The Colorado San Juan Mountains are a landscape photography wonderland with the BIGGEST views in Colorado.  Though the order of other photo locations on this list are negotiable, for me the San Juan Mountains have given me my best landscape photos in Colorado.
Last Dollar Road is negotiable by sedans in dry weather, though you will scrape bottom in a few spots, encounter minor stream crossings, and be on shelf roads at times.  Though I have seen subcompacts negotiate this road in the dry, if it rains or snows, a sedan is quite unsafe and will get stuck, or worse.
After spring has passed on the Front Range, and everything drys up and turns yellow, it’s just beginning again in the high country. In NYCa€™s cut-throat world of art, appearances can be deceiving a€”especially when newcomer Alice becomes a murder suspect. Priory Rentals are seeing more and more budding photographers coming to us year after year. The Isle of Skye is one of the Inner Hebrides islands in the northwest of Scotland, the island its self is one of the more popular and well known out of the island chain and in turn attracts many visitors each year.
Tromso is one of the small islands that are located in the Isle of Scilly chain, just off the coast of Lands End and Cornwall.
Glen Etive is based in the Scottish Highlands and boasts views of the surrounding glens and lochs, its beauty and general aesthetic has attracted some of the great filmmakers and photographers with it being the set for a lot of the Braveheart film and the set for the Skyfall mansion in James Bond Skyfall. The Lake District is a region of England, which is not too far away from our branches in Lancashire and Cheshire.
New Forest is a forested national park in the south of England that boasts a gentle sloped forestland and offers some amazing views over the evergreen pines.
If you are considering heading to any of these locations this year then why not take a Priory Rentals Motorhome along for the journey. 2014 has been a great year for Photography Hot Spots with the amount of photography locations that have been shared on our website. Before anything else, I would just like to say a very big thank you to each and everyone of you for sharing your favourite hot spots with us all.
You might remember that I did create a list of the best photography locations for 2013, this time last year. Obviously this website is largely about photography and therefore people that took beautiful images of their location and shared them with us got a big tick. Some of you might be aware that at the beginning of the year I put a minimum word count on the description to be 200 words.
People that took the time to write a detailed account about their experience photographing a particular location were given a very big tick as this really helps people understand the ins and outs of a hot spot. I am super excited to see what new Australian photography locations will be uncovered in 2015 and to see then in turn, what hot spots will be picked as the best that that year. Do you have a favourite photography hot spot that you have been too or that you would like to go too? There are many places I have wanted to visit throughout the world to view these spectacular creatures since a young age. The Amazon is well known for its vast diversity of bird species and is a huge contributing factor to visitors from other countries.

With over 500,000 species of wildlife, it is evident why Costa Rica is a tremendous tourist attraction. The Galapagos Islands are often at top of most wildlife adventure seekers’ list because of their unique wildlife and natural beauty.
It is without question why this is one of the main attractions in Australia not to mention it’s breathtaking scenery. The prices of any one of these vacations can vary depending on length of stay and choice of accommodation. As much as I appreciate the beauty in nature and would love to visit several if not all of these places, the thought of all the insects gives me the heebie-jeebies. An online magazine dedicated to bringing original content in the art and craft of photography. CR-7 has several good photos along the way, but the real magic comes at the end where you’ll be presented with a huge view of Mt. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Therefore, we thought it might be a great idea for us to share with you some of the most beautiful Photography locations we have come across in the UK.
However, all you have to do is travel away from the small settlements and hamlets to be able to find the Isle of Skye’s true nature, tranquillity.
Tromso its self has a very small population and is completely car free, this meaning that there is little obstruction or manmade damage on the landscape and you can usually get an amazing shot whilst remaining undisturbed.
Another amazing aspect to this location is that it is available for wild camping and has very little light pollution; therefore, it works amazingly for night time shots and aura chasing. This makes it perfect if you want to be able to simply hire a motorhome and get stuck into some amazing shots.
This is an amazing location during the winter snow as the snow falling on the pine trees combined with the rocky ground means that many areas replicate the Canadian Rockies and in turn, you can get some very impressive shots indeed. Between all of us, we have uncovered and uploaded 153 new Australian photography locations for all to discover and photograph for themselves.
We are doing a great thing for the photography community and I know that it really resonates with people with the feedback that I receive. This year I decided to do it a little differently with how I selected what I considered to be the best photography locations uploaded to PHS, by picking one from each month. Also people that shared two or more images got another tick as well as it allows people to see more than one example of what the location looks like. There were many reasons for this but the main one was that people were adding a sentence or even a couple of words to the hot spots that they shared which really didn’t prepare people well enough for photographing that location. Plus, I know that we are not all writers and that there is a time investment in writing a 200 word description as well. Places like the Auburn Botanical Gardens and Cowra Canola field, both listed below, got lots of interested and lots of people visited them.

If you feel that you have an amazing photography location within Australia that others will like, share it on our website. Now that I have a greater interest in photography, I really yearn to visit some if not all of the places on the list below.
Amazon spans across much of South America including: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Venezuela with the majority of the area encompassing Brazil. Located just west of South America, the island is cooler than most would typically imagine which contributes to the vast amounts of animals that inhabit the island. Until I can find a way to deter the flies and eight legged creatures, I will likely have to put any of these extraordinary adventures on hold. Sneffels.  There are different ways to photograph it either from high up on the road or down in the valley, which has a split rail fence, a stream and several beaver ponds. The island its self is a hybrid of rocky outcrops, lakes and valleys that make it perfect for action shot photography of extreme sports or landscape photography of the various mountains and views that the isle offer. Tromso is also home to various medieval structures and an array of derelict buildings from the 1100’s onward, which in turn means you can get a true British aesthetic on some of your landscape photos, whilst at the same time having a wide array of areas without castles and farmhouses for a more natural and less cluttered shot.
The Lake District its self is comprised of various expanses of woodland, marshland, lakes and mountains. We would love to know and you can share this with us by mentioning it in the comments section below. I believe that many animals whether domesticated or living in the wild, are far more intelligent than many people give them credit for. With such a vast amount of species, Costa Rica is about 20th in the world with the highest biodiversity in the world. This in turn meaning that you will be able to get a very varied range of environments to be able to take some fantastic shots when you travel around the district. However, the world seems to be changing and more and more people are adopting pets in need into their homes and spending time and donating money to animal awareness organizations.
I would love to observe penguins in their natural habitat and capture them with my very own lens. There are also various species of reptiles including some of the deadliest snakes on the planet and birds that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. With approximately 490 wildlife sanctuaries in India, it is apparent why India is one of the top visited tourist destination for safari seekers.
It is quite often I am scrolling through my social media feeds when a heartwarming story pops up regarding some animal that grabs my attention and pulls at my heart strings. Many different species of monkeys can also be found here, as well as jaguars and mountain lions.

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