A Perfect Selfie with all the likes and comments is what one desires in the present age of social media marketing.
While a selfie in lingerie might sound seducing or even odd to you, clicking the same in an innovative pose might keep you safe on the internet.
Experimenting with placing accessories in unusual way will strike an interest in the audience.
Pets are those cute creatures that will get you instant popularity on social networking sites.

Your new shoes, freshly manicured feet or a new coat of nail paint might generate interest instantly! You can take this selfie near a famous monument, on your colorful bed sheet or anywhere you want to. Try on new hair accessories and get as many as like as you desire with hair selfies, which are new on the block.
Camaraderie is what matters in group selfies and who knows better than you on how to reveal them in the pictures.

Here are some innovative and interesting poses for selfies that will get you all the desired attention in the clutter. Alternatively, partly cover your face with bubbles and you might take your friends by surprise.

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