If you have dark circles under eyes, they might be because of long hours of PC use without rest breaks.
This option can be used in office environment  to avoid unwanted attention from other people. Repetitive Strain Injury is an umbrella term for a number of work-related injuries that affect the eyes, hands, wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders and neck. Eye Protector Pro is a software platform that helps you with the prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury.
Eye Protector Pro is developed specifically to help you manage your time on the computer and prevent you from the common mistakes and missteps that eventually lead to repetitive strain injury.
As we all know, our eyes are the most common part of our face that people often notice first, so it is important that we take care of them.
Those with giant or saucer-like eyes: Wear darker shadow on your eyelid and then extend it to the crease line of your lids. Those with deep-set eyes: Try using light colors and shades of eyeshadow on the eyelid and just beneath the browbone.
Using the right makeup for different eye shapes allows a woman to enhance her eyes in a way that is most flattering to her individual look. Each of the three physical eye shapes - almond, oval, and round, can be beautiful, but if the shape is strongly defined, you can enhance the beauty of your eyes with various eye makeup tricks suited to your shape. Round Eyes: This eye shape is often large, and open-looking, and many women like to use makeup to elongate the eye. Oval Eyes: To give an oval eye an illusion of more height, use liner to create a thin line at the outer corner and gradually thicken towards the middle of the eye. Beyond the basic almond, round, or oval shape, other common traits can be used to characterize the eyes. Some women may have eyes that are more hooded or more prominent; these unique eye shapes also need specific makeup techniques to enhance and balance their look. Hooded eyes, sometimes also referred to as "bedroom eyes" appear as if the eye lid is partially closed. Apply an eye shadow shade slightly darker than the highlight shade over the entire lid and hooded area of the eye. For prominent or convex eye shapes, makeup can help reduce the appearance if bulging, or bugging out. No matter what shape of eyes you have, there's a makeup technique to emphasize their beauty. If you are struggling with stress right now, why not try using one of these coping strategies today to begin regaining control of your life? MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. Join for free and you'll gain instant access to our tracking and reporting tools, expert coaching tips, and a free trial to our personalized training and nutrition programs.
The fast-growing sport of stand-up paddle boarding is a phenomenal core workout that’s also a fun way to spend time on the water. Big-wave surfers Kalama and Laird Hamilton weren’t thinking that far ahead back in 1996 when they showed up for a photo shoot in Maui on a calm day with little surf. Though stand-up paddlers might not have the same follow-through as swimmers, they do want a similar catch. The split squat rotational chop closely mimics being on the board by forcing you to maintain a stable base and good posture while you work with resistance, says Core Performance specialist Anthony Slater. Online marketing makes use of several procedures and tactics when it comes to promoting an online business and its website on the global market of the Internet. When you are dealing with a SEO services firm, you need to be very clear what you expect in order to receive the desired results.
Furthermore, as we live in an era of sharing and connecting, you need rich and informative content related to your website. All in all, it makes perfect sense that there isn’t just one good SEO technique or one that is better than the others, but there is such a thing as the best strategy, meaning finding the proper combination between link building techniques and SEO services, which will achieve the two goals of any optimization campaign. When I first started learning how to weld I had no idea where to go to get information for the proper techniques of how to make a nice looking and strong MIG-weld bead.
If that doesn’t help, drop the settings down to the next lowest setting on the panel. Then, while welding on a piece of scrap, slowly turn the wire speed knob up or down until you get your sharp “Frying Bacon” sound along with a nice looking bead.
I mentioned that I was using the stock Miller 250 settings, which work well in certain applications but may need to be adjusted depending on the part you’re welding. If you change to a different wire size you will have to change the settings to get back to your desired “Sweet Spot”. One way to inspect the penetration of your weld, without an X-ray or cross-section, is by the way the bead looks.
Tip: I prefer to use a smaller gun than the one supplied for more control and the ability to weld in tight areas. Hold the trigger part of the gun in your right hand with the ability to rotate your wrist – like the throttle on a motorcycle handle. You will want to rest the bend of the gun in between your pointer finger and the thumb with the top of your hand resting on the table. Your left hand is going to be the point for the gun to pivot on and to stabilize the nozzle.
Your right hand is going to be the part that twists to achieve the back-and-forth motion that creates your weld beads.
Also, you’re going to want to relax your arms and hands so you can slide your left hand across the table to follow the weld down the joint.
Push the puddle back over what weld I’ve just laid down at a slower speed and watch the bead form a nice round puddle. Another very important step in your visibility is cleaning the lenses on your hood.   Sometimes the lens may not look very dirty but you would be surprised how hard it is to see if you have a dirty hood lens compared to a new one. So, to prevent this from happening I use an Anti Spatter spray and small pliers to break out the spatter slag from the nozzle. After all contaminates are ground off or removed with a wire wheel, grinder etc., wipe the parts clean with Acetone. The corner joint can be one of the easiest or hardest joint to weld for a couple different reasons.
