Lupo, a Brazilian-based brand, introduces its new fall collection of boxer briefs which are retailed under $25. Henrique Lupo migrated from Italy to Brazil and founded the company 90 years ago as a sock company that expanded in ensuing years to incorporate all apparel including men’s underwear. Popular in Brazil, Lupo’s boxer briefs feature a wide variety of fabric blends such as cotton, polyester and modal to achieve an ultra soft feel and body defining fit.
The spokesperson for Lupo’s men’s underwear is Neymar da Silva Santos, a well-known soccer player for the Brazilian national team. Sign up for the Curated Underwear Club to get monthly shipments of underwear chosen just for you.

Currently available, the collection of Lupo boxer briefs features a Brazilian flair for colors, stripes and low-cut silhouettes. Lupo is the Italian name for wolf, “so that is when the first wolves moved to Brazil,” according to the brand. Lupo is a household name in Brazil and is now expanding its presence to the rest of the world, including North America.

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