Everyone likes photo effects, especially those that are easy to create and can transform your ordinary shots into stunning artworks. There are 50 stunning Photoshop photo effect tutorials below ranging from tricks to give your photo the hipster or Instagram filter look, or the tilt-shift (miniature) look, from reducing wrinkles to giving porcelain skin to your subjects. If any images posted here are violating the copyright law, please contact us and we will remove those images asap upon receipt of valid proof of copyright infringement. Here, we’ll build a visually striking collage-style image using silk and material elements, and a limited colour palette. In this tutorial I’ll also explain how to recreate one of the most striking aspects of this piece – its limited colourway – and how to achieve the right balance using limited shades. Since receiving a BA Hons in Graphic and Typography Design in 2007, London-based graphic designer Dines has built a firm client and fan base in London, working with clients such as MTV, Defected Records, Nike and Channel 4. Turning a run-of-the-mill photo into a dazzling one is simple – when you know the right tricks. From sparkles, pixie dust effects, coloured light spots and light beams, to using splatter effects as a form of lighting, it’s all here. In this detailed and lengthy Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to combine photos and add special effects to turn a normal photograph into a stunning artwork. This is a tutorial illustrating perspective techniques and how you can achieve the feeling of depth and motion. I like to create dynamic work that conveys a sense of velocity in its subjects, and the visual featured in this tutorial is a prime example of that style.
In this tutorial we’ll use brushes to create what look like stains of paint, but in your future work you can use similar techniques with any number of style forms to dissect and distort your subject. The tutorial was created using free resources, so you can easily recreate it by following step-by-step. In this tutorial artist will demonstrate how to use fashion photography and various techniques to create a cosmic-inspired scene in Adobe Photoshop CS5. An infographic digging into some of the many ways to improve the design of your living space. This infographic is a fantastic resource for all parents expecting a baby and not being experienced in bathing their little one. If you want to share with us your photoshop or illustrator tutorial, your work, design or photography send us a mail or via Twitter using #tutorialstorage in the end of the tweet. Focusing on my piece ‘Black on Black’, we’ll explore how to create an abstract feel with the addition of natural elements – such as a horse head and human hair – and experiment with a different grid structure to give the piece its ultimate impact. The images I’ve used here have all been selected from stock photography websites, so think about the kind of image you want to create before starting and have a look for some of your own.

Some of the tricks you’ll learn are created through cunning use of stock photography, while others make use of Photoshop’s built-in tools.
This Photoshop tutorial will teach you many techniques that you can use to enhance your photos.
You will also learn several tricks to reduce your Photoshop document file size and number of layers and layer styles. We will be doing this in a few steps, such as placing the main character, creating the volume fading away and adding foreground and background images.
If any videos or images that appear on the site are in violation of copyright law, please email and we will remove the offending information as soon as possible. If you can relate to the situation below, you'll want to bookmark (and print!) this infographic. Feel free to choose the guide you like the most and follow it in order to create your own masterpiece!
This tutorial will lead you through three common ways to apply local tone and color adjustments to your image. In this Photoshop tutorial you’ll learn to retouch an image from start to finish, using a technique that lets you process not only certain image area, but even different detail levels. This tutorial will tell you how to digitally simulate a shadow depth of field with Photoshop. This tutorial will tell you how to achieve a high dynamic range (HDR) version of the image using Photoshop. In this tutorial you’ll get to know how to incorporate the elements into one image and get a stunning dreamy poster, inspired by spring. In this tutorial you’ll learn to combine a few photos to achieve a realistic scene of the locomotive passing through a desert landscape. An awesome video tutorial on how to retouch your image in order to make it look super cool.
Use layer masks, adjustments, and a few blending and painting techniques to create a stunning artwork. In this tutorial a method of distorting typography and working with mixed media to bring a unique look to an image is described.
This guide will teach you to create a summer flyer design combining a few elements into one image. In this detailed Photoshop tutorial you’ll get to know how to mix images and to add specific effects to create a smashing artwork. Sometimes your camera does not allow you to shoot quality pictures at night hours, so use Photoshop to turn day into night.

In this tutorial you’ll see a nondestructive process for color editing and image retouching. Learn how to add Color lookup and Oil painting effects from filter section in Photoshop CS6. This tutorial will walk you through an easy process of adding cool effects to your personal photos. Follow this simple Photoshop guide to give your images a dark lomo style effect with blue tones and high contrast. In this tutorial you’ll get to know how to use an easy, but effective technique to create a hard dramatic skin effect. This workflow will walk you through the process of recreating an atmosphere of a vintage film. Learn how to turn an ordinary shot into an amazing artwork with this video Photoshop tutorial.
This tutorial covers a simple Photoshop process for creating a local contrast effect in order to achieve a pseudo-HDR look. This tutorial will walk you through a procedure of creating an natural sunlight effect in Photoshop.
From this video tutorial you’ll get to know how to create a Nashville Instagram effect that can be used for various images. In this quick and easy tutorial you’ll learn to add light leak and lomo effect to your favourite pictures. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to sharpen your picture using a high-quality frequency separation method. You’ll learn some incredible techniques in this tutorial, and get a view into how Nik creates beautiful photo-manipulation based images. I have created Tutorialstorage on 15th of October 2010 in order to help designers and developers to find the good inspiration before creating their works.
If you’re looking for cool Photoshop guides to follow, this showcase was made specially for you.
We obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but we have tried to cover as much as possible.

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