 0 and 3. It pays to experiment with Brightness so you can instinctively start to feel what your image needs. All you have to do is tap the arrow button to choose which direction you want to start the panoramic photo from to switch the direction. With Burst Mode, you can capture multiple shots, 10 photos pre second, for as long as you hold down the capture button. If you purchase a iTunes Gift Card, instead of redeeming it by typing in the long collection of random numbers and letters, you can now use your iPhone’s camera to scan the code. A film school graduate from the University of Cumbria, UK, Cam's past life was in mobile phone retail. Used in conjunction with the "Knock-on" feature for turning on the display, it brings (somewhat) of a sense of normalcy to a very different phone. Apple's camera software is certainly lacking for photography enthusiasts, but for normal everyday people, it's perfect.
You pick from one of the 3 little animals, close and open the smart cover a couple times to see them say peek-a-boo – and then on the third time you open the cover a scary face blasts in with a roar and your reaction is recorded if you’re holding the iPad at the right sort of angle. What we want is to have some sketches large enough to pose with them and become part of the whole composition. It's not the easiest part, but if you want your artwork to be seen as unique and attractive by others, you should really try to express something big. Also think about the creative tools and materials you'll need, the amount of work it will require, and other logistics.
The charcoal sticks will allow you to make fast, thick, dark and expressive lines with stronger shadows. Using a very thick charcoal stick to draw with can be useful because it will be easier to sharpen later or to obtain a diversity of thicknesses. The drawing is huge so focus on the main and largest shapes first, then on the smaller elements. Using Brightness & Contrast, adjust the exposure of the drawing and the exposure of the other graphic elements independently by creating two separate layers.
Maybe if MSFT focused on improving their own platform instead of slamming others they would be in a better position.
By the end of this tutorial, you'll understand my work flow from the first studies through to the final work. If there are large dark areas in the composition, you might end up using 15 graphite pencils and four charcoal sticks per giant drawing. Use a graphic tablet (I have a Wacom Intuos 4) and the Brush Tool in Photoshop and simply draw or paint on your photo to improve it.
A family man with two kids, he somehow manages to balance his TiP duties with family life and a runaway Twitter addiction. My G2 is buttery smooth and they don't automatically have all the gimmicky stuff enabled unlike Samsung. I'm also going to teach you all kinds of graphic tricks to help you work faster and draw difficult shapes such as guns and hands. But if you lack inspiration, you can travel, go to exhibitions, watch films, read books, or try new things. You'll then be able to build a completely new image that will help you do the giant sketch later.
He covers news, device comparisons, accessory and app reviews - pretty much anything and everything. His favorite art movements are Surrealism, Pop Art, Geometric Abstraction, Expressionism and Social Realism.

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