Carrying around our smart phones all day long likely means we’ve got lots of good and trashable photos eating up megabytes. Yes, we have our own Japanese gardens in Golden Gate Park, but sometimes you just want to get away.
Directions: Take Caltrain south to the Palo Alto Station, then transfer to the Stanford Marguerite Shuttle and get off at Campus Drive and Mayfield South.
Stretching out along Santa Cruz’s gorgeous coast, this historic boardwalk has everything you need to have a day of fun (and great photos).
Spanish Mission placed in one of the most lush locations in California means Pure photography gold. You can’t live in or visit California without getting some of those classic shots of its dramatic rocky coast. Directions: You can visit more popular locations by taking a Blue and Gold Fleet Ferry to Sausalito and a Marin Transit bus up to Inverness (the park offers shuttles), but if you want the freedom to really explore the area, driving is advisable. Catch a beautiful view of the San Francisco skyline while you watch the throngs who flock to this monthly football-field-sized antique fair. The United States of America offers visitors glorious culture, rich heritage, splendid landscapes and lots of adventurous activities. Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States and boasts the most remarkable skyline in the world. Miami is a lovely city in the State of Florida with diverse cultures, art and blue-turquoise water. The Grand Canyon is one among the Seven Wonders of the World and many visitors worldwide visit this heritage site annually. Las Vegas is all about casinos, bars, nightlife, pubs, clubs, gambling and unlimited entertainment. New Orleans, Louisiana is famous for its delicious food, European style architecture and many other attractions.
Get FREE newsletter subscription and receive latest Hotel & Travel industry updates in your inbox. India is a land of Unity with Diversity that is the land of numerous cultures as it gathers around a billion people in the country. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are beautiful islands located in Bay of Bengal.Although these are separate from each other and remote islands their beauty makes them a good place to be must visited by tourists or people wishing to enjoy a tour at india.
Agra , probably knownand famous for the being called as the city of Taj Mahal is a declared UNESCO three most important historical buildings and places which are worth watching.
This place might not be that famous and many people may not be familiar with Darjeeling but Believe  me it is the most blessed and beautiful mountainous area of India. Kodaikanal is an awesome and enchanting tourists place in south India and is mostly known as the Princess of Hill stations. Mumbai is the oldest city of India and is the combination of old and modern age with a lot of theaters, huge monuments, beautiful and large skyscrapers and on other side we can also enjoy the old and historical places of India too in the the same city. If you do have a love for Mughal Empires and Mughal art , you must not forget to to visit Rajasthan. Kerala is located in South India and is really very famous for its natural beauty and white sand beaches.
Goa is the smallest piece of land and the little state of India but its worth mentioning here that it attracts more than 2 million visitors and tourists annually. Kashmir is the ever best place on this heaven and is known as the heaven and paradise on Earth.  One can never ever describe the beauty of Kashmir in words like beautiful , awesome. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. I am surprised that how a person can manage to post such a nice blog that can help other traveler, In fact I an wondering for such blog with tourist attraction. Whether you’re an instagrammer or Nikon junkie, isn’t it about time you got inspired to print out and frame a beautiful image?
Hike, bike, or climb to the top, where you can actually see for hundreds of miles—it’s rumored to be the second-most expansive view in the world.
And the tiny but mighty Hayward gardens (California’s first Japanese gardens) provide the perfect place to do that.