It helps in knowing when to pull back because when you weld a corner joint you use the push pull technique (above) and while you push the weld to the left to create the rounded bead you break the top edges of the joint and that’s your indicator that you need to pull back to the right.
It gives you that big v joint to fill up which gives you a guide on how much weld to lay down until you need to move. The hobart welders are good welders they seem to weld simular to the millers, so good choice. Then i would mark the settings down for each different material thickness, when you do that you will already be ahead of the game. I think you should try to watch the bead spacing while welding that is how i judge on how far to pull back. Flynn I would like to thank you for some of the best hands on instruction for welding techniques I have ever seen. I still have quite a bit more information on mig welding that im trying to post up as soon as i have time to wright it and im also working on videos to better explain some of the techniques above. Ive used a miller 185 many times and I can post the settings and some pictures for you in the Forum on monday if you would like. If your worried about not getting enough penetration then i would (eg: fillet weld) throw a nice big chamfer on the material almost as thick as the material it self or weld both sides of the joint.
When you are welding on other peoples rigs their lives and their families lives along with others are in your hands.
Hows it going Victor, really if you wouldn’t mind could you send me the link id like to check it out. If you want check out my Amazon link: to the plastic polish, its really cheap and lasts for ever.

Hey and thanks for the complements if you have any questions post them on the forum and ill try and steer you in the right direction. Flynn, I spent a few minutes looking at my browse history to see the page that brought me here, im sorry, unable to find it. How it going Ben, im not quite sure why you would be getting undercut part, maybe that your welding a little hot. I usually weld all tubing with a mig welder and I think the only reason that you would want to tig weld the tube is if it was exrermly thin walled (or of cores if it calls for Tig).
Besides that just make sure there’s a nice big chamfer on the joint to allow 100% penetration. I have recently started out welding as part of my job chainlink fencing,your guide has been very helpful for me to better the quality of my welds,thanks.
It reminds you to take breaks while you work on your PC and can protect your eyes from damage caused by long hours of PC use.  Guaranteed RSI prevention and fewer headaches and dry eyes caused by PC use.
You can have a standard(high) resolution with small fonts as most PC have and Other mode you can have with lower screen resolution making it easy for your eyes to see and read text. You can change monitor screen resolution with one click to switch between high and low resolutions. The digital age that we now live in as made it so that computers have become ubiquitous and an essential part of everyday life from mundane tasks such as making a list of groceries to more serious work oriented tasks.
Eye Protector Pro has built in software that will help the user avoid the common missteps that lead to RSI; the software has a none-intrusive warning system that constantly reminds the user to employ preventative techniques to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury. THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE LICENSED PROGRAM IS WITH LICENSEE.
Each of us has beauty locked inside that only needs the right kind of push for it to spread its wings. If you want to know more eyeshadow techniques, then you can always go and check the Web for free video make up tutorials. There are several dominant eye shapes, and knowing how to apply eye cosmetics for yours can make a big difference. For example, although almond eyes are considered a very pleasing shape, a narrow almond can make eyes appear small, and while round eyes often have the advantage of appearing large, the horizontal width can make them appear disproportionate. Many women with this eye shape want to increase the depth and intensity of their eyes, so experiment with eyeliner as a bold sweep on the upper lid, neutral colors lining under the eye, and upper and lower liner in various shades. Use darker liner to slightly extend beyond the eyelid at the outer corners to give this illusion. To make the eye appear as if it is receding a bit more into the face, use a dark shade of eye shadow near the lash line and base of the lid.
All you need to do is learn where to highlight, where to create a shadow, and the best shape, length, and thickness for your liner. Many people choose a solitary activity to help resolve their stress instead of attempting to seek help for it. Oftentimes what creates a lot of stress for someone is that they aren’t able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
A crazy thing happens when someone takes about 30 minutes to exercise during the day: the brain wakes up.
Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies.
The hip and shoulder rotation required to plant the paddle vertically and uncoil the hips, and thus move the board forward, is no different than the movement used to swing a golf club, tennis racket, or baseball bat.
Kalama pulled some canoe paddles out of his truck and the two paddled around standing up on surfboards, just as ancient Hawaiian watermen did hundreds of years ago. Actually, 80 percent of the power comes from where the paddle enters the water to where it should exit—at your feet.
The idea is to keep the paddle vertical and pull your body to the paddle using the hips—not the paddle to your body with your arms. Search engine optimization is one of the most efficient approach to online marketing, not to mention one of the most cost-effective promotion method.
