Additional Camera Settings: Each of these 3 images are HDR Photos made up of 7 bracketed exposures.
Gordons Bay Sydney is a magnificent little bay and one that I could not recommend highly enough! Gordons Bay is located just to the right of one of Sydney’s premier Eastern Beaches, Clovelly and is quite unique in the fact that it’s beach is lined with (for lack of a better word) wooden railings in which fisherman leave their boats on.
As mentioned above, the wooden railings that have been constructed over the beach and the small tinnies that are lined along them, makes for some very unique landscape photography opportunities. Not that I went in the water but Gordons Bay Sydney contains an aquatic reserve and is a popular dive and snorkelling spot.
I honestly have not done any fashion photography for clients before but I could see this as being a pretty cool fashion photography location and one that you could be creative with the boats.
I would highly recommend heading down to Gordons Bay Sydney at sunrise to photograph the sun coming up over the horizon in front of the bay. Gordons Bay is located on Sydney's Eastern Beaches and is approximately a 17 minute drive from Sydney’s CBD. There is plenty of parking at Clovelly and then it is just a matter of walking around the corner to the bay.
No matter the season or even the weather, the Sunshine State lives up to its name with dazzling sunrises and spectacular sunsets that are never exactly the same as the last. They will steal across your senses like you’ve never imagined, filling the sky with impossible colour as the world falls calm and silent.

Sunset over the Tangalooma Wrecks in Moreton Bay, just two kilometres north of Tangalooma Island Resort. Colour radiates from the horizon at Seventy Five Mile Beach, on the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island.
With seemingly endless coastline and hardly a hint of civilisation, Adder Rock Beach on Stradbroke Island is a photographer’s dream. Located at the most northern point of Moreton Bay in Redcliffe, the pretty seaside village of Scarborough awakes. The juxtaposition of the Noosa River nestled between the coast and hinterland of the Sunshine Coast makes for stunning sunset shots. Incoming search terms:beautiful abandoned placesabandoned placesabandoned places in the worldmost beautiful abandoned placesmost beautiful places in the worldmost beautiful abandoned places in the worldtop 100 abandoned placestop abandoned places in the worldyhs-004top abandoned placesBe Sociable, Share! Forbes , Forbes welcome page forbes is a global media company focusing on business investing technology entrepreneurship leadership and lifestyle..
New York Daily News An insidera€™s guide to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn An insidera€™s guide to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn The historically blue-collar neighborhood boasts good schools, beautiful parks, diverse restaurants and easy access to mass transit. Pemaquid Point Light, one of our favorite scenic spots a little over a hours drive from our Camden Maine oceanfront Inn and Cottages. As you can see from the photos, this gives this location a really unique appearance and one that you are not likely to find in too many other locations.
So if you have either an underwater camera or an underwater housing for your camera, it might be worth jumping in the water with it and taking some underwater photos.

We only saw one other photographer and two fisherman pushing their little boat into the water.
The trouble that you would have at sunset is that the sun would be setting behind you and the bay would quickly fall into shadow.
So if you are getting there early or in the colder months you should be fine but it will get busy during the day of the warmer months. Stephanie can usually be found learning the tricks of the trade as a superstar social media intern at Tourism Queensland, at the beach or on the hunt for her favourite sweet treat: cupcakes. Research Lamborghini Gallardo popular models, prices, photos .Find great deals on eBay for Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder in Gallardo. The boats and timber lined along the beach gives it an amazing look and one that is different to any other Sydney Beach..
Tamarama is much harder because you have to rely on street parking unless you pay for parking at Bondi and walk around. With a love of flying, extreme sports and all manner of festivals she has learnt that sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith and hope for the best.

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