In the previous articles in this posing guide series we looked individually at posing female subjects, posing male subjects and posing children (there are links to the full series of posing guides below). Allow me to repeat the previously stated – look at these sample poses as a starting point only. Become a Contributor: Check out Write for DPS page for details about how YOU can share your photography tips with the DPS community. I am quite dissapointed that this app only support iPad and Android, how about the desktop Microsoft windows??
This is a great example of different poses to consider and is quite a timely post because my new girlfriend and I tried taking some couples shots for the first time and they turned out quite awkward. Although someone mentioned the poses seem "old", I have gone on tons of shoots with my best friend (the reason I'm getting into photography) and people LOVE these poses and shots. One girl even brought a while wedding album of her mother and father and wanted the same type of shots. I liked so much this series that I ended up buying the app at Google Play Store (my first paid app, I have to say).
These look like standard engagement shots, very common and used for many, many years, and many of the poses are not very flattering (back angles for head and neck for example, emphasize things like double chins on couples)…I was hoping to find a list of unique poses that are more playful or at least flattering. Disclosure: Please note, that when you click certain links and purchase certain items through my Website , I will receive a referral commission.
A very important part of drawing realistically is shading: the variation in value from shadows to highlights that describe the shape of something. In your drawings, you will generally have one light source, which determines the location of highlights and the direction of shadows. Some people like the texture of the paper showing through, but I find you get the best shading results by blending.
A sphere is a good example because all of our elements are present: highlight, shadow, midtones, reflection, and cast shadow. The cast shadow directly under the sphere is the darkest value, so use an even softer pencil, like a 4B, to shade it. Silverpoint Drawing TechniqueSilverpoint  is a very old type of Metalpoint drawing technique. I really like drawing, but I was never very good after learning that we’ll see if I improve! I do like this shading tutorial, as it is a favourite thing of mine to shade my drawings when I have the time and something that I sometimes forget about is choosing a light source for my subject, as sometimes I just guess. Many thanks for this post, because I’ll link it to my blog, as I have a post coming up on shading a fantasy art drawing done in pen and ink and this link would fit perfectly. I like this article and I think it would be hard for non-gifted people to implement it perfectly, so try it and discover yourself if this was your first time ever. Wow wonderful lesson… I really like to drew shades but if i am try to make something in my mind so always its make wrong but when i am drew to something so its looking good. Have always tried to draw,, especially the face itself, and have not gotten it well as resenblance.. Yoda is one of Star Wars’ most well-known Jedi Masters, he is renowned for his wisdom, mastery of the Force and his abilities in lightsaber combat. If you bring together Yoda and Origami you have a wonderful piece of art created by Yamaggio.
Additional introductory chapters detail the four main posing styles and reveal how to determine which will work best with a subject, their clothing, the location, and the purpose of the portrait.

In those individual person portraits the main subject was a single person and her or his personality.
If they are initially a bit shy or feeling uncomfortable, just ask them to show you how they felt and looked when they met for the first time. Easy starting pose standing face to face (but looking to the camera) and her holding an arm on his chest.
He is the author of Posing App where more poses and tips about people photography are available.
Bear in mind these are basic poses which can have several variants, so it's good to experiment with this as a start, and develop your own from there.
Love the sketches without all the distracting background of "real" pictures, whoever complained about them should understand that photography is an art form and so the sketches were just fine. That's an invaluable tool for someone like me, who is just starting as a portrait photographer. The spot where the light hits your subject directly is called the highlight, and is usually pure white. You need to be aware of how you hold the pencil, how you apply your strokes, and how hard you press. A blending stick is a small tube of tightly rolled paper that lets you smooth out pencil shading. You don’t want to be able to see the transition between the midtone and the shadow area, so try to make it gradual.
I think the most important thing on shading pencil drawings is how to process highlight and the material of the objects.
Practitioners create fine works of art from one piece of square paper using different folding techniques. If you fancy the idea of making your own personal origami Yoda, you can download a PDF with full instructions here.
Most actors and actresses had studio photographs taken, in everyday dress or theatrical costume, for ‘cartes de visite’, and later ‘cabinet cards’. Their subjects included scenic views, tourist attractions and works of art, as well as portraits. Chapters for advanced photographers highlight the creation of a wide variety of individual and group poses—including ground, seated, head-and-shoulders, and standing—to be utilized in tandem with stairs, rocks, and other architectural and natural elements. In comparison, couple photography is more about connection, interaction and above all – feelings between two people. A common pose shot from an unusual angle is always creative and will often reward you with surprisingly good results. Works very well in crowded places, such as a famous meeting point in a city, trains or metro stations etc. You can’t and should not repeat the pose exactly, instead adjust the pose creatively according to your shooting environment and scenario. IMHO, other advises regarding homosexuality problems should be beyond the scope of this site. Once you've mastered the posing, the next step would be to look at portrait lighting techniques. Squint to see the more subtle shading of this shape, and add another darker layer along the edge of the shadow. Lastly, use your kneaded eraser to clean up your edges and re-define your highlight and the reflection.

The amount of different folds used in Origami is actually quite low, but they can be used to create very elaborate works of art. They were superseded in the late 1870s by the larger and sturdier ‘cabinet cards’ whose popularity waned in turn during the 1890s in favour of postcards and studio portraits. A chapter devoted to the essential business skills needed to professionally schedule appointments, work through consultations, manage sessions, and present and deliver final prints is also included.
And most probably those are very deep and passionate feelings, which makes couple photography so delightful and positive.
For better results, make them interact with each other by talking, flirtatious looks, laughing etc.
Works also very well as a silhouette against a bright background, in front of a sunset, for example. If an older couple feels fine with it, this pose will work absolutely superb with them as well.
Simply adjust a posing accordingly to show the couple’s feelings about and interactions with the unborn new life. You can learn how to make your drawings more realistic by understanding light, controlling your pencil, and blending. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t have to press very hard; if you want darker shadows, build them with layers of graphite. You don’t need to press any harder, just keep shading the same area until it gradually gets darker. You want the white of the paper to show through as the brightest part of the highlight, so blend inwards, keeping the center free of graphite.
Therefore, the second part of your job is to select the photos with the best leg movement and positioning afterwards.
If your blending stick gets too dark, wipe it on a clean sheet of paper, or press it into your kneaded eraser. And yes, my son and his husband REALLY love the ones I have of them walking hand in hand and the other more intimate ones with their heads together, so yes, these are perfect for gay couples! It is sometimes a relief to shift from the tight discipline of realistic drawing to this type of work, but it can be equally relieving to go from these open-ended paintings to getting lost in the details of a drawing.
You will notice that these values blend into each other smoothly, which communicates to us the shape of the object. The only time you will see a hard edge is when there is a cast shadow, otherwise the tones change gradually. This is easier if you hold your pencil closer to the end and at an angle, using the side of the lead to shade. The closer the cast shadow is to the object, the darker it will be, fading as it moves farther away. Remember, don’t be too timid with your shadows; a nice dark shadow will give your drawing depth.

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