Carrying around our smart phones all day long likely means we’ve got lots of good and trashable photos eating up megabytes. Yes, we have our own Japanese gardens in Golden Gate Park, but sometimes you just want to get away.
Directions: Take Caltrain south to the Palo Alto Station, then transfer to the Stanford Marguerite Shuttle and get off at Campus Drive and Mayfield South. Stretching out along Santa Cruz’s gorgeous coast, this historic boardwalk has everything you need to have a day of fun (and great photos).
Spanish Mission placed in one of the most lush locations in California means Pure photography gold. You can’t live in or visit California without getting some of those classic shots of its dramatic rocky coast. Directions: You can visit more popular locations by taking a Blue and Gold Fleet Ferry to Sausalito and a Marin Transit bus up to Inverness (the park offers shuttles), but if you want the freedom to really explore the area, driving is advisable. Catch a beautiful view of the San Francisco skyline while you watch the throngs who flock to this monthly football-field-sized antique fair.
This beautiful scenic canyon is Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
Photo of beautiful scenic pool in Johnston Canyon - a popular tourist spot in Banff National Park. A beautiful scenic canyon pool has attracted this tourist to stop here at this popular natural tourist attraction along the Johnston Creek in the Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. This picture is part of the photo album "Alberta Pictures" - there are more beautiful images waiting for you. Unauthorized use of any images or footage from this site is prohibited by international copyright laws. At an elevation of nearly 9,000 feet, the view from atop this peak, which towers over the 15th-century ruins of Machu Picchu, is breathtaking in a number of ways. Rain forests hug dramatic cliffs, waterfalls cascade into rivers, and 4,000-foot rocky peaks tower over a deep fjord that has become New Zealand's most famous destination.
Olives, pizza bianca, marinated artichokes, salumi, and—of course—a bottle of wine are all it takes to make a picnic break from the ancient ruins and Renaissance highlights of Rome. So you've collected fine wines in Napa and delicious bites in Berkeley and you've checked Chez Panisse and French Laundry off your list.
Make a quick green escape from Cape Town for a picnic lunch in this spectacularly rugged and refined space on the slopes of Table Mountain. Fountains, sculptures, two museums (the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume and the Musee de l'Orangerie—which houses famed water lily paintings by Monet) and countless comfortable chairs make this garden on the perimeter of the Musee du Louvre a surprisingly tranquil space for staging your own dejeuner du l'herbe. The classic cable-knit fisherman's sweater may have put the Aran Islands on the sartorial map, but this group of three islands at the mouth of Galway Bay has long been on the picnicker's map. Subscribe to BBC Countryfile Magazine today and you can enjoy generous savings from the shop price plus, Free UK delivery and discounts off special editions and back issues. Try locations such as Capel Curig, Ogwen, Llyn Gwynant and Tall-y-Llyn for dramatic mountains mirrored in fantastically calm lakes and beautiful misty valleys.
From above and below, the contrast of blue, green, red and stark white of this famous cliff-side location in East Sussex has inspired many a photographer. Best for: Striking coastal shots – look out for mysterious sea mists shrouding the cliffs and the iconic lighthouse in the sea below.
The Yorkshire Dales are a medley of grassy mountainous terrain with strange ruins and rock formations that punctuate the landscape.
The hexagonal shapes of Northern Ireland’s honeycomb of rocks is breathtakingly weird and wonderful and creates fantastic light and shadows. Badbury Hill in Oxfordshire boasts a bluebell wood which is one of the most beautiful in the UK, with slender beech trees growing out of a carpet of bluebells in spring and early summer.
The Jurassic Coast’s dramatic bays and cliffs are as famous as the fossils that give it World Heritage Site status. Snowscapes in winter, brassy tones in autumn and crisp blue skies in spring and summer, the Lake District is a strikingly beautiful all year round. Explore Quiraing, Glenbrittle, Elgol, Point of Neist and Eilean Donan castle to find perfect places to photograph this enchanted island in Scotland. The New Brighton Lighthouse standing upright in the flat sands and waters of the Wirral Peninsular impacts the look of a Dali painting onto the Merseyside coastline.
