Food habits in America have changed drastically throughout the years, and people are starting to focus more on the quality of the ingredients they put into their bodies. The same can be said for dining out, since restaurants are now including all-natural sources for their menus. As the most popular fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s has become more than just an American staple. Every few years McDonald’s has tried new ways to help maintain its popularity among diners, with everything from new menu items to novelty Happy Meal toys.
In a world filled with vegetarians, vegans, and pescetarians, McDonald’s sure did cause a stink by using beef fat to cook their French fries. While it was once standard practice to come home and pop a few microwavable TV dinners in for the entire family, times have changed to include more of a focus on natural and organic foods.
From rooftop restaurant gardens to ever-evolving seasonal menus, dining out has become more of an experience for customers rather than just something to fill your belly. With locations all over the world, people can get a Big Mac and fries everywhere from Canada to Australia and numerous countries in between. Yet the rise of other popular food chains that use all-natural ingredients, like Panera Bread, have definitely impacted the fast food industry.
In 1990, McDonald’s tried to appeal to the large vegetarian demographic and differing religious groups by stating they would switch from beef fat to 100 percent vegetable oil. This new focus on the quality of ingredients has impacted the fast food industry the hardest, since so much of the ingredients used in menu items have come under scrutiny. While McDonald’s has been able to branch out to reach all different cultures, closer inspection of its menu items has caused many to rethink their McDonald’s obsession.
Check out our list of the 15 reasons not to eat at McDonald’s and see what you have been putting in your body all these years. While the restaurants were indeed using vegetable oil in their fryers for the French fries, it was revealed that beef fat was used to partly fry the product before they were sent out to the different chain locations. Hoping to quell the negativity surrounding this admittance, McDonald’s released a statement on their website saying, “A small amount of natural beef flavouring is added to our French fries during potato processing.

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