Personally I shoot in Av to control the dof and then adjust the exposure with the exposure compensation control.
In the case of your shot I don't think there is a setting that would have gotten both the boats and sky color. If one has decided Sunset Beach as the vacation or holiday spot, there are numerous hotels one could select according to their own financial resources and preferences.
One could also take a kayak tour of Sunset Beach which would prove to be worth each penny spent on it.
Would you please allow me to use them for a youtube slideshow with one of my newly recorded songs?

You could also bracket your shots to get an exposure either side of what you believe to be correct which will also help. This town was established in the year 1955 and the development continued on till Sunset Beach got officially incorporated as a town in the year 1963.
Among the many beaches, there is the Sunset Beach which is a seaside town within North Carolina in USA.
It happens to be the last of developed beaches of the Atlantic Ocean before the border of South Carolina.
Reasonably priced and with huge play room adjacent to it, planetarium incorporates everything from shows of laser lights, movies, and gazing show of standard star.

The choosing twilight tour is even more fabulous and one should certainly experience it when visiting Sunset Beach. It was either too bright or too dark, I could not capture the golden colored sceanery in my camera. There are also Golf Club Thistle, Sea Trail Plantation and Golf Links at Panther’s Club, which seems to be a great golf course with a beautiful view around.

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