Anyway, it all comes down to attracting more and more web traffic towards your site, so that you can increase profitability, and ranking higher in popular search engines is just another way to do that, because it give easy and quick access to your website, as well as it grants it a good and strong reputation among users.
Article marketing is one of the SEO techniques that can take care of that for you and having professional writers and experienced engineers handling your article submission service will bring about a competitive advantage. If you don’t sometimes the splatter buildup in the nozzle will break off and get stuck in your weld. Without the right reveal on the joint or chamfer, you could be compromising the strength of the part by not getting an adequate amount of weld penetration through the joint leaving the welds not as consistent.  It is crucial to take your time to make the fitment as consistent as possible.
Now you can set up your weld joints — some differently than others depending on the thickness of material or type of joint. Jeff, well i think that is an awesome welder ive seen some of the best welds come out of that kind of Lincoln, im working on a general settings chart, general because the same welder welds different due to the condition and the voltage going to the welder fluctuates depending on the location. I have been following some of the welding forms to get tips on my mig welding and that is how I came across your site. I have never welded with an Airco but have herd that they were very good welders at the time. Besides tuning just practice as much at you can so you can get that muscle memory and consistency dialed in. If you want ill sigh you up for my E-mail list and im going to send out a video of me welding and another important technique i didn’t cover in the article . Your down to earth way of putting things so that they can be understood by beginners and more experienced builders alike is greatly appreciated. Also you have to remember that the settings that i give you work on our welder and at our facility, so they might not work the same at your location, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.
There should be a video sent out to all the E-mail subscribers tomorrow if everything works out. You have a 216 and the welder i had access to was a 215 so im sure the settings aren’t the same. I thought I was a good welder but after seeing your stuff, I’m gonna rethink everything I do. Im sure you are an excellent welder Erine why dint you post some of your welds and share with everyone what techniques you use to weld, the more help i can get and the more info on welding the better. Shoot over to the forum if you have any questions and i would be more than happy to go into greater detail on any subject you have questions on. Someone else had posted that your welds looked like a row of Tac welds immitating Tig…. Well what i was saying was that soap and water and WD-40 didn’t work nearly as well as the plastic polish. In addition there are those RSI sufferers who have converted to a DVORAK keyboard, in which the letters are rearranged to be more user friendly.
If you use EyeProtectorPro every time you work on your PC, it can help you to lighten your dark circles.
The primary input device used in computers is the keyboard; this is where you will spend most of your time working.
Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury is relatively easy and should be employed as much as possible to subvert the dangerous effects it will have on an individual’s health.
Optimizing your work station to reduce strain on your body and increase your comfort while working is also advised.
The software reminds you of when you need to take a break or when your posture needs to be adjusted. LICENSOR DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE FUNCTIONS CONTAINED IN THE LICENSED PROGRAMS WILL MEET LICENSEE’S REQUIREMENTS OR THAT THE OPERATION OF THE LICENSED PROGRAMS WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR FREE. Since eye make up can actually bring out the true definition of our eyes, then it is important to apply our eye makeup with care. Just like our eyes, it does not matter whether you have small Asian-like eyes or wide cat-like eyes.
From there, you will surely learn how to apply and wear the right colors and shades of eye make up that will bring the true beauty of your eyes.

Use a medium shade of eye shadow on the eyelid (up to the crease) and extend the shade slightly both slightly up toward the brow bone and slightly down toward the lower lid to create a more elongated eye appearance.
If your eyes are small, skip the lower liner; otherwise draw a very fine line under the lower lashes. You may have a combination of eye types, so experiment with the appropriate application techniques to get the best combination of shadow and liner placements for your features. From the business world to family responsibilities to the holiday season, if stress is left unchecked in someone’s life, it can quickly destroy that life or make that person an unrecognizable shell of the person they once were. Watching the television or listening to a favorite CD can help to distract someone from the stressors they are feeling for awhile, but it ultimately does nothing to actually resolve the stress itself.
Problem solving mechanisms begin to click into place and an unsolvable problem suddenly has an easy solution. An optimization campaign, if it’s conducted by an experienced SEO services firm, will result in a better exposure of your website, leading to higher rankings in search engines listing, and an increase in the volume of web traffic driven towards your site. However, in order to achieve all these, you need to resort, as mentioned above, to a combination of link building techniques and SEO services. Next, you will have to keep up with the fast changing online environment and with the constant demand of new, which you can do by resorting to a press release submission service, keeping users updated with what’s going on on your website or drawing their attention towards your business is always a good idea, but here too you need expert advice, as press releases need to be submitted to the right audience in order to generate good results. I’ve tried to make the weld look as decent as possible but ended up using the stock Miller setting for 16 gauge. Also, when I weld I use the nozzle as a guide by dragging it in between the two pieces of steel, and if the nozzle has buildup it will fuse to the material and stop the gun in its tracks. I weld with a Lincoln 216 mig and it does not have the digital numbers instead it has uses the letters.
