Home to the most beautiful wonder of the world, Agra is an internationally acclaimed destination for photography.
Step in to this stupendously attractive place and you would actually question yourself “Is it a dream”? With abundant lush-greenery all around, Kerala is one of the most serene destinations of India. India is the land of colors where different cultures and people live together prosperously.
India is so vast and full of variety that even the Indians don’t get to see the whole of it, let alone the tourists.
We have collected a number of photographs which capture the colorful glimpses of the daily life in India. Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited. Popular destinations may not be favored by the photographer who may, instead, prefer something new and fresh without fellow travelers creeping into shot again and again. Xitang is located on a plain, and provides the photographer with a peaceful, natural environment packed with both scenic and cultural locations. The snow-capped-and-coated mountains, the blue purity of the lakes, abundant wild life and clear blue skies have much to offer the photographer, as do the unique costumes of the local inhabitants and their renowned religious rites, buildings and relics. Given its elevation and the clean air, sunburn can be a particular problem in the highland areas. Spring and Autumn offer two very distinct weather patterns, the former wet, the latter dry and sunny.
Guilin has become famed the world over for its karst peaks, not least given that they have been the inspiration of traditional painters through the centuries who, in their fantastical ink renderings of its landscape, have given the world one of China's most characteristic cultural traditions. Yangshuo, 65 kilometers to the southeast of Guilin, plays host to this landscape at its best, and now photography has joined traditional ink drawing in deriving inspiration from this unique attraction. Spring, when the rice is either at its most luxuriant just before the harvest, or just after the harvest with the reflective waters.
Spring is an unpredictable season in the area, and you may want to even out your chances of getting some good weather by staying a few nights in a local hotel. Not far from Guilin, the Longji Rice Terraces are regarded as one of the must-see, (and must-photograph), side-excursions in any trip to the area. The beauty of rice terraces, for the photographer and for the visitor in general, is the variation across the scenery with changes of light and shadow through the day, and changes in the fields themselves across the seasons. Adding to the area's scenic interest are the wooden houses typical of the area, nestling into the hillside, and the indigenous Zhuang and Yao people with their distinctive costumes and their unique manner in which the women tie up their exceptionally long hair. We have more travel tips on photography in our pages, one quite specifically for Guilin and Hong Kong, and a guide to suitably photogenic places quite specifically for the spring visitor, when many of China's attractions are at their most pleasing. Consider more of China's most beautiful places, or, alternatively, simply browse our pages and see what takes your eye.
There is a great deal of information on this page alone; all these choices, not to mention the possible pitfalls in the photographic frontier that is China.
Kashmir is one of the most photogenic locations on this planet and capturing its indefinable charm is the dream of every photographer.
Photographers from all across the globe visit India only to frame the glory of the Taj Mahal! Snapping the breath-taking valleys, perfectly blue sky, snow-capped mountains and gorgeous landscapes of Ladakh is absolutely a must! Fortitude and Vigor have brought me where I am; perseverance and candor will take me where I want to be!

