Different sort of photo effects can be applied different nature of photos, as they can turn your images to have different appearance and impression. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an amazing futuristic photo manipulation and you will learn how to turn a simple portrait into an amazing robot . Any picture can be a good source to form a beautiful artwork, as long as you choose a right effect to apply to. This tutorial is going to teach you how to apply multiple layer duplication, transforming and warping of objects. Photo manipulation may be one of the funniest things you can do with photoshop but creating photo manipulations isn’t easy. In this tutorial, it takes you through the post-production steps of an architecture rendering in Photoshop. In this tutorial we'll learn how to make wet looking text along with very realistic looking water drops. We'll start out with a simple gradient for our background, so create a new image with a transparent background. This just adds a little fluid waviness to our wet text and makes it look a little more liquid. Our eyes adjust naturally to the colour fluctuations in color temperature of everyday lighting conditions. It’s basically re-using whatever we have in order to create a solid looking phoenix coupled with flame and light ray effects. In order to create a fantasy fiery portrait of a woman using photoshop, this tutorial will explain how to use textures, add fire and create lighting effect.

The featured techniques focus on marrying a CG building constructed in Modo and rendered using Rhino into a base photo, as well as building up an atmosphere around the structure that supports the aim of the design.
This tutorial will demonstrate how to integrate a spot-color metallic ink into your workflow using InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat Professional.
You can choose other colors to suit your needs, though the water effect looks best against blue. Move the text if needed to make it line up with where the two colors in the background gradient cross over.
I'm going to add one more step to make it a bit more interesting looking by adding just a little distortion to make it look a little more fluid. If you prefer the more gel-like look we had at the end of Step 8, then just omit this last step. This site is run as a hobby and your donation will help defray the costs and allow more tutorials to be added.
Before you begin your purchase, click one of the links to the right first, then place the items you want in your shopping cart. The most important aspect of getting the colours correct in a picture is setting the white balance. Take a picture with the light directly to the gray card in the scene, and then take the picture without it. Any font will work, of course, but a font that has smooth flowing letters will create a better wet text look. We'd like to have the center of the text align on top of the cross over point between the lighter and darker color to maximize the effect.

You pay the same prices you would anyway and this site receives a donation from these retailers. It is a term used in digital photography that relates to the cameras attempts to remove colour casts due to the colour of the light source. When setting the white point we use colour temperature as the way to adjust. The colour temperature is given in the unit Kelvin and says how much we must heat up a black oven for it to glow like the color does.
In Photoshop, or other similar photo editing software, one can select the gray card as the white point and then synchronize the white point for the two pictures. I created mine on a diagonal to make it a bit more interesting looking, but you can choose whatever look you want.
Kelvin starts at the absolute zero which is the coldest anything can be, the electrons stands still.
It will remove the color casts from the light and give a much better basis for minor color corrections later.
One can set the white balance either when taking the picture or, if one is shooting in RAW mode, in a photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop.
Just draw it free hand since it doesn't have to be perfectly straight, in fact it looks better if it isn't. For a few of them, I drew a very short line just so a few of the drops wouldn't be perfectly round.

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