But i have access to a lincoln 215 so ill get a good settings list and post it up with some pictures. I would say since i have never welded with an Airco, to try and get your settings diled in first.
I saw that you signed up on my email list the first email ill send out, ill put some more mig welding tips that i think you might like. Or you could just turn up the heat if your not sure, better to be safe than sorry until you get a little more comfortable with the welding style. Also remember that with the lower setting your going to have to compensate with a much lower hand speed. I am building a 1933 Ford street rod and would like to use this way to weld parts on the chassis. We are currently in the process of buying a 216 so as soon as we get it ill post up the settings no problem.
When i first started there wasn’t much online that was helpful and no one local wanted to take the time to help me out.
So unless your are really confident in your work then its better to take the time and practice, practice, practice until your ready to work on others peoples rigs. I appreciate the time you have taken to create this resource and will be coming back often to see where you go with it. I also like this technique a lot, but my problem is would always get under cut on the top of the plate on t joints. And if you need any help shoot over to the forum and we can hopefully guid you in the right direction. Continued Keyboard usage can become detrimental to your health and lead to repetitive Strain Injury, otherwise known as RSI for short. We need to consider our skin tone as well as the color of our eyes to help us choose the perfect shade and color of eyeshadow that we are going to wear. To make almond eyes appear more round, stop liner before the outer corner of the eye, or use a lighter shade or smoky or smudged look in that area. By speaking with someone about the stress you may be feeling, you’ll find that you can feel a lot better! Instead of surfing the internet as a distraction to the issue at hand, take a few minutes and think about how you can resolve a situation that is causing you stress. If you are finding yourself stuck, drop what you’re doing and go take a walk or go jogging. Fifteen years later, SUP is soaring in popularity as a workout routine, sport, and fun way to spend a few hours on the water.
Another great move that will help you paddle efficiently, says Slater, is Stability Ball Rollouts.
Search engine optimization makes use, in its turn, of a wide range of techniques and link building campaigns, such as article submission, blog posting, press release submission or social bookmarking, as well as of on site optimization or keyword research, which is a vital step in the beginning of any campaign. The keyword research service, for example, will help you determine which words and phrases are more pertinent to your website and your line of business, so that the traffic that you attract through the optimization campaign would be relevant, meaning users that are actually interested in what you are selling or have to offer. I had a friend that is a profesional come over last Friday night to take a look and give me some advice.
If you could post some of your welds on the forum i would have no problem giving you some more pointers.
A few friends guided me in the right direction but they all lived far away so i had to just take the little I learned from then and i was on my own. I’ve seen shotty basic roll cages collapse after one roll up in the canyons only going like 15mph.
I have a BOC 250 running off our 240volts, so it will weld thick or thin, pretty soon I am going to have to learn to weld car body panels, or pay someone else (Nope!!).
Question : I want to do a lot of steel tubular welding and was wondering if I made a mistake and should have went with the tig method?
Get all the eyeshadow techniques you need in order to achieve the perfect look you want for your eyes.
It is important that you wear the right shade of eye make up that suits your skin tone and eye colors.
This will help you get your mind off of the stress, stimulate the pleasure centers of your mind, and get you prepared to better face the stressful times that are ahead of you. On the other hand, if you are able to get into a positive mindset, you’ll be able to subconsciously create the circumstances that will help you be able to get through any stressful situation. Newcomers to the sport feel like they should be driving back further, but they’re just wasting energy. This move engages your abs while your arms reach overhead—closely mimicking the way your top hand reaches forward to start each stroke. Now, there have been a lot of debates on which of all these practices is the most lucrative or the most cost effective, but the truth is that only by a balanced combination of all of them, depending on your website’s status and needs, will you be able to enjoy the best of results.
A professional SEO services firm will have the necessary skills and resources to conduct a thorough and extensive research and provide you with sensible suggestions. If I am welding two pieces together and am not happy with the results, can I grind it back out and reweld without making the steel weaker or am I going to make it prone to failure [HAZ]?
I have since taught a few of my friends the basics and most of them didn’t realize how much practice its takes and skill you have to learn. You pull your entire body up, including your hips, so that when you get to an upright position you’re centered over your feet. Did you say that you also spray WD40 on a rag, then clean with soap, then clean with water? If you already have fine lines and wrinkles on your lids, then try not to apply and wear shimmer eyeshadow because this will only make the crease line visible. Start the weld and pull it forward a half inch, move back up into the weld and created the puddel, move forward a half inch and repeat.
Maybe I should try pull and zig zag instead.Thanks again for all the great info you provide.

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