It’s funny, everywhere I go I have a few tools to help me locate photography locations. After my windy attempt at getting a shot from up on Mount Ainslie I decided to head back there for sunset.
If you did, please join thousands of people that receive exclusive weekly photography tips & tricks and get a FREE COPY of my book, 10 Tips to Better Photos! I am finding it tough to find any real inspiration for Canberra, in particular, somewhere to shoot Sunrise. I had a lot of fun trying different lenses, everything from my 70-200mm with a teleconverter, to my tilt shift lens and of course, my trusty wide angle lens! So my question is… is Canberra lacking when it comes to passionate landscape photographers? I use stuck on earth, photography hot spots or google images and I am not seeing many landscape shots to inspire me, I have even searched through some flickr groups too!

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