The green moss-covered boulders among the sprawling, stunted oaks of Wistman’s Wood in Devon make this a beautifully fantastical location for photos.
Situated on Camber Sands in Sussex, the biggest sand beach on the South East of England, the rolling Rye dunes are great for photos of sand patters and the different shadows caused by the dunes and grasses can be very striking. The gorgeous soft purple and russet brown colours of the New Forest are best in August and late October to early November.
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There is considerable drama to the Pittsburgh landscape, with its river valleys and striking skyline. Walking out the door with your camera bag packed is only the first step in shooting landscapes.
Coming out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel is a favorite view for natives and visitors, especially at night when the Golden Triangle sits in splendid light. The challenge for photographers in these two locations is to bring your own unique choices to the location.
Off the beaten track, the Fineview Overlook offers an alternative view of the Allegheny Valley.

Along with the overlook platforms, Pittsburgh has a network of pocket-sized parks with great views.
Although there is no official overlook, there are wonderful views of the Monogehela Valley from Bigelow St. Most of Pittsburgh’s many bridges are accessible by foot and many have small walking parks underneath.
Even though these locations lend themselves to sweeping and grandiose images, it is worth examining what alternatives each location offers. A couple places in Pittsburgh offer classes ranging from one-day workshops to full semesters, covering film and digital photography for all levels of experience. In order to find your way to all of the locations discussed in this article, I have put together a Google map. Whether you’re an instagrammer or Nikon junkie, isn’t it about time you got inspired to print out and frame a beautiful image? Hike, bike, or climb to the top, where you can actually see for hundreds of miles—it’s rumored to be the second-most expansive view in the world.
And the tiny but mighty Hayward gardens (California’s first Japanese gardens) provide the perfect place to do that.
Smiling faces, tasty treats, colorful, and historic, coasters… all there for the photo taking. Point Reyes offers craggy cliffs in spades, plus a smattering of historic buildings, coastal towns, and wildlife to keep things interesting.
Diablo, Jonabel Perez, National Register of Historic Places, Thomas Hawk, Franco Folini, Nancy Pizzamiglio, Brett L.
The editorial staff has mapped out and explored hot spots outside of San Francisco - without a car. This pool, which is surrounded by ice and snow is a popular tourist attraction in Alberta and many visitors make it a point to stop here.
A steep, slippery climb to this rocky summit is a nerve-racking effort—one instantly rewarded with a panoramic perspective of the Urubamba River Valley and the famed city of the Inca. Yes, it's on the tourist trail, but remote Milford Sound—within the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage site—retains a grandeur that visitors and rain (182 days of it each year) can't begin to dampen. Pack a bottle of wine from Stellenbosch and some biltong (it's like beef jerky)—a lot easier to carry than crocodile meat or ostrich burgers—and hike the trails through natural forests and fynbos ("fine bush" or shrubland in Afrikaans). With the Seine on one side and Rue de Rivoli on the other, the park is a well-placed rest stop. Beat the sunrise and head to the summit of Maui's Haleakala volcano—to a 10,023-foot peak called Pu'u 'Ula'ula—to enjoy a breakfast picnic as dawn unfolds over a massive depression.
Pick up some smoked salmon and brown bread—and perhaps some whiskey—before embarking on a scenic ferry ride to the karst limestone landscapes and rough green terrain of Inishmore island.
As an extension of the National Gallery of Art, this elegant oasis adjacent to the National Mall garden houses 17 three-dimensional works of art from such notables as Louise Bourgeois, Alexander Calder, and Roy Lichtenstein.
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Snowdonia’s luminous greens and purples capture the best of dramatic landscape and moody weather. See geological curiosities - the Norber Erratics near Crummock Dale, the steadfast Ribblehead Viaduct and Whernside - the highest of Yorkshire’s ‘Three Peaks’. Some of the best places for photographs are Burton Bradstock – sunny days are best to capture the golden hue of the cliffs, the chalk sea stacks of Old Harry Rocks and the famous arch of Durdle Door.
