As the original party island and mecca for hedonism, there are still few places that can match Ibiza.
Take your pick from beach and boat parties, open-air daytime clubs, pool parties and sunset sessions.
When evening falls you have your pick of super-clubs such as Pacha, Amnesia, Space and Privilege (which, with its 10,000 capacity holds the title of biggest club in the world). Continuing with the party island theme, the gorgeous Croatian island of Hvar dazzles in the Adriatic Ocean. It’s not just world-famous sights that are impressive in Berlin – the city is also the ultimate party haven, serving up 24-hour clubbing. Deep house and techno are the most likely soundtracks you’ll find accompanying club nights here, with some of the most famous venues including Ewerk and UFO.
However, there are plenty of options for those wanting a less raucous night out, such as at the city’s riverside bars.
Flavoured with an international population, this Middle Eastern playground is seriously chilled out. There is a huge array of bars and clubs catering to every taste, from Shafa located in the alleyways of a flea market to Radio EPGB catering for an underground, edgy crowd.

Not only is the city one of the most architecturally stunning in Europe with Gaudi’s masterpieces taking centre stage, Barcelona is also a party destination perfect for night owls. And with the Spaniards doing everything a little later, there is no point going out until at least 2am – but that gives you plenty of time throughout the day to sleep off the night before! These are all great places to party but if I was forced to choose I think I’d go with Magaluf. In winter, rental vehicles will be equipped with snow tires, anti-lock brakes (ABS), defog settings on the heaters and daytime running lights to improve the car’s visibility when daylight levels are low.  Always check local weather forecasts and the appropriate road reports before setting off, and pack a pair of winter driving gloves. Quebec City, 158 miles northwest of Montreal, is a rich center of French culture, unique in Canada.
Whatever the reason for visiting Canada, whether it’s to see the diverse cities or wonderful natural spectacles, or to spark the adrenaline by pursuing great winter sports, the variety of cultural and heritage experiences available will make for a trip to remember.
The White Isle of Ibiza has woken from its winter hiatus and is ready to welcome world-famous DJs and revellers to its shores, with the end of May signalling the start of its opening parties.
You can immerse yourself as much or as little as you like in the clubbing scene, with something different offered throughout the week.
For something more laid-back, Ibiza’s gorgeous Old Town offers atmospheric tapas bars, restaurants and bars.

Decorated by olive groves, lavender fields and orchards, it offers a picturesque backdrop for some serious partying. Carpe Diem is the island’s most famous venue which changes its mood throughout the day. Partying is a way of life, with it being the norm to be out until 6am before heading to work a few hours later. From glamorous beach clubs such as CDLC and super-clubs such as the famous Razzmatazz, to enormous outdoor parties at venues like La Terrazza Club, you’ll have no shortage of places to go.
It has direct fights from the UK in the summer or you can fly via Athens or carry on from Athens by sea.
Or why not devour an energy-packed breakfast before embarking on a day-to-night clubbing experience at Berghain?

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