Download this wallpaper, right click on your desktop, click on properties then desktop and there you will find browse button. If you are shooting with a lens that is slower than an aperture of 2.8 at night, you are screwed.
There is nothing more frustrating than using a zoom lens at night which has only a maximum aperture of 3.5 or so. Night lights are beautiful, and the illuminations they give off as well as the shadows they project truly make nighttime street photographs special. Not only that, but if you want to capture static images, shooting with illuminated lights will allow you to capture images with a much faster shutter speed. Many people are naturally afraid of shooting during the night, due to worries about getting mugged or having their camera stolen.
There were several of you who mentioned an article about how to shoot street photography at night. Nowadays digital cameras have amazing high-ISO capabilities, so don’t be afraid to bump up your ISO. If you see the image above by Garry Winograd, he is able to beautifully capture an image of a man with a patch over his face, accompanied by his beautiful companion in his top-down convertible in Los Angeles. There have even been times in which I accidentally captured motion at night due to a slower shutter speed–but much preferred the outcome.

When first shooting street photography, I used a tripod at night a few times thinking that it would aid my night images. It makes focusing a hell of a lot easier and has helped me capture images in which I had only a split of a second to focus.
Regardless of what type of autofocusing system your camera has, the technology is still much too slow and inaccurate. When shooting street photography at night, try to go to urban city-centers, where people are abundant and flashing lights are everywhere. If anyone holding the copyright to any of the images on this website objects to their presence here please contact us and the offending images will be removed immediately. In the background, you can see another car whizzing by, which gives you a dynamic feel of the image. This allows your camera to collect much more available light during the night, which will allow you to get quicker shutter speeds. Sure you can shoot at night with a zoom lens with an aperture of 2.8, but zoom lenses like that are often too bulky and heavy to shoot street photography with anyways. However, I do not discount the merits of focusing manually when shooting street photography, especially when shooting from the hip. Switch your camera to focusing manually, and you will have far more control over focusing and will be able to focus much quicker in general.

Take for example this great post on The Online Photographer in which Corinne Vionnet stacked hundreds of images of tourists who took photos in the same spot.┬áLet your curiosity lead you and capture amazing images. I love shooting at night, because I feel that is when you can capture the true soul of the urban jungle–when street lights illuminate and people are on the prowl. When shooting during the day, I often even add grain to my images to give it a more urban feel. Without that motion blur, the image may have felt much too static and wouldn’t have had the same effect. If you shoot aperture-dependent mode or automatic mode, try using an ISO of 200-400 to capture motion. But when using auto-focus or using manual-focus are both options you have when shooting during the day (and light is plentiful).
Shooting street photography at night allows for much more mysterious scenes and images than shooting during the day. Not only that, but it slowed me down and prevented me from capturing the decisive moments I wanted to at night.

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