As well as the famous sections in Bath and under the suspension bridge in Bristol, the stretches from Trowbridge to Bath are very pretty – particularly near Freshford and Bradford-on-Avon.
Vales Moor and Hasley Hill are covered in bell heather and have a lovely mistiness in morning and evening. KDKA-TV is joining forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Pittsburgh to give you the best Pittsburgh has to offer.
The slopes are textured with rowhouses peeping through treetops in haphazard lines, and each neighborhood has unique edifices and architectural details in their many public buildings and places of worship. As with most of the overlooks, the downtown skyline is visible along with the surrounding hillsides and slopes of the river valleys. Frank Curto Park, located on Bigelow Blvd., is a very narrow and small park that overlooks the Strip District and the Allegheny River. What interests you in a scene, bringing your own vision and sensibilities to bear, is what will make for unique images. Pittsburgh Filmmakers, located in Oakland, has equipment for developing and printing film as well as digital printing. It’s a public map, and you are welcome to add your favorite locations to share with other photographers. From a Frank Lloyd Wright House to a Japanese Garden to a Tuscan-style vineyard, enjoy a visit to one of these top 10 photography spots in the Bay Area.
However, winter is also beautiful as the way this pool has formed amongst the ice and snow demonstrates. Ooty tourist places is located in Nilgiri hills, also known as The Blue Mountains .The best attractions in Ooty tourist places are dense forest, scenic grasslands, miles of tea gardens, Lofty mountains. Buses depart from Queenstown for a drive across the Southern Alps, past alpine forests and mirror-like lakes. The Villa Borghese gardens, near the Piazza del Popolo, is a picnic-perfect landscape for escape.
This horticultural haven is a compact but grand space that preserves much more than just a lush tropical rain forest. This spectacular nature preserve located on a 70,000-acre peninsula north of San Francisco is rich in wildlife, from raptors to tule elk, and bordered by a coastline favored by elephant seals. More than 7,000 plant species and indigenous plants are cultivated in this expansive botanic garden, with exhibit areas dedicated to medicinal and fragrant plants, as well as the king protea, South Africa's national flower. Stop by patisserie Angelina (226 Rue de Rivoli) to pick up a Mont Blanc cake (cream, meringue, and chestnut paste), then relax under a tree for a few blissful minutes or hours.

Then get ready for the volcanic hike of a lifetime; wear layers to deal with the changing temperatures.
Explore some of Ireland's oldest archaeological remains and landmark monasteries and then head to the Iron Age fort of Dun Aengus to savor a summertime picnic while gazing over the Atlantic Ocean. Take in the top-of-the-world views from Simon’s Seat, the strange limestone pavement of the Southerscales Scar and see Ingleborough’s peak in the winter when covered in snow. Blea Tarn, Friars Crag, Ullswater and Haweswater are all good locations to make the most of the areas lakes. Framing the Pittsburgh landscape in the viewfinder of a camera is a passionate pursuit of amateur and professional photographers, showcasing the beauty of our city as well as their own talents. Think about going out in stormy weather and shooting a cloud front moving up one of the three rivers, or when the city is shrouded with fog. A good base of operations would be Bud Harris Park, where you can drop off your car and set out on foot to explore the area.
