While we're still awaiting news on the future of Pentax's compact camera range, its digital SLR range continues to expand in interesting directions, with the launch of the latest semi-pro model. The K20D has a range of features that put it into the top bracket of current semi-pro DSLRs. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! After the confirmation regarding the launch of an Android-powered mirror-less camera on June 20, the first press shots as well as a live image of this camera has leaked online.A  If these images are indeed authentic, Samsung is taking a big leap from the original Galaxy Camera to its successor, allegedly called Samsung Galaxy NX.
As we can see in the images, the camera will be closer to a DSLR in size with large touchscreen display covering the whole back of the device. Canon's EOS range are some of the best selling autofocus SLR cameras, and this EOS 500N (known in some countries as the EOS Rebel G) is a popular, compact model accepting 35mm film.
Exposure modes include variable program, shutter priority, aperture priority, metered manual, fully auto and five subject-based modes; portraits, landscapes, close ups, sports and night sync.
The built in flash fires automatically when needed in the subject-based modes, and can be turned on or off in all other modes. At the time of listing we have more than one of this item, but the pictures and description here are representative of all of them.
EOS 35mm cameras are NOT compatible with Canon EF-S lenses designed exclusively designed for small-sensor digital SLRs, or independent equivalents such as Sigma DC, Tamron Di-II or Tokina DX types. Most EOS models (including this one) also work happily with manual lenses and accessories such as mirror lenses, slide copiers, microscope and telescope adapters, with metered manual or aperture priority auto exposure, and stopped down metering. Please note that Canon EOS cameras are NOT directly compatible with older, manual focus Canon FD and FL lenses, though adapters are available (not included) for metered manual or aperture priority auto exposure, with manual diaphragm and stopped down metering. In all these cases, infinity focus is maintained without the need for optical elements, and metered manual or aperture priority auto exposure can be used, with manual diaphragm and stopped down metering. Quantity DiscountsBuy two or more items at the same time for ten per cent discount, and six or more for twenty per cent!

The K20D has been developed in partnership withSamsung who are responsible for the camera's powerful new 14.6-megapixel CMOS sensor. As well as the most powerful sensor of any camera this side of Canon's ?2,500 full-frame EOS 1Ds Mk III, it has a tough weatherproof alloy body, body-integral sensor-shift image stabilisation, 2.7-inch 230k LCD monitor, expanded dynamic range function and even live monitor view. In other details, the camera will at least have three compatible NX lens options (18-55m, 18-200mm, and 85-??), which are also visible in the following leaked press shot. In terms of hardware controls, we can see shutter release, video capture button, top-mounted dial, pop-up flash release, lens release. It's very small and light at only 370g, yet compatible with the vast range of Canon EF and independent EOS-fit lenses (not included). Plus, Canon's auto depth of field mode calculates the correct aperture to ensure both subject and background are in focus. It covers lenses as wide as 28mm, redeye reduction is available, and a standard Canon hot shoe allows external TTL and A-TTL dedicated flashguns to be used (not included).
The viewfinder is bright and clear with only a few harmless dust specks, and all controls operate smoothly and positively. Many use Canon's USM (UltraSonic Motor) technology for extremely fast, almost silent focusing. I have found no problems with the accuracy or consistency of center-weighted or spot metering. The autofocus system has three sensors, with automatic or manual selection to ensure that your subject is correctly identified and focused, and an auxiliary lamp illuminates the subject for focusing in very low light. Cosmetically there are only small signs of use including some surface marks here and there in the finish - mainly on the grip and flash.
The M42 and T2 adapters are often reasonably priced, but the bayonet types are usually more expensive.
Arguably the closest matches in terms of specification are the Nikon D300 (?1,100 body-only) and the Sony Alpha A700 (?1,000 body-only), both of which have 12.2-megapixel sensors, but the Pentax comfortably beats both models on resolution and more importantly on price.

Other advanced features include multiple exposures, ISO film speed override, cancellable audio warnings, multiple exposures, self timer and mid-roll rewind. In addition, most independent manufacturers produce lenses in EOS fitting, including Sigma (some models have HSM HyperSonic Motors, which are similar to Canon's USM), Tokina, Tamron, Vivitar and many others.
Pentax has always played second fiddle to market leaders Nikon and Canon, and even now has a much smaller share of the digital SLR market than any of the other major players. This combination of automatic features and manual options makes this an ideal camera for photographers from complete beginners all the way up to enthusiasts.
However the brand's rich history of quality and innovation is still apparent in the current models. The built in motor loads the film automatically, winds on at up to one frame per second, and winds off the film at the end. Of course the Samsung badge on the front doesn't have quite the same cachet as the Pentax name, so maybe that's worth the extra. I appreciate the argument that it deliberately underexposes to retain highlight detail, but I have exposure compensation to do that if I want.
Everyone else seems to ignore the fact that noise reduction is switched off by default, so of course it suffered in comparison with other cameras. One magazine roundup recently gave the Nikon D300 a better value-for-money rating - madness. The D300 is a fantastic camera and I would love to own one, but the fact is that the Pentax does most of what the D300 does, does it very nearly as well, but does this (with cashback) for about HALF the price!

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