Photography: Seaside, Florida photograph via Conde Nast , Boca Grande photograph via Stehlik Photography, Block Island wedding via Snap! Top 10 Summer Underwater Photography DestinationsDPG is a comprehensive underwater photography website and community for underwater photographers. From the Galapagos to Indonesia and everywhere in between, summer brings in some of the best underwater photography opportunities of the year. This legendary dive destination comes to life in the summer months, where Indonesian liveaboards set their course to the land of the dragons. Every summer, Isla Mujeres is home to one of the most amazing events in nature - the largest known whale shark aggregation in the world.
These gentle giants, which can reach over 40 feet in length, are filter feeders, and can be easily approached in the clear blue waters of Isla Mujeres.
When you think of photographing the Great Barrier Reef, a lot of things come to mind: pristine corals, giant potato cod, massive schools of fish. This wide-angle mecca only gets hotter when summer hits and the whale shark sightings increase. Cayman’s Dive 365 program ensures that you could dive a different site every day during the year. Not everyone is going to have the chance to travel or be lucky enough to dive these amazing destinations.
AndA  finally, A the Shingle Style garage pictured below is evocative of late 19th century carriage house designs.

Please check back often or subscribe to our RSS feed, as we fre-quently add new small cottage designs to our site. The homes and locations they feature are quaint, gorgeous and inspiring… I want to jump into every page. Learn underwater photography techniques for popular digital cameras and specialized professional underwater equipment (wide angle, macro, super macro, lighting and work flow).
And with the solstice right around the corner, DPG is bringing you the top hot spots this summer. A bucket list for most underwater photographers (DPG is running their second expedition to Guadalupe this year), you too can go head to head with the ocean’s top predator (from the safety of the cage of course).
You find some of the most pristine coral reefs in the world, stunning macro and dozens of swooping mantas--basically Christmas in July for an underwater photographer. Prefer being out on a boat in Africa's Wild Coast with millions of sardines and all the sharks, whales and dolphins you could photograph in a lifetime? This creates what is almost definitely the best opportunity in the world to photograph one of the ocean's most beloved and amazing animals, and in numbers that must be seen to believed.
But you don’t necessarily think of Minke Whales, bus sized cetaceans that frequent these waters beginning in July. But during the summer, when the swell settles down on the North side, you won’t want to go anywhere else. But with water temps soaring into the low 60’s in the heat of the summer, you might just be able to break out of that dry suit and into a 7mm for some of the best photography in the Golden State.

Plan your adventure with the Venue Safari guides as we feature locations around the country (and world!)….
Then you might want to skip the pool and head straight for South Africa for the annual sardine run. These cities (and similar style locations elsewhere) are fabulous ideas for beach wedding locations.
Every July, millions of sardines and hundreds of underwater photographers flock to the coast off South Africa for an underwater spectacle like any other. We are always adding new venues so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or subscribe to our feed to stay updated. A DESTINATION wedding does not necessarily have to be a popular tourist destination, just somewhere fun, beautiful, interesting, easily accessible and not insanely overpriced. If you love the idea of a tropical destination with beaches and a nautical feel, step away from the main destinations for a minute and consider some fun beach towns.

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