The little girl captured in this photograph is performing Bharat Natyam, a classic Indian dance form. The farmer is chasing after his oxen (or bullocks as they are called in India and Australia). A local guy is running after his camel trying to get them to move in the direction of home.
This heritage building was built in 1887 and looks more of an old castle than a railway station. Locally called as Banaras, this city is popular for being located on the banks of the river Ganges.
Located in Golcondo, the Golcondo fort used to be a prison but has been converted into a tourist place. Bahai House of Worship -or Lotus Temple as is it called due to its resembling shape to a Lotus- is a very popular piece of architecture. Also know as Meenakshi Amman Temple, this temple is located in Mudurai and is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati who is known here as Meenakhshi. If you happen to have visited India before, do share your experiences in the comment section below. In this article, then, we consider China from the point of view of the photographer with an assortment of destinations to get you started and give you a taste of what is to come. Representative of the very specific style of southern Anhui province, the residences have their own unique style and are abundant here, 124 in total, along with three larger ancestral halls. However, be warned that the region is frequently closed to foreigners, and such closures may happen at exceptionally short notice. Bring sunglasses to protect against glare, particularly if photographing in snow, and a hat.
It may be difficult for the viewer of these paintings to imagine such landscapes may exist in reality until visiting Guilin and seeing it for him- or herself. The peaks are enhanced by clear rivers providing a cooling foreground enhanced by reflections not only of the peaks, but also of clear blue skies speckled with cloud.
This affords a further opportunity, namely that of getting up before the dawn and catching the sunrise over the rice terraces, the best time of day to get some very striking images.
The gentle but steep-sloped rolling hills of the area have been sculpted through centuries into steps upon which rice is grown to present a pleasing pattern that is, at once, both random in the shape of the hills, and strictly geometric in the even heights of the steps that snake around them. Though not particularly high, given the high humidity and the abundant supply of water, mists may often roll around the hillsides adding to their charm and mystery. This is seen at its most spectacular at the beginning of May when the rice is harvested leaving only the water behind.
If you find Longji too far off your chosen route, see our guide to other rice terraces, and our more detailed item on Yuanyang.
See Beijing's Summer Photography Hot Spots for where to go there for eye-catching shots. Ooty tourist places is located in Nilgiri hills, also known as The Blue Mountains .The best attractions in Ooty tourist places are dense forest, scenic grasslands, miles of tea gardens, Lofty mountains. Fortunately, India is rich with many such awe-inspiring muses which when clicked come out as mesmerizing art pieces.
The backwaters of Alappuzha (Alleppey), the tall coconut trees, forts, beaches and a lot more needs to be stored in your digital memory.
Most of the heritage buildings were built by Mughals who ruled the country for more than 300 years.
However, the photographs give you a good idea of how the place looks and how it should feel like.

This is completely normal as many tea-stalls use cloth filter instead of steel filter to cut costs. It was built to observe and compile astronomical tables which would be used to predict the times and movements of Sun, Moon and other planets. Located in old city of Hyderabad, this mosque gets its name from the holy city Mecca after the brick soil used in this mosque were brought in from the holy city in Arab.
And if you’re from India, you can also tell us your favorite places to visit so that our readers won’t miss any incredible thing, thanks! 900 years of history have served the villages well in enhancing their beauty, giving them authenticity in a land which, all too often, is losing its ancient buildings to modernization or crude reproductions. The Himalayas, the highest range of mountains in the world, straddle the border between China and Nepal at Tibet, with Everest one of the border peaks.
Contact us through the links at the end of this item for the latest information and any additional rules and regulations should you plan on visiting the region. Autumn is more dependable but, equally, is thus more predictable which may not always be a good thing when seeking originality. More dramatically, the karst limestone may form stark crags, and the area is luxuriant with often dense vegetation lending an air of mystery.
The change from the green-fuzzed texture of the rice stalks in the field to the pure clear reflections of the water left behind is dramatic, offering two entirely different feels to precisely the same location in just a matter of a few days. Ooty tourist places is best for newly married couples to have the perfect romantic #honeymoon with your partner which is uncrowed, untouched and waiting for you to discover it .A Ooty tourist attractionsOoty Tourist AttractionsOoty tourist places are the place for endless vacation tour as it draws a huge number of people every year and Ooty tourist places are also famous for its tea industry, summer flower festival and oil industry all these places are most sought attraction in south India. Technology has made everything so convenient that one can actually capture a moment in the blink of an eye and relish it for ever.
Basis of these different ethnicity and religions can be found in the country’s history.
The most important building of them all, the Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan -a Mughal ruler- in memory of his wife, Mumtaz. It also helps you to decide what places you want to visit when you are planning a trip to India.
Each state has a very different and peculiar culture which doesn’t fail to leave a mark on the memory of whosoever visits them. A living town in its own right rather than a museum of architecture, the activities of the townspeople give life to the location offering still more variation in scenic opportunities given the traditionalism of their daily activities. Anyone who has been to India knows the importance of these buildings and what they mean in terms of the historic value.
Spicy food, colorful dresses and classical dance are the prominent features of Indian culture. Small villages in the area preserve their architecture and customs, and these too should not be missed in any visit to the area.
Everyone now wants to click themselves in the backdrop of some of the most iconic landscapes. It spread over 50 acres of land which is along the Dodabetta peak, as it is highest peak in the Ooty region.
This place gets the position in Ooty tourist places as it also conduct several boat races to attract its tourist.Doddabetta Peak4. In the Ooty tourist places list is also stays in the position as its attitude stays it is more than 2,623 meters in height.

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