Friends I have been nominated once again for Better photography Wedding Photographer of the Year 2015.But bad luck i missed again this time. The Making of a Wedding A wedding is not just the celebration of a marriage, it is the solemnity with which two souls join their lives in perfect harmony. This is the third year of Kodak Better Photography Wedding Photographer Of the Year Awards which is India’s only award in wedding photography. The final awards ceremony will take place today, at Westin Mumbai Garden City, in the presence of the most renowned photographers and personalities from the photography as well as the wedding planning industry. To find out who wins the title of the Kodak Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year 2011, look out for one of the forthcoming issues of Better Photography. Now there's no explanation really why certain Snapchat filters just bring out the cray cray in some people but well, why not?!
And to get you in the mood here are the 10 tracks that you will find yourself dancing to at POP! Photograph shot by accomplished photographer Peter Eastway and Chairman and judge of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year.
The Competition: The International Landscape Photographer of the Year not only gives photographers the opportunity to win the title along with an exciting cash prizes, but a total of 101 participant photographs will be featured in a limited edition hard-cover landscape photography book too!
Prizes: Under the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Award—the first prize winner will receive USD 5000 (approx. Under the International Landscape Photograph of the Year—the first prize winner will receive USD 2000 (approx. All the winners will receive a trophy and will be featured in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards 2014 book, along with a printed copy.
Vivek Victor Sequeira has been named as this year's Kodak Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year - one of the highest accolades in India's photography industry. The award was made recently at the Hotel Juhu Novotel in Mumbai and Sequeira won a trophy as well as a cash prize.
The Kodak Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year contest, organised by Better Photography magazine, is now in its second year and has become one of India's biggest wedding photography competitions. The competition for the 2010 title was launched in September last year and was open to participants throughout India. It received more than 16,500 entries from 544 cities and towns across the country - an increase of in excess of 100 per cent since the previous year.

The photography contest has six categories - bridal portraiture, couple portraiture, family and friends, behind the scenes, emotions and a photo series focusing on a single wedding - as well as the overall Wedding Photographer of the Year award. After being shortlisted, the six finalists eventually had to photograph a mock wedding and their shots were judged by well-known Indian wedding photographer Prakash Tilokan. Madhavan Pillai, Editor, Better Photography, said, "Amongst all the genres of photography, wedding photography stands out as amongst the most challenging and the most self-satisfying.
After a long hard journey, the Canon-Better Photography Photographer of the Year 2011 culminated in a wonderful awards night, filled with happy and sometimes nervous moments.
On 1 February 2012, the Canon-Better Photography Photographer of the Year awards came to a spectacular finish at Hyatt Regency, Mumbai. Better Photography started the Photographer of the Year awards in 2005, with about 7000 entries, and year after year it has grown to become one of the most recognised platforms for upcoming photographers. Here is a look at the best images submit to Canon-Better Photography Photographer of the Year 2011 from each theme. The whos-who of the photography industry were present at the awards, including Ashok Salian, Swapan Parekh, Arko Dutta, Indraneel Mukherjee, Amit Ashar, Kedar Bhide, Adhik Shirodkar, Sanjay Moga, amongst others. The awards night also featured terrific performances by artist Vilas Nayak, who enthralled the audience with creating on-the-spot paintings. And finally, at the end of the ceremony, S L Shanthkumar from Chennai was announced the Canon-Better Photography Photographer of the Year 2011. As the grand prize, he won a Canon EOS 7D, photobooks from Canvera along with the coveted title of Canon-Better Photography Photographer of the Year 2011 on a national platform.
Host for the evening, Sumiit Lakhutia, interacts with the audience and discusses what the spirit of Mumbai means to them.
Indraneil Mukherjee, photographer for AFP; Mukesh Parpiani, curator for Piramal Art Gallery and J P Soni award Sudipto Das for the category Life on the Streets. Photographers Swapan Parekh and Ashok Salian walk up on stage to announce the Portraiture: I, Me, Myself theme winner. Landscape: Play of Light category winner Neelima Vallangi accepts her award from photographers Hari Mahidar, Soumitra Pendse and P V N Murthi, former President of AIPTIA.
Thanks to the Canon-Better Photography collaboration in coming up with such awards which motivates Photographers of India.

This is where wedding photographers truly shine, by capturing the pivotal moments that make each wedding a memorable one. Take a look at some of the pictures that will be included in tonight’s photo gallery. It is a tough job because not a single moment can be missed and the photographer often works under many, many constraints. The ceremony featured some great performances and happy moments, as the nominees were presented with the awards. Seven years down the line, this year we surpassed our own records with almost 70,000 entries from all over India, including the more remote parts of our country, like Dhaknakhma in Assam and Pathanamthitta in Kerala! Expressing his joy, Shanthkumar said that he was honoured to have received the awards amongst the legends of photography.
Each theme winner also received photobooks from Canvera along with coupons for photograph personalisation. He is seen here standing with wildlife photographer and conservationist Kedar Bhide; Jayesh Mehta, President of AIPTIA and Adhik Shirodkar, Senior Advocate and wildlife photographer.
Check out the video of the event which included a pretty crazy comedy act (and by crazy I mean weird, but funny!), two charismatic emcees and a whole lot of trigger happy peeps finally being appreciated for what they do best – wedding photography.
Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year awards was set up to celebrate the tenacity, vision and execution of the camera magicians who make a wedding unforgettable. The atmosphere was filled with nervous excitement, as the eight nominees waited with baited breath for the announcement of the overall winner of this illustrous awards.
Legendary photographer Raghu Rai was also present at the event, and was also the key-note speaker of the awards ceremony. Jani at the Novotel, Juhu and was pretty impressed by Cory’s ability to guess my zodiac sign just by looking at me, interesting!

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