J.Doe Premium WordPress Theme is a clean, minimalistic yet elegant full-screen photography theme. The top and bottom navigation bars house everything you need to browse through the site making all the important information (eg. Certain features like thumbnail previews, photo description and the highly debatable audio player (some photographers just can’t stand it, really) can also be enabled or disabled.
Overall, a great photography theme that even professional photographers will be proud to use. Not only can you feature your favorite shots on the homepage with the impressive hero slider, you can configure it to show anything and link anywhere you like.
Snapcase Premium WordPress Theme is the perfect avenue to express your photojournalistic style of photography.
Professional photographers have no problem displaying landscape-oriented photographs on different devices but displaying pictures in portrait mode can be a bit challenging what with all the extra space around the image. Overall, Sidewinder Premium WordPress Theme is a solid photography theme any professional photographer will be quite happy with. Halftone Premium WordPress Theme is a portfolio theme for creatives that can also be used by photographers.
Note: Many of the articles on this site include affiliate links that may earn us a commission if you decide to buy the recommended product. If you are looking for some unique wedding photos, just read on and we are sharing these unique wedding photo ideas. One of the best things about the evasi0n jailbreak, aside from the awesome Cydia apps, is the ability to download Cydia themes to completely change the look of the iPhone.
Cydia themes for iOS 6 work with the free Winterboard app to change many parts of the iPhone, including replacing many icons with better looking, theme matching icons. CarbonX HD and Carbon X HD Pro are great looking Cydia themes that offer a collection of fun looking icons and theme tweaks to change the way your iPhone looks. Fifty Foot Shadows HD is a cool iPhone 5 compatible Cydia theme with beautiful moving background images. Jaku is another premium Cydia theme that includes over 100 new icons which are automatically applied when this theme is installed and enabled.

Glasklart HD claims to include over 7,000 icons and while the app has yet to be officially updated to iOS 6, the only issue we found is that the message skin is not ready. But I will surely check out that website so I can have my girlfriends moms sister in laws buddys neighbor make me some $$. Emphasis should be on your faces so it helps to choose 3-4 colors of clothing for your group. Socks should match your pants so when you sit in your family photo and your pant leg goes up your socks don’t stand out. Lenses may cause distortion and glare in your photographs.  If you prefer to wear your glasses, our photographers are trained to remove the lenses.
Sunlight and studio lights emphasize fly away hairs, so use a little hairspray on everyone but young children. Please call the studio if you have any questions regarding family photo ideas, clothing selections, or other concerns. Own your ImagesDigital sessions are color balanced, ready to print, and include all pictures taken by your photographer. Gallery Style themes was very comfortable for photographers and artists to share their Photos and designs,if you are a photographer ?
This is another unique word press theme for photographers and others.i think this is very useful for low investment blogs. Photography enthusiasts and even professional photographers will appreciate a lot of the components that go with this theme.
This freshly released and versatile WordPress theme combines a lot of the things you love all in one cool package.
Sidewinder is a beautiful horizontal side-scrolling photography child theme that uses the Base theme framework for WordPress. Sidewinder’s side-scrolling galleries addresses that issue allowing you to showcase each image in full.
This recently released premium theme has a retro flavor that will appeal to Instagram-ers and folks who take iPhoneography or Lomography seriously.
It is your wedding photos that will capture the moments, preserve the memories and give you years of pleasure looking back.

Just send us the photos you like and we’ll make them your wedding invitations to surprise your guests. Many of these themes will also work on the iPhone 3GS, but are optimized for the Retina Display.
The app features photos from John Carey, and is one of the only Cydia themes we found with moving backgrounds. The theme keeps changes minimal and stylish, which is one of the reasons we like this theme.
Glaskart HD gives a glass icon look to the iPhone icons and dock, offering a sharp-looking clear theme. Included are over 600 icons and many apps are fully themed to keep things looking the same as users move from app to app. When other people are shooting at the same time, it is distracting to people being photographed, and they will be looking in different directions. All members of our staff would be happy to alleviate any stress prior to your appointment to ensure you are extremely satisfied with your portraits!
The layout is reminiscent of Pinterest with the scrolling down action (in this case it’s “load more”) while blog posts are styled ala-Tumblr.
This classic and timeless theme wonderfully shows off your best images keeping the focus on your photographs and not on the theme itself. Open Winterboard to select a Winterboard theme and then apply the theme to see it in action.
Boss.iOS includes sharp-looking icons for popular apps, themed apps and custom tweaks that come together to deliver a premium look. If you are doing the digital session, you may photograph at the same time but be aware there will be charges for any head swaps required because people are looking in different directions.

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