In season 3 of America's Next Top Model the girls went to Japan for the international photoshoot.
Yaya's America's Next Top Model Season 3 photo with the spider - is this the best picture from all America's Next Top Model seasons?
Amanda, who is legally blind, but has beautiful eyes was voted out 3rd, and Yaya took the 2nd spot.

Judges in Season 3 were: Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, my favorite Janice Dickinson and Nole Marin (always with his little lap dog). The pervious photo taken during the show is much brighter, and Eva's face just seems to light up. Up until the last second I thought it was a toss up between Yaya and Eva - but Eva the Diva won!

View Eva's picture portfolio and see all America's Next Top Model Winners and their Picture Portfolios and best of season Photos.

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