Lady Robinson's Beach (Sydney Airport Side) is a popular plane spotting location that brings spotters, tradies and ordinary people who just happen to be driving past a chance to view planes taking off, landing and taxiing without having to deal with the hassle of going into the terminal area of the airport. The best thing about this location is that you can choose whether to shoot from the car-park or get right up to the airport fence. Unfortunately, Lady Robinson's Beach (Sydney Airport Side) is not a place you would want to swim in.
This looks like a really interesting photography location and I am sure one that plane enthusiasts will love. If you are looking for a great sunset photography location to capture the Sydney Harbour skyline, then Mrs Macquarie's Chair is the place for you. If you head down to Mrs Macquarie's Chair on any afternoon you will see a line of photographers hoping to grab that magical photo of the sun setting behind the Sydney Opera House.
Landscape Photography: Mrs Macquarie's Chair is one of the go to spots for Landscape photographers in Sydney. Portrait Photography: Mrs Macquarie's Chair could also offer photographers who specialise in wedding photography, family photography and the likes a very unique and very Australian backdrop to position behind their subjects.
As mentioned above, the best time to photograph Mrs Macquarie's Chair is sunset, due to the sun going down behind the Sydney Opera House.
Mrs Macquarie's Chair is within walking distance of the Sydney Opera House and all of the public transport that Circular Quay has to offer.
I’m heading to Sydney from the US in December and am hoping to spend a couple of evenings taking photos of the opera house. The Sydney Harbour Bridge arches across the skyline behind the sail-like structure of the Sydney Opera House. To delete this file, click the file name with your mouse, then right-click and scroll down the menu to the "delete" option. To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash. Additional Camera Settings: Taken using a technique called High Dynamic Range (HDR) 9 x images combined to make one.
It is funny that you should post Caves Beach Simon as I was only speaking with a friend earlier this week that was telling me how great this location was and your photos prove that.
We are one of the leading online travel agencies in Australia, and have a campaign going for Cave’s Beach. Additional Camera Settings: Each of these photos is made up of 7 different exposures in a HDR image. At this point in my Photography Hot Spot career, I have written reviews for over 70 photography locations throughout Australia including The Twelve Apostles and many locations throughout NSW and Victoria. And in the middle of all that is the Boatshed at Dove Lake which is the main feature of so many great photos taken at Dove Lake. Being a landscape photographer myself, I could not recommend highly enough that this place goes to the top of your photography location bucket list if you have not yet visited it. If you love wildlife photography, Dove Lake is also a location that I recommend you check out.
This one I am not quite sure about but I thought it was worth mentioning… I think that the weather would make it really difficult to photograph people as it is cold and quite often windy and raining. That being said, would it make for some beautiful scenes to position and photograph your clients in? Anytime is really a good time to visit and photograph Dove Lake, including sunrise, sunset and at night. Also if you are visiting this hot spot in winter, remember that it will possibly be a very cold spot with a really good chance that it may even be snowing.
Lastly, Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain, for that fact, is a very popular tourist destination from travellers, photographers, hikers, etc. Cradle Mountain is a 2 hour and 13 minute drive from the Launceston Airport or a 4 hour and 11 minute Drive from Hobart airport. Once you are at Cradle Mountain, Dove Lake is only a short drive from the Tourist Centre that is there.
Just a reminder that Dove Lake is in Lake St Clair National Park, which means that you will need to pick yourself up a National Park pass along the way or at the Tourist Centre. It is also worth mentioning to be careful relying on your GPS when heading out to Cradle Mountain… We made this mistake and did end up needing to make a big detour to get back on track. I could not recommend traveling around Tasmania more Ben and hiring a van would be an amazing way of doing it. Once they returned home, Bill and Marie started building their dream, and with help began moving the buildings on site (one by one, and each building in one piece).
Unfortunately, Bill passed away 1 year after the village had opened; and Marie also sadly passed in 2003.

