In new India, where the market for skin-lightening creams is more than $500 million a year, men are being spoon-fed the message that having fairer skin is the fastest way to fame and fortune. Anti-tanning treatments, bleaches, face-lightening facials are all the rage at BYS Unisex Salon on Bangalore’s shopping strip, Commercial Street.
The cosmetics industry has made billions of dollars selling skin-lightening products to women. The ads targeting men follow a familiar pattern: A dark-skinned actor is shown feeling dejected and forlorn. The list of Bollywood stars endorsing such products for men is impressively long, ranging from superstar Shahrukh Khan to hunk John Abraham to the boy-faced Shahid Kapur. As if the commercials and billboards are not convincing enough, Hindustan Unilever’s Vaseline brand has launched a Facebook application that digitally re-tones photographs for the social networking site. With inflated egos, a fear of being redundant and a fervour to be part of the 100 crore club, Bollywood actors have always sought new and innovative ways to look great.
Now as promised I am back with some horror stories, where plastic surgeries went wrong.In a desperate attempt to look beautiful and glamorous, almost every actress have gone under the knife but not everyone is that lucky. But in the last couple of years, multinational and Indian cosmetics makers have discovered a vast, virtually untapped male market. I happen to know lots of people who actually desire darker skin, some even regularly undergo fake tans and sun-beds . During summer season we take immense care of our skin to avoid tanning, but often tend to neglect our hair.
Saif Ali KhanNot that he looks any younger but Saif Ali Khan got a generous botox job and a pretty evident face lift!

Shah Rukh KhanFrom hair weaving and wrinkle clearing botox, Shah Rukh Khan ensures he’s crease free! Salman KhanFor Bhai to look young and fuss free, botox and hair weaving have been weapons of choice.
Anil KapoorAnil Kapoor is a handsome man but he has had some help in smoothening out those very many flaws.
Commercials, billboards, magazine advertisements drum the unrelenting message: lighter, fairer skin is the key to getting that dream job and hooking that gorgeous girl. Ranbir KapoorA receding hairline would irk any man; Ranbir being one of the most elligible bachelors took matters in to his own hands and weaved himself a luxurious mane!
Her bone-chilling story of surviving a disastrous nose job due to which she had to pay off her Bollywood career is no more a secret.
Personally speaking, i think skin lightning add's should be banned and socially stigmatised. What should matter is the focus on healthy clear complexions as opposed to the tone of skin, that is where real beauty lye's and deserves appreciation, if any. Here are some tips to take care: Avoid cosmetics,use shampoo and conditioner,avoid heat,Trim them,Protect from Sun. Bust interestingly, she is one of the few actresses, who have always been upfront about her plastic surgeries. In the popular TV chat show, Coffee With Karan, Rakhi had also said that a doctor can give you what God hasn’t.While few surgeries worked for her, others turned out be a nightmare. In one public event, it’s rumored that people didn’t recognize her because of her plastic face.

She looked ravishing in Bagwan and now when she is in her 60’s she still holds the charisma, making younger actresses a run for money. Even though she is a strict disciplinarian and regular with Yoga and dance classes, her aging skin compelled her to go under the needle. Even though the botox worked for her making her look beautiful than her age, she is really having some hard times to even pass a smile through her stiff facial muscles because of the side effect.Anushka SharmaNow this girlfriend of Virat Kohli seems to be either in the news for her funny duck lips or for her love life. After a recent television show, it was pretty evident that this lady didn’t want to be left behind amongst the list of Bollywood celebrities who went for plastic surgery.Minishaa LambaWow!
This is what our team gathered –As per the doctor, people approach plastic surgeons with some unrealistic expectations and almost everyone wants to look like Angelina Jolie. What people really forget is that the doctors are not God, who can create miracles with their natural features and faces.
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