WordPress Photoblog Themes are suitable for photographers who wants to showcase their photos online.
Available in dark and light theme skins, this WordPress theme is especially built for all-levels of photographers out there. This WordPress theme is specially configured to present your finest photos and media files.
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This theme is great for those who need a convenient way to publish and showcase a self managed Gallery of Photos, Artworks or Designs. Photo Nexus wordpress gallery is a 2 color variation ( Bright and Dark) theme. Photopassion is premium WordPress gallery theme, designed for photographers, can be your perfect online portfolio and personal website. Black Sakura WP is a clean and trendy-looking WordPress theme which uses WooThemes Tumblog plugin to create a Tumblr-like post types.
Core is the Minimalist Photography, Portfolio, Personal website Template built with latest WordPress features.
Through the Lens is a Premium WordPress theme aimed at photographers and comes packed with multiple page templates and a widgetized home page which has huge depth in layout customization.

PicTree is a clean Photographer WordPress Theme with a clean and simple look and feel with focus on your work and talent. This theme has all the popular and common features which used by the current trend sites and more over this site has a extensive features and user friendly and easy loading, less weight hand coded and full functionality suitable for photography websites. JingJang is the Premium Photography, Portfolio, Personal website Template built with latest WordPress features. Eekon is minimalistic and modern WordPress theme made for Business, Portfolio, Personal Blog, Photo Blog, or any kind of website. This 960 Grid based site is built from the ground up to be powerful, customizable and extremely flexible.Each of the custom page templates has options that can be controlled independently and reused to achieve the results you want. ANAN is the Premium Photography, Portfolio, Personal website Template built with latest WordPress features.
It offers you a web-based photo gallery with an artistry touch for every artist and photographer out there! It features a slideshow on the homepage which can be supported by both landscape and portrait photos. It has white-dominated background with a glint of professional touch that is clean and works perfect for the eyes!
It is very classy and refined with the right combination of gradients and functions, where you can showcase anything about blog.

It is detailed and incredibly simple yet elegant; just the perfect websit for photographers and videographers who just want to simplify things. It is a relax mix of tones and hues which can make a total package for the laid type of person you are! It’s perfect for Photographer, Personal Portfolios. As it includes 3 different Home page layouts which are perfect for Corporate, Business and clean looking websites. Theme will suits best for photographers or other artists who want to showcase their work in a very modern and unique way. Website visitors will see photographer’s works straight from the main page saving time for the unwanted clicks are eliminated! Use the same gallery template for a photo blog, grid of type-only posts and a gallery of vacation photos!
It can totally bring you the best experience that can grab the attention of your audience and visitors.

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