In addition to announcing their plans for a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, Fujifilm also added another bridge camera to their X line-up. Seriously, how hard is it to put your “not so optical” viewfinder to top left corner?
Panasonic once made an SLR with the VF in the top left corner, the DMC-L1 – the fact that it was a one-off only probably says enough of how succesful it was. Tried all the previous ones and the bridge versions never seem to have the same image quality as the compact. Bernd you are correct – a sign of how camera design has got worse in the cause of marketing. Question is will it sell more cameras – I guess it will as most won’t know the difference when they post on facebook!
I guess this will be a great camera, perfect to those who are wanting for long zoom range(similar to bridge cameras) combined with a larger senor. Lately, images and videos have surfaced that are claimed, by their owners, to be evidence of time travel. Who: A lawyer named Andrew Basiago claims to have been part of a top secret US time travel experiment as a child. Who: A cross-dressing, heavy-set man using a cell phone in some VIDEO footage of the premiere of the Charlie Chaplin movie, The Circus.
The steam punk looks like he was involved in some sort of accident which may have burned his scalp and face (steam pipe burst) The hipster photo looks clearly like it was photo shopped. How come when I look up the name Jim Digsby with key words such as “time travel” or anything of the sort, nothing but this comment comes up?
I’ve Just watched Lunopolis for the first time, my name is alec, and I believe that I was on the moon. Time travel is not possible, is an illusion created by men to fantasize, and to to subconsciously entertain themselves. Finally in the first pic at the Gettysburg Address the picture is too old and fuzzy and the kid’s too far away to really see him well enough to dispute or prove anything. Is life too boring or meaningless for some of you people if you can’t make up some hair-brained story and exagerate it to mislead others? And to add to things… Not every person was a robot to society back in those days maybe they were into fashion and expressed there individuality. Did any of you notice that time traveller hipster has two shadows on his face from different directions? A hiking track wends through the dense native bush to a foot bridge which passes over Chasm in Fiordland National Park, NZ. Picture of the foot bridge which passes over theChasm in Fiordland National Park, South Island, New Zealand. The Chasm in the Darran Mountains, Fiordland National Park along the Milford Road, Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand. Unauthorized use of any images or footage from this site is prohibited by international copyright laws. Superzoom lenses always degrade the image quality to some extend, as they’re much more complicated to build at an affordable price.

The body design and materials look the same and that’s good because the HS20 has the best ergonomics of all superzoommodels by a wide maragin.
They also need to get a real multitasking OS as the HS20 is frustratingly slow and force you to wait a lot. Bridge cameras are okay, really versatile cameras, but they tend to be less admirable when the ISO reaches 800 or maybe even 400. The camera comes with a USB cable that needs to be connected to a PictBridge supported printer in order to print directly from the camera.
This is not so unusual, after all, as Steampunk goes mainstream and the image-making technology available to everyday users grows ever more sophisticated. Yes, this Charlie Chaplin time traveler was so careless that he let himself be videotaped using a cell phone. This is the famous photograph that started the new craze for looking for time travelers in old photographs. The former Kids in the Hall performer clearly traveled to The Future (circa 2010) from 1994, then returned to the 20th century and created a comedy skit in which he did a dead on imitation of Glenn Beck, 15 years before Beck himself perfected the schtick.
That haircut was common among blue collar workers and you don’t see it often in photos during a time period that most men wore hats in public. To say nothing of the gaping holes in your logic and lose ends to your story that make no connective sense. Satelites certainly are part of the cell phone networking system in conjunction with the towers.
But from what I can tell, with magnifying glass in hand, the kid hardy fits anything remotely out of place looking whatsoever. The Mohawk haircut goes back to the Mohawk Indians who had the haircut for hundreds of years. Take the branding off those pictures and you’d be hard pressed to tell the X-S1 apart from anything else. But now, the upcoming release of the xs1 is exciting as this one can possibly show that it has great potentials as the larger sensor plus the exr technology can be able to produce good image quality even at higher sensitivity setting.
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This hipster’s got totally cool wraparound glasses, is wearing a faded old silkscreened t-shirt of the sort not made until the 1970s (when Forrest Gump popularized them), has a pocket-size digital camera around his neck, and a modern haircut.
I guess it’s possible that Glenn Beck plagiarized his crazy schtick from this comedy sketch, though.
The reason you can’t find him mentioned on the internet is that on another of his time travel trips, he was sent back to kill Hitler but accidentally erased himself from this time line instead when he killed his great-great grandfather (Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter) instead, because he was standing arm in arm with Hitler during the Beer Hall Putsch. Laugh at this or deny ignorance and do your own research for Immortality is attainable, this is real time travel, and all the secrets to mankind’s future can be found in his past, if you understand how the Annunaki genetically engineered the Human race and brought us into existance, you will understand the genes they withheld from us, therefore the genes you will want to attain in DNA. You really think a cell call from NY to Beijing is done strictly via relaying the signal from tower to tower halfway around the world?
He’s also quite a bit taller than the people surrounding him, reflecting the greater height people have today.
According to his wikipedia page he missed listening to The Clash and Sex Pistols most of all.

I have no use whatsoever for a Fuji X-100 and I think that the non-interchangeable nature of the lens is a real killer *BUT* I still really really want one.
Anyway, many product shots look too bright and at least the HS20 is much darker in real life. Given the popularity of the haircut in the 1970s, actually, we’d argue that this time traveler probably traveled to 1905 from the 1970s.  Who knew they had time travel back then? The coolest thing about the video is the promising bit of information that not only will there be time travel in the future, but that cell phones will have way better reception.
Maybe this means that the theory of time travel that supports the idea that you CAN change time, is the right one. The fact she ONLY SEEMS to be speaking into it is little proof of anything in such a short sequence where there could be a list of potential reasons this appears to be the case.
It’s like saying in 1960, that a video clip of a person pushing buttons to use a phone is impossible.
The effective range is currently between 30-155 years, give or take a few years depending on certain variables out of our control. After the war, German scientists came to America and helped start and improve tech research and innovation.
The S100fs and the HS20 look better and real front liners, saying that their performances are no slouch considering the features equipped to them. Personally, though, we’re more concerned about that guy who is kind of in front of him and more in the foreground.
I mean, there aren’t even cell phone towers in 1928, but this dude’s got no problems talking! Now 68, Jim lives in Shropshire with his wife and 2 grown children and looks back at his banana slinging days with great fondness. But that would be before touch-tone phones hit the market replacing most rotary phones by today.
Extraterrestrials do not interfere with us – they let us live our ways but provide guidance to protect this planet – how often have they disarmed nuclear warheads? I hope that there would be some changes in the design as this one is yet to be released and it is not final.
Unless of course he knew he’d be arrested but had to do it anyway or else cause a temporal paradox? According to Jim he never did own a jacket or a hat during those days, choosing to wear the clothes he was originally transported in just in case he was returned suddenly.
Accuracy, and safety, is increased when calculations (and conditions) provide destinations well within the body of the Torus model.
As a result of the capabilities of the current technology, this type of research is limited. It maybe a different camera offering a longer zoom but I guess it should have at least few looks which quite resembles its siblings.

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