There is a walking park and a parking lot under the bridge on the Lawrenceville side, which offer by turns a panoramic and intimate view of the Allegheny River. Take lots of pictures, and really look at and think about what you like about them in between your outings. The water in the pool is as clear as glass and it looks so blue that it is almost inviting for swimmers. Ooty tourist places is best for newly married couples to have the perfect romantic #honeymoon with your partner which is uncrowed, untouched and waiting for you to discover it .A Ooty tourist attractionsOoty Tourist AttractionsOoty tourist places are the place for endless vacation tour as it draws a huge number of people every year and Ooty tourist places are also famous for its tea industry, summer flower festival and oil industry all these places are most sought attraction in south India. Pack a picnic and hop aboard a two-hour boat tour of the awe-inspiring sound or kayak around the coastline for a floating lunch party. The Spanish Steps lead up to this English-style garden, but the romantic feel of the urban park is all-Italian—a fact reinforced by the sculptures by Bernini and paintings by Titian, Raphael, and Caravaggio housed within the Galleria Borghese on the broad expanse of these scenic gardens. The National Orchid Garden maintains a collection of more than a thousand species and 2,000 hybrids here (including Singapore's pink-hued national flower, a natural hybrid orchid), while three lakes, a botany center, and a ginger garden offer opportunities for eco-education and urban escape. Hikers, backpackers, and beachcombers ply the trails, especially the wildflower-wild Chimney Rock hike, while picnickers head to the nearby Point Reyes Lighthouse for prime whale watching in January and March and coastal beauty year-round.
Hiking around the currently non-eruptive Haleakala is an arid experience, and temperatures can range from near-freezing to balmy, depending on elevation and weather. Tim thinks that some of the best photographs can be taken within fifty feet of your own back door.
The city falls away from the end of the street into lush foliage, and rowhouses are packed along narrow alleys that wind down from the slopes into the river valley.
But don’t limit your inspiration to the downtown skyline; the outlook is unsurpassed for its views of the Ohio River. Snow, ice and rain can add texture to your images, and produce light qualities that are as beautiful as clear skies and sunlight. Meandering up through Spring Hill, the river valley view is of the downtown skyline and the city center neighborhoods. Views of Oakland usually feature the Cathedral of Learning as a prominent feature, but the view from Flagstaff Hill takes in an alternate view of Schenley Park.
As with any artistic practice, technical expertise is secondary to the idea that you want to convey. Casual photography groups, like the Pittsburgh Photo Safari group, meet weekly to shoot and discuss their work.
However the ice and snow at the edge and on the cliffs surrounding the pool tell any viewer that is is much to cold to swim in there during the winter.Johnston Creek is a tributary of the Bow River in Alberta and it originates in the glacial valleys of beautiful scenic Banff National Park, so the water that flows through here at all times of the year is cold. Instead, a celebratory Inca Kola and a pleasantly portable butifarras—a sandwich of Peruvian ham, onions, chili peppers, and lime. The greenswards of Palm Valley make for pitch-perfect picnics, especially when outdoor concerts are in session.
The descent from the summit is roughly 27 miles, so pack a picnic lunch and plan to see only a small portion of the trail. Join us on-air or online for Pittsburgh’s up-to-the-minute news talk, weather and traffic reports. Experience and practice will increase your skills, contemplation and observation will hone the ideas that you want to convey. Locations and subject matter vary, but with meeting so often there is bound to be a subject or location that suits your interest. Although tourists and visitors are welcome here, Banff National Park is part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site, so it is protected ground and cannot be developed or changed.A tourist stops along the trail to look at a pool which has formed along the Johnston Creek surrounded by ice and snow during winter in Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park, Canadian Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada. How about traditional Kiwi eats such as Anzac biscuits, colonial goose (roast leg of lamb), and a bottle of Marlborough sauvignon blanc. Or bike: Speedy downhill tours run along a steep and treacherous roadway from beyond the park boundary lines. The view over the Allegheny River and of the hill top neighborhoods of Troy Hill and Spring Garden is amazing. Banff National Park forms part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site. It spread over 50 acres of land which is along the Dodabetta peak, as it is highest peak in the Ooty region. If you're hungry for the day's third picnic, bring dinner: Haleakala affords stunningly clear views of the terrain and sky, which makes stargazing at night a revelation.
Sportsradio 93-7 The Fan is Pittsburgh’s broadcast home for Pirates Baseball as well as Pitt Football and Men’s Basketball.
This place gets the position in Ooty tourist places as it also conduct several boat races to attract its tourist.Doddabetta Peak4. In the Ooty tourist places list is also stays in the position as its attitude stays it is more than 2,623 meters in height.

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