Some photographers even like shooting a hybrid of both digital and film, and using presets to match the digital images to the film images.
This is accomplished by using what’s called an anchor image, and specially-created presets that mimic the look and feel of film (see the examples below).
These images above were edited by Kirk Mastin using the aforementioned specialty presets, and he gives a detailed explanation on how to use them along with a detailed explanation of how to edit film + digital images in this article here. But regardless of whether or not you’re shooting all film, all digital, or a mix, nailing the skin tones is still one of the most important parts. One of our featured senior portraits artists discusses her method for making sure her skin tones are on point every time, using a combination of an ExpoDisc while shooting and information from the histogram during editing. This is especially common when working with infants and newborns, who can tend to have red, blotchy skin. To put the finishing touches on an image, using Levels in Photoshop can help in a couple ways. First, if you’re still not happy with the amount of detail in the background, you can create a duplicate layer of the image in Photoshop and then open up Levels and increase the blacks (which will make it look less washed out).

Levels is also another great way to bump up the color of an image and really make them pop.
Then, since sometimes that can create odd colors and affects in areas it’s not wanted, she added a photo mask over the levels layer and used the black paint brush to remove the effect from areas of the images it was unflattering. So don’t hesitate to play around, whether you find a new style and stick with it or are always pushing your own boundaries – hopefully these tips will get you started! For editing digital images to look like film, Mastin Labs film presets are really a great place to start.
Photography Concentrate creates some of the best guides and how-to tutorials that we’ve come across.
Get Free Email Updates!Get weekly updates & photography tips delivered straight to your inbox! SIGN UP FOR WEEKLY INSIDER INFORMATION, PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS, AND BE LOVELY PHOTOS SENT STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX! To remedy this, one of our featured newborn photographers suggests reducing the reds (with a preset, action, or on your own), which will create a beautiful, creamy looking skin tone.

Crafted by someone who regularly shoots hybrid (digital and film simultaneously), it’s a tried and tested product with highly accurate results. If you’re not familiar with Lightroom but would like to step up your editing game with one of the industry standard post-production programs, then we absolutely recommend this guide.
We love and recommend the Portraiture plugin from Imagenomics, which automatically does a lot of the skin smoothing for you in just a click of the button. Reply Muhammad Irfan - November 18th, 2013 at 10:56 pmGreat Collection of Image editing software.
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