Or better still, if I had a $ for every time they missed a product idea or marketing opportunity I might even be able to buy an S2 – as much of a joke as it is. Yes, Leica was behind with the digital age, but they came out with something that they thought was impossible, a full frame digital rangefinder, still back compatible with most of the older lenses, and the same size, keeping their already loyal customers, and reaching out to new customers.
The See Buy Fly Electronics store in the Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tim Khan, photography specialist at one of my favorite camera stores in the world, the See, Fly, Buy Duty Free store in Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam.
The prices won’t beat anything you can get at B&H, but it’s nice to know they are options incase of a photo emergency on your way to Kenya or India. Don’t hesitate to check them out while on your way to the wilds of Africa or other places you may go that requite you to pass through Amsterdam.
A small gallery of artwork from a few of Europe’s Masters is on display in this cozy and serene, glass enclosed room at the Schiphol Airport. January Evening in the Wood at the Hague, 1875 by Louis Apol (1850-1936) was my favorite in this current selection of work.
Do you know if there is a Duty free store in the the Amsterdam airport that sells apple products? In the ever-changing world of social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a camera is a must-have accessory.
Fresh to the North America market, Leica opened its first store in the states in Washington, DC at the beginning of May. A German company, Leica cameras are innovative and revolutionary to the market. Calumet Photo has 12 locations nationwide and dozens more worldwide, making it one of the leading camera businesses in the world. The employees at Pro Photo are just that, professionals in every aspect of their craft and knowledgeable on all things camera-related. For those of us who remember film photography, you’ll enjoy seeing these vintage photos of shops long out of the picture. This next photo is of a camera and supply shop called The Darkroom, with it’s storefront window looking like a camera lens. The Darkroom (5364 Wilshire Blvd.) was once the photographic supply store of choice with a 9-foot tall camera storefront.
Digital cameras have nearly Photoshopped these places from our main streets — but they live on on photographs. PS I found these photos via Old Chum when I found these classic roadside attraction food stand photos.

Join us on an M9 Walking Tour and the S-2 Studio Event on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 and get the opportunity to experience our M-System and S-System personally. Recently I started to notice a lots of lost opportunities for marketing team at Leica, which still probably consumed with obnoxious product packaging. In terms of the store grand opening not coinciding with May 10, my point is, this is a way for product to be sold before the May 10 announcement and those new products replace what’s already in stock at the store. The gentleman below, Tim Khan, was eyeing my GX1 with the 7-14mm lens and of course we had to chat.
They generally don’t have the high-end Nikons or Canons, but you can get a D300, D7000 and others. While using your iPhone may suffice in some cases, the camera on your cell phone can never compare to the real thing. Ashburn has been home to Ace Photo for nearly two decades, and all of the merchandise here is new and comes with a USA warranty and guaranteed customer satisfaction. The capital’s most prestigious photographers trust Pro Photo for their cameras and services. She is a soon-to-be University of Alabama graduate who hopes to have a successful career in fashion journalism.
Almost like Leica is not in sync not only with consumer aspect of the business, but with more simplistic within organization (although many will argue leica AG and leica inc are different organizations). CoxOne of my favorite places to check for camera gear is a really great electronics store in Amsterdam.
I handed it over to him and he took a look at the magnificent wide view the 7-14 provided and commented, “nicely corrected”.  He also had a great sense of humor which I experienced when I handed him the camera and lens and he playfully pretended to run down the aisle with it. Whether you are looking for a digital camera, camcorder or vintage Polaroid camera, there is a store for you in The District. The new store, just off the Metro Center stop, has an exhibit of exquisite photographs, giving prospective customers the up-close-and-personal proof they need to understand the high quality images that Leica cameras produce. One is in DC, near the Verizon Center and the other is in Northern Virginia, in Tysons Corner. The cameras in stock are unbeatable and house models that you won’t find anywhere else. Her major is Apparel and Textiles with a Concentration in Fashion Retail and Merchandising and her minor is Journalism. It’s hard to tell from the angle.) This stand-alone building has the shape of a camera, complete with dials and flashbulb on top, and rivals the details of any kitschy roadside attraction!

Disclosure: (LR) is sponsored by companies and affiliate partners that display various advertising banners and links (see our Privacy Policy). They have a good selection of top name camera products from Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus and others. We actually had a few courses together and she graduated with a BA in Art History from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Those who like to develop their own film can even find darkroom supplies and development chemicals.
Not only can you purchase top-of-the line cameras and photography products at Penn Camera, but the store also offers rentals, repairs and sensor cleaning services. I have no idea where this shop was located; please post a comment if you know more about it. Only product placements for other ads, and they have brochures available at dealers and stores. They stock bodies and lenses as well as other digital requirements such as Sandisk cards, hard drives and jump drives too.
Start documenting your life now, because while you may never get the day back, with a camera, the memories will last in photographs forever.
The wide camera selection includes digital, point and shoot, mirror-less and SLR cameras, among others, from reliable brands like Nikon, Canon and Tamron. Calumet also offers an educational program to teach customers how to perfect their photography skills.
Pro Photo often offers specials and sales, and you can also join their mailing list to stay up to date and get the coveted deals. Visiting a specialty camera store will ensure an intimate and successful shopping experience compared to purchasing cameras from large retailers who have numerous areas of expertise.
So in this sense, to sell and get rid of older inventory, the store opening not coinciding with May 10 seems like a good idea. This group of images is for you Mom and any others that may appreciate the talented artists from days gone by. Lots of point and shoots, shavers, books, magazines, headphones and just about anything you can imagine. Stop by and see this wonderful exhibit if you happen to be fortunate enough to be passing through the Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam.

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