GRP Cabinets and EnclosuresLow maintenance, low cost and extremely durable GRP cabinets and enclosures from Kingsley Plastics.
Please Note: ALL sizes listed here in our online shop are the external dimensions of each unit.
Kingsley Plastics Ltd can also manufacture to your budget and deadlines Flat Pack or Moulded GRP Cabinets, Enclosures and Kiosks. Kingsley Plastics have been awarded a further 5 year framework agreement with both Wales & West Utilities and Northern Gas Networks for a range of GRP Industrial Gas Meter Cabinets. Kingsley Plastics Ltd's sister company Fortress GRP newly updated website and participation at the Counter Terror Security exhibition in the London. Kingsley plastics supply GRP Kiosks, GRP Covers, GRP Cabinets, GRP Enclosures and Gas Meter Boxes to the Gas, Electrical, Transport and Services Industries.
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