John's superb Landscape Photographs and his advice are available in his new book - The Light Fantastic.
All of the advice, tutorials, masterclasses and ideas on this website are available to you at no charge. If you feel that the site has helped you then any contribution you make, however small, would go towards its ongoing maintenance and development.Thanks for your help. You’d be amazed how the simple act of including a foreground element within a landscape photo can totally transform a scene. With a wide-angle lens the foreground element will seem much larger than the background objects, maximizing the sense of depth. Finding the perfect foreground element to include within your scene may take only a few minutes or several hours. Since most people are fearful when bad weather strikes, and stay inside, this is an opportune moment for you to capture some great photographs. Documenting bad weather while it’s occurring (or even after it has passed) is fascinating for viewers to look at. Just make sure to take the proper precautions and stay safe when photographing bad weather scenes. Often, when you see an image of a great landscape photo, you think to yourself “Wow, the lighting and composition are so perfect!
If you want to capture the best photo for a given scene it’s best to scout out the location ahead of time and take a few test shots throughout the day. Then, when you come back, you can arrive about 30 minutes ahead of time, set up your composition and be ready to capture a great shot when the lighting moves perfectly into place. As a rule of thumb, it’s usually best to capture landscape photos during the golden (or magic) hours of the day.

Many new photographers instinctively shoot landscape photos by setting their tripod on the ground at eye level and then framing up the shot. If you really want your photos to stand out from the work of other photographers, you should work hard at framing a common setting in a creative way. This common problem can be easily solved by bracketing your exposures and you should make it a common practice to do so on every landscape shoot.
Bracketing your exposures simply means to capture the same composition with multiple exposure levels. Capture one image using the settings your camera deems as being a proper overall exposure for the scene. Then, in a photo editing software,such as Adobe Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom or Apple Aperture, you can automatically combine these 3-5 photos together to create one photograph with a more appealing dynamic range. All elements within the scene, from the dark shadows up to the bright highlights will be exposed correctly. You could learn all of the tips and tricks in the world about how to take better landscape photos, but there’s no school or workshop that will teach you how to become a better landscape photographer than nature itself.
Only hours of practice in the field with an open eye and desire for creativity will make you a better photographer. So, get out there and start applying these tips and techniques we’ve shared with you so you can learn how to utilize each to its full advantage. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.
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By adding a foreground element to your photo, the image can instantly portray a deeper sense of perspective and depth. Before setting up your shot, scour a site until you find the best element to include, whether it’s a clump of flowers, group of rocks, a reflecting pond, or fallen tree branch. What they don’ t know is that they’re missing some amazing opportunities for great landscape photography!
As a photographer try not to let bad weather frighten you, but instead intrigue you to capture some awesome shots!
We love to see these types of shots because most of us don’t get to experience it first hand. It’s nearly impossible for a photographer to appear at a site at a random time on a random day and expect a great result. That way can see how the natural lighting affects the scene and know what time of day you should come back.
Yes, this can result in a good photograph, but a lot of other great opportunities are being missed! Often, the darker areas of the scene look too muddy while the highlights are just right, or vice versus, the highlights are blown out while the darker areas are rendered beautifully. Then, use the exposure compensation button (if shooting in an automatic mode) or aperture, shutter speed or ISO setting (if shooting in manual mode) to force a one stop overexposure.
Combining this with a foreground element will really open up the perceived space within the scene.

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