I want to get better at my editing, and would like to learn tips from so many people here whose editing makes a difference to their pictures. Iris selected, layer via Copy, edges softened with soft brush eraser, blending mode "Multiply" 100%, Hue & saturation adjusted.
I add duplicate layer, gaussian blur the shiz out of it, then overlay the original pic and use eraser set at different strangths to rub through, that way you get some sweet dof effects, and smudge out the rubbish bits of your pic, and flatten layer - whoop - Electric-picture-results.
Question for everyone: there seems to be lot of different ways to do something in photoshop.
I prefer levels and brightness & contrast because i get lost playing with the parabola graphic in curves.
I many times use curves to edit specific colors in a picture: for instance when you need a series of pictures to look one exactly like the other. But you can also do that in levels (click the white eyedropper in levels menu) and click in the brightest area of your photo. I realize now that editing should only help the picture by 5 to 10% especially in factors like exposure and composition where the camera should do the heavy lifting. Here's a good example of fixing bad exposure( taken under horrible indoor lighting due to lack of natural light and speedlite) in photoshop. Thanks for chiming in because I am sure your reply will change a lot of other people's editing lives who might not know about layer masks.
If one person in the group blinked their eyes, or if you want to merge two pictures with best of each. I sharpened the picture to max to sharpen the eye which made the face all blotchy, then layer masked everything except eye to the regular skin texture. If I remember right its like the third or fourth colour setting, can't remember the name though. I know it has nothing to do with editing but I thought this might help someone else like it helped me. This is one of those forced perspective tricks, the same method by which most movies make actors appear to be bigger or smaller than they really are. Every Nintendo 64 owner has seen dudes like this in every first-person shooter they played.

Please share your best editing tip or series of edits you do to achieve a certain look please? It made sense because brightness would have brightened the whole picture including the shadows. That means don't move the slider way to the right for exposure and brightness in raw and don't crop a picture taken with 50mm to look like a macro. I'm sure you can do this also with PS automatically but layer masks give me more control especially if things are not lined up properly. You know it is degraded when the histogram show a lot of failures (for instance lots of straight lines in the graph).
I will post you here the tomorrow image without edits and explain a little of what i done there. I often adjust the white- and black-point and might boost the vibrancy a bit for the most part. One of the problems that come along with purchasing the program is learning how to use it to get the quality results you want.
I don't know if I can do this with night shots but I'll definitely give it a try, atleast the panoramic thing. If there is a photo with amazing potential but taken with less-than-ideal settings then I'll dive in with dodge and burn, color correction, curves adjustments and the like, but I keep those as last resorts.
Any other tips I should follow when shooting to achieve that panoramic effect later in editing. The offset option controls the shadows and mid-tones without much affecting the highlights. I like how photoshop let's me fix my bad exposure, color, composition, pretty much everything, but each edit creates noise and degrades the picture tremendously. I know it's a little too much geared to the amateurs because pros might nail it in a couple pictures, but the point is don't dilute the experience to the viewer.
I usually start with an increase when i use it, but it's fun to play around with using the other sliders as well to make your image completely different. To compensate, I end up using lots of Gaussian blur losing much of the sharpness of the original.

I used to be one of those posting different angles of the same thing on Facebook because all pictures look good to me; now I really pick one and edit it to look it's best. You can save that money, but you now also have a way to generate some cash flow just from using a resource you already purchased! Now my photography seemed to have improved overnight just by not publishing my mediocre pictures. We provide a blog full of resources that will keep artists in the learning stage of their career.Discover new Photoshop tutorials help get the job done in Photoshop quicker and easier!I Suck at Photoshop. This could be a set of headshots, family portraits, fashion photos, or even wedding photography.
Perhaps you have an issue with the color of the image or maybe you have an issue with a small distraction in the photograph. You could, of course, go out and take the photograph again and make it perfect, although this is going to be expensive and nigh on impossible in some cases. For many people, the best choice would be to opt for professional photo retouching services like our partners from RetouchGem.Many people who opt for portrait retouching may not choose to go to a professional first. Many opt for free online photo editors (Picasa is one of the most popular ones) or even opt for cheap freelancer services like Fiverr.
Sure, the software or freelancer may be able to make the changes that you want to the photograph, but more often than not they will end up overworking the image. You can be sure that no matter how many changes our team of digital artists make, the image will always look as natural as possible. This means that more often than not we will be able to retouch your images within a day or so. If you ever need changes made to the photographs that we edit then you will be able to give us instant feedback which we will be able to act upon.

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