Most visitors perceive Canyonlands National Park as a barren land located at the southwestern side of Moab, Utah. Due to the presence of these two rivers, Canyonlands National Park is considered to be one of the most difficult white water rapids in the world. Some of the more popular photogenic spots during the drive are the Mesa Arch, the Upheaval Dome, Grand View Point, and Green River Overlook. Canyonlands National Park is also a good recreational area for those planning a more adventurous trip such as mountain biking and four-wheel driving.
The Canyonlands National Park is perfect for various types of hikers, which include day trippers to experienced multi-day trekkers. This entry was posted in General Posts and tagged Canon 5dMKIII, Elwha, Olympic National Park, Rainforest, Waterfall.
Stumbling on a waterfall after a hot and steamy trek through a National Park is like finding gold at the end of the rainbow.
Tucked away in the Gold Coast Hinterland lies the dramatically beautiful Springbrook National Park. Natural Bridge alone is worth the walk, but add to the mix Cave Creek spilling through the roof of the cave and you can see why the glow-worms stick around to chill out in this pristine environment. Think Lord of the Rings scenery with towering mountain peaks, add long sandy beaches and throw in some crocodile action for good measure.
Towering above Zoe Bay are the multi-drop Zoe Falls, accessed via a fairly steep climb from the beach past a handful of swimming holes.
Staring down from a dramatic precipice you can see why Stony Creek’s 268m descent gives Wallaman Falls the title of Australia’s tallest permanent waterfall.
It flows all year round (although it is fullest from November to April) and the 4 km track from the road at the top through the steamy rainforest to the 20 metre deep pool below is worth the trek. Nestled in the hulking shadow of Queensland’s highest mountain, Bartle Frere, Josephine Falls plummets down before cascading over huge rounded granite boulders. It’s only a 700-metre walk from the car park, which isn’t enough time to build up a sweat so the best thing is to climb to the top of the mountain (taking around 8-10 hours), returning to the rock pools at the base to soak away any aches and pains. Raging, angry yet oddly beautiful, the Barron Falls during the wet season is captivating at any angle. Take the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway up the valley for a view from one side of the gorge, and the Kuranda Railway back down for a view from the other.
Tucked into the gardens of Paronella Park, a decrepit yet gracious castle oozing tales of Tropical North Queensland’s own flapper style parties, are the Mena Creek Falls. A slow drive inland from Cairns takes you to Atherton Tablelands, home to a handful of picturesque water falls, the top pick being Millaa Millaa.

Buderim Forest Park is a secluded oasis only a short drive from the centre of the Buderim Village.
If you think a big drop is what makes a waterfall then Queen Mary Falls will impress, with its 40-metre descent into the basalt gorge below.
Not far from the hustle of Brisbane the mighty Mt Coot-tha climbs to the dizzy height of 287 metres above sea level. Easy to get to, JC Slaughter Falls has great picnic spots – but get there soon after the rain when the falls are at their best.
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However, what most visitors don’t know is that the canyons and plateaus seen in Canyonlands National Park are made by the power of the Colorado and Green River.
This is further enhanced by the fact that there are some places of the park that are only reached by going straight down from the top of the mesa. Campers planning to enjoy the beauty of the Canyonlands National Park can stay at the Willow Flat Campground, which has 12 camp sites and vault toilets. The White Rim Trail route is the most popular path for these adventurous seekers since it is only 100 miles long. Some of the more popular trails are Squaw Canyon Loop, Chesler Park Loops, Cave Spring, Aztec Butte Trail, and Elephant Canyon to Druid Arch. Certainly one of my favorite locations to shoot on the coast and one that has endless possibilities.
From below it starts as a raging torrent, plummeting to ground zero before feathering into a cloud of mist and soaking everything around. From above it’s a different scene entirely.
Here, cliffs induce giddiness, ravines plunge deep and quaint little streams provide the perfect recipe for an aquatic wonderland.
You’re left with one of the most visually dramatic islands on the east coast of Australia – Hinchinbrook. Here the water roars off the side of the cliff showering the valley below in mist and rainbows – it’s an impressive sight! Beautiful in their own right, these Falls are compelling for the Spanish love story behind the man-made triumph which also Jose Paronella build Australia’s first hydro-electric power source. Surrounded by lush vegetation and often a bus load of tourists, this is the perfect Kodak moment. Surrounded by lush rainforest the valley is located in the Main Range National Park, around two hours drive south-west of Brisbane.

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Another way to reach some segments of Canyonlands National Park is through the Island in the Sky district by using a scenic route. The problem with this campground is that the camper has to bring along not only firewood but also potable water since there is no water source.
However, the main requirement for these adventure seekers is that they will need to bring along potable water since there are no water sources along the route.
One of the most spectacular trails recommended for experienced hikers in Canyonlands National Park is the Squaw Canyon Loop Trail since it goes from one canyon to another. Lean out over the edge to spot the impact zone below and let vertigo take hold before you cower back to safety. The thousands of stunning tropical plants around the falls create the perfect Eden pitting Paronella as RACQ’s Number 1 Must-Do Attraction in Queensland.
If one fall is not enough, then continue on the Waterfall Circuit to tick off Zillie and Ellinjaa Falls.
Plunging into a gorgeous rock pool, Serenity Falls is one of the prettiest and most easily accessible waterfalls on this list. We use the premier product line of athletic surfacing solutions, Dynaflex Sports Surfacing.
The problem with this trail is that most hikers will need to climb the slickrock ridge, which is perceived to be the more dangerous section of the trail since it passes through exposed drop-offs.
Waterfalls and swimming holes are the antidote to a Queensland summer and it costs nothing! Serenity Bridge, which spans the lower part of the pool, allows views of the falls and the cave behind. The total length of the trail is 7.5 miles from end to end and has a reliable water source, which is the Big Spring.
Taking potable water along is considered to be a good suggestion since most of the trail are over barren slickrock.

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