Thanks Ana for sharing your great photos and background information about the Australiana Pioneer Village. The Beautiful River side Town of Renmark South Australia has many photo opportunities, from the Paringa Bridge, the river, creeks, historic buildings, wineries, vineyards and back waters - something for everybody. After an hour and a half walk we finally arrived at this Wedding Cake Rock in Bundeena, New South Wales. All of the locations that are shared on Photography Hot Spots, by you and others, is shared so that other photographers can visit them as is and capture their own great photos. In particular with Wedding Cake Rock, it has been brought to my attention that the reason that the rock here is so white is because there is no iron in the sandstone, which means it is very brittle.
This follows on from what was mentioned above, but if you do go to Wedding Cake Rock please take your rubbish with you. I think showing a picture which encourages people to venture to the edge of sheer cliffs is irresponsible. A temporary fence has been put up by National Parks because there are concerns about the safety of Wedding Cake Rock, there is a gap between the Rock and the rest of the cliff face and it appears to be widening. Further south via road is the road to Waterfall which goes past the falls there, always worth a look and great for photography. Except for Audley, Bundeena, Maianbar, Wattamolla, Garie and Bonnie Vale there are no toilet facilities and no bins. The views of the planes rotating from the airport fence is an awesome sight that has to be experienced.
Litter collects up on the rocks (seen during low tide) and horses regularly are bathed in the water. Thanks so much for sharing James and taking the time to explain the best focal lengths as well.
This venue offers an uninterrupted view of both the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge and from this angle they appear to be in close proximately to one another.
However due to the iconic view of both the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Habour Bridge being so close together, this photography location will offer you great photo opportunities all day long. If you are travelling by car you can park on Mrs Macquarie's Road which has metered parking. From places like Mrs Macquarie’s Chair you can use a zoom lens to capture both the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, other places like Kirribilli you will need a wide angle lens. At that distance aperture really isn’t an issue but maybe try something like f11 if you need a starting point. We would love to use your image if possible and in return pay credit to you on our website that goes out to thousands and thousands of people. However on a recent trip to Tasmania, one of the locations that I wanted to visit above any other was Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain.
The boatshed is situated on the righthand side, which means that you can compose your photos in a way that has Cradle Mountain looming up in the background. To help drive this point home, within a week of being home I had booked another 3 day trip down to Cradle Mountain so that I can spend more time at Dove Lake, explore Cradle Mountain and capture many more photos.
We saw all sorts of furry critters, from wombats to Tassie Devils to echidnas and things that I have never seen before. So not ideal for portrait photography… I am also not sure how you would go about getting permission to do a portrait shoot in the National Park or if you would even need too? Because the circuit is pretty much a round trip, you can usually always capture something worthwhile no matter what time of the day.
I think that if you could get a clear night where the stars were out in force, it would make for such a magical photo with the stars high overhead, reflections off of the water and the peaks of Cradle Mountain as a silhouette.
This may actually be something that encourages you to visit Dove Lake at this time, as one of the best photos that I have seen taken from here is with the surrounding mountains covered with snow. So during the week is probably going to be the best time to visit as hopefully there aren’t too many people visiting.
I am not sure if there is actually public transport that you can get to this location but there are plenty of bus companies that do tours out there.
The car park seems to be quite large with the Dove Lake Circuit walking track only meters from it. After speaking with a local shop owner, apparently we were not the only ones that this had happened too… That being said though, there are plenty of signs, etc. It is really a simple answer to give and as I mentioned in the introduction, it is now the best photography location that I have visited by far.
I am interested in visiting Tasmania (possibly hiring a van and sleeping in it) and this has to be the top spot that I’d like to photograph.
It was an absolute joy to find out that the Australiana Village had re-opened in 2011, after a 10 year closure.

I actually do remember this place from my childhood as we visited it on a school excursion… I will have to go back and revisit it soon with my camera. I’ve been visiting your website for a few months now, and only just recently purchased my first SLR. Apparently the Pioneer Village is open on a Sunday to the public if you wanted to check it out. Sitting on the edge of that rock was actually hair-raising specially when you look down the cliff, but the view was breathtaking and indescribable. You can park your car right at the end of the street then walk your way to your first stop, which is "The Balconies" (about 10 to 15mins walk). Recently people have been drawing on it with chalk and while this may actually seem to be a fairly harmful act, the rock is actually being destroyed. This location is in a National Park and our National Parks should be treasured so that others can enjoy them as well. Please be-careful when visiting this location and other locations in Australia that may or may not have a fence but are near or on the edge of a sheer drop. I think that you raise a really good point and would certainly recommend people use caution when visiting an area, be it Wedding Cake Rock or any other, where there is any chance of injury or even death. National Parks are doing detailed survey work of the entire cliff face (using drones – sounds fascinating).
I really appreciate that great information about not only Wedding Cake Rock and the issues that it has been facing of late but also for pointing people to other locations in the area. The recommended focal length for photographing planes from the fence is around 27mm (18mm on a Nikon Crop Sensor Body) and 150mm+ from the carpark (100mm+ on a crop sensor body).
If you can only bring one lens then I would use a wide angle lens as that is what I would use for 70% of my landscape photos. I haven’t bought those removable lens camera yet, its a fixed lens but offers a good zoom. And at this point, it is now my favorite Australian photography location that I have visited. As you drive towards Lake St Clair National Park, where Dove Lake is situated, the landscape changes with Tasmanian Fagus, tussock grass, snow gums and pencil pines covering the area. This dynamic duo is the must have shot of anyone visiting Dove Lake armed with a camera and tripod. Cradle Mountain is full of cute furry creatures to photograph and the whole family will get a massive buzz out of seeing these creatures wandering the wild. For example we were there on a Thursday afternoon and were able to photograph the boat shed without too many people walking into the shot. Tasmania as a whole is beautiful and if nowhere else in Australia, I would recommend you visit Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain. The village was founded by Bill and Marie McLachlan in the early 60s during a trip to Los Angeles to judge the 1961 World Water Ski Titles at Long Beach, California. I have been told that there will be a detailed article in Sunday’s Herald (31 May 2015). I also really love that saying and I think it is something that all photographers should live by: Take nothing but photographs. Be sure to collect tips from other spotters as if you are not use to tracking a subject, taking a photo of a plane taking off at high speed may be difficult. While yes, I did look that up to see what they were exactly, you can certainly see the landscape changing before your eyes to something that more resembles a scene out of Lord of the Rings.
The reason for this is that we decided that with the sunsetting to the right of Dove Lake, you would hopefully capture more colour behind the beautiful old boatshed that is there. The walk is approximately 1 hour and a half including few minutes of resting and picture taking.
You can still point your camera through the fence, I believe, to get some good photos without taking risks and without getting fence in view.
Between Bundeena and Maianbar is a lovely walk through a range of different forest types and along the way is The Basin which has some great fishing.
The Aboriginal rock carvings on Jibbon Point are an enjoyable visit, with a walk along the unspoilt Jibbon Beach along the way. In Bundeena there are sculptures in the parks near the shops and once a month local artists open their studios to the public.
Another big tip - check the tides - apparently with some high tides you can't get in there.

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