Do you have a photographer in your life that you need to shop for, but haven’t a clue what to buy them? Recommended: From light-weight on-the-go sling bags to rolling camera bags that can pack a heavy load, Lowepro makes a great line of products. Recommended: Any photographer would love to receive a subscription to one of these top five Canadian photography magazines. Photo editing software: This may not be the best option, depending on the person you’re buying for. Posted in Accessories, Equipment, Photography Gear and tagged Christmas, gift guide, gift ideas, holidays, photographer, shopping, top 5 on December 17, 2013 by Rhonda Callow.
I’ve recommended this brand before when providing tips on what to bring with you on vacation to capture the best photos, “A company called Joby makes a line of incredible tripods called GorillaPods.
Camera Bag: Another great gift idea that ranges greatly in price and options, a photographer can always use another camera bag. Reading Material: There is certainly no shortage of reading material for a photographer out there, and it makes for a great Christmas gift.
Gift Certificate for Online Photo Printing Services: This is a great gift idea that allows the photographer to order exactly what they want.
Many photographers have a photo editor of choice, one that they are already comfortable with – if this is the case, you could try to find out if they have the most current version of the software and, if not, purchase an upgrade for them. Using a tripod helps to eliminate camera shake, resulting in crisp, sharp and in focus images.
Whether you’re shooting with your iPhone, a point-and-shoot, or a pro DSLR, there’s a perfect GorillaPod for your needs. A lot of professional photographers like to shoot in RAW, which takes up a lot of space on a memory card. Check out Lexar’s article, High Speed Cards: Why They Matter, if you’re interested in learning more about memory card speed ratings. There are numerous books on the market geared towards photographers of all experience levels.
When you purchase a gift certificate, you are immediately sent an email with the gift certificate attached. There are several types of tripods on the market, so to help you decide which to buy, think about how and when the photographer would use it most. What makes a GorillaPod unique and extremely awesome is its ability to support your camera on uneven surfaces. With point-and-shoot digital cameras offering larger megapixel counts than ever before, these too can take up a lot of memory. Thanks to the digital age, everyone has photos they admire and would love to see in a beautiful frame, made into a large canvas print, or even printed directly onto metal.
Here is a selection of affordable holiday gift ideas that any pro or amateur photographer would appreciate.
For example, if they do a lot of hiking and outdoor photography, you’re going to want to look for a tripod that is lightweight and is quite small when collapsed, making it easier to pack around. Think about how much gear the photographer has, what conditions they shoot in (for example, would they appreciate a waterproof backpack?), and whether or not they need a case for a point-and-shoot digital camera or a DSLR camera. Even if the photographer already owns several memory cards for their digital camera, having extra is never a bad thing since memory cards don’t last forever. Best of all, you can buy one late on Christmas Eve, whilst in your pajamas and sipping on eggnog, and nobody needs to know you waited until the very last minute to get all your holiday shopping done! When compared to a tripod, a monopod is typically lighter, smaller, and takes up less room when in use, which is great if the photographer often shoots in crowded places.
If you don’t know and don’t want to outright ask the photographer directly in fear of giving away your gift idea, simply try to find out the type of camera they have and then either check online for compatibility or ask the sales associate in the store. Also, some photographers prefer using several memory cards of a smaller capacity over using one large memory card so not to put all their eggs in one basket.
So when you’re shopping, you may want to consider buying a couple 8GB memory cards rather than one 16GB card.

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