Smiling faces, tasty treats, colorful, and historic, coasters… all there for the photo taking. Point Reyes offers craggy cliffs in spades, plus a smattering of historic buildings, coastal towns, and wildlife to keep things interesting. Diablo, Jonabel Perez, National Register of Historic Places, Thomas Hawk, Franco Folini, Nancy Pizzamiglio, Brett L. The editorial staff has mapped out and explored hot spots outside of San Francisco - without a car. There is a little bit of everything here to experience.  History lovers often hang out in Santa Fe. This American town is blessed with an untouched beauty that brings a sense of peace to visitors. Search our site for the hotel, accommodation, attraction or other restaurants that you visited and would like to review and write your opinion. With such a huge population one can easily judge that how many cultures and people and places are offered by this awesome and beautiful country.No matter where you visit in India you surely will find something beautiful and historic. They are really very interesting tourists destinations as there are many facilities available regarding surfing , scuba driving and a lot more enjoyment stuff for people. Taj Mahal has been driving people crazy and millions of people each summer visit the place to enjoy the beauty in sighted in the building. Its mainly popular of its great waterfalls, thick forests and beautiful scenic environment which covers the place entirely.
It is situated up abut 3000 meters high which is also known as the huge altitude valley and is mostly some times referred to as Moon Land for being such a high in sky.
We will love if you share your experiences and thoughts about the best places to visit in India.
From a Frank Lloyd Wright House to a Japanese Garden to a Tuscan-style vineyard, enjoy a visit to one of these top 10 photography spots in the Bay Area.
Ooty tourist places is located in Nilgiri hills, also known as The Blue Mountains .The best attractions in Ooty tourist places are dense forest, scenic grasslands, miles of tea gardens, Lofty mountains. Chicago has the liveliest and most famous Clubs in the world where visitors can enjoy free music. The city was founded in the year 1610 and is the second oldest city and oldest state capital in the United States.
Major  tourist draws include Bourbon Street, the French Quarter, the Mississippi River, French Market, and Jackson Square. Love it or hat it , India do has everything one can imagine and make your trip and vacations memorable one.India has a lot of tourism places . Its approximately 200km from Dehli and Agra Fort is also a great place to visit while your visit. Some of the other places except its snowy and high peaks are Tiger Hill , Makkhal Temple , National Park and a small zoo attract the attention of visitors and tourists. So you must visit the place in order to enjoy a peaceful environment while in your journey.Kodaikanal Lake is another place where a lot of people find interesting and a wow place.
It also welcome its visitors fresh seafood, vivid night life and beautiful environment for all national and international people making their vacations awesome.
The spell Bound lakes and extremely wonderful and amazing environment of Kashmir makes it the best place to live or visit in India or Pakistan.
HD Wallpaper and background images in the National Geographic club tagged: national geographic wallpapers landscape beautiful places. Ooty tourist places is best for newly married couples to have the perfect romantic #honeymoon with your partner which is uncrowed, untouched and waiting for you to discover it .A Ooty tourist attractionsOoty Tourist AttractionsOoty tourist places are the place for endless vacation tour as it draws a huge number of people every year and Ooty tourist places are also famous for its tea industry, summer flower festival and oil industry all these places are most sought attraction in south India. It is famous for its picturesque beauty, striking architecture, famous landmarks and well-known cable cars. The best time to visit this place is from July to September; during this period the weather is cool and many festivals are hosted.
Some adventure sports like whitewater river rafting, nature walks and hiking are popular among tourists. The Bellagio Fountain is a place in Las Vegas where most visitors can be found; it has a brilliant water display choreographed to music.

You will enjoy visiting some of the wonderful temples , magnificent beaches, frosty mountains, superlative cities , healthy villages and colorful festivals going around the country. The Mumbai also attract food lovers and welcome them with famous food streets where you can enjoy Indian rich food. Back waters which are a chain of lagoons are a main tourism turning point of Kerala in India.
There is a huge snowfall almost all the year in the valley but in summer it melts and waters the fields. As it is a disputed territory, both the countries are having a lot of issues with it and there is a lot of violence from Indian army for the natives and has been made a very army place. August is the preferred month for tourists because the weather is comfortable and the air fares and accommodation are cheap compared to other months.
Golden Gate Bridge, located here, is the most photographed bridge in the world and is a renowned global attraction. The most famous places that visitors come to see are the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Empire State Building, Broadway, and Central Park.
Wills Tower was the tallest building in the world for 25 years and is the most visited skyscraper in the world. The city has dazzling, blue water and sandy beaches where tourists often come and spend their time. Canyon Park has an elevation of nearly 7,000 feet from Imperial Point to the banks of Lake Mead. Places of attraction includes Wormsloe plantation, Telfair Museum of Art, Bonaventure Cemetery, Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Fort Jackson, Green-Meldrim House, and Forsyth Park.
While the city has faced many disasters like the Hurricane Katrina, the BP oil spill and Hurricane Isaac, it still thrives.
We have gathered a list of the Top 10 Best Yet Beautiful and worth watching places you should visit in India before you die. It do includes the forts , lakes and other monuments too, but the India’s most incredible place in Jaipur is this one you must never miss to visit. Yet still you can visit it as a tourist to enjoy the utmost beauty , god has put in this little piece of land residing both over Pakistan and India. Visitors can enjoy their journeys and stay at eco-friendly hotels while partaking of organic food. New York City is the largest city in the United States and is renowned for its rich cultural heritage. Other attractions are Navy Pier, Fields Museum of Natural History, Chicago Theater, the Museum of Science and Industry, United Center, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago Cultural Center, Buckingham Fountain, and Millennium Park. It spread over 50 acres of land which is along the Dodabetta peak, as it is highest peak in the Ooty region. Other famous tourist attractions include Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, China Town, Castro, Lombard Street, Coit Tower, Union Square and the Marina District. There are several islands that offer natural beauty, waterfalls, rainforest, blue lagoons and several types of entertainment year round.
Other attractions are the Miami Metrozoo, the Miami Skylift, the Miami Children’s museum and Everglades’s National Park. Many adventure sports such as hiking, skiing, mountain biking and backpacking are available throughout the year. The best time to visit this place is July-September when the weather is warm and prices are cheap. The best time to visit this place is anywhere from June-November, there are many festivals during this period, and the weather is pleasing. This place gets the position in Ooty tourist places as it also conduct several boat races to attract its tourist.Doddabetta Peak4. In the Ooty tourist places list is also stays in the position as its attitude stays it is more than 2,623 meters in height.

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