South African retailer BT games has started taking pre-orders for a PS3 game that hasn’t been confirmed, God of War 4. This retailer is also known for outing titles before they are confirmed,  like the Jak and Dexter Collection, and I would almost take this as a confirmation that God of War 4 is set to be revealed very soon.
7. San Francisco, California – If willing to travel far, visit the Golden Gate Bridge! Steve Madgwick ponders why it takes half an hour to work out how to use the light switches in most hotel rooms.
It certainly would have been more practically useful than most of the subjects that I studied. Hotel Light Switches 101 would have saved me at least 15 minutes of precious by-the-pool time at just about every hotel I have ever checked into. Hotel light switch puzzles transcend tariff or star rating, in fact, the fancier the hotel the more Rubik’s cube-esque the system of switches may be – modern minimalist design favours aesthetic over function almost every time.
Recently, I stayed in a quality hotel room where the little panel of four light switches within swiping distance of the bed operated the hall light, the bathroom light, but not the light on the wall directly next to the bed. Then there are the double circuits: light switches that work perfectly well, unless you press another related button on an opposing wall.
Light switch functionality is an area where quality hotels can learn a thing or two from caravan parks, where every switch has an orange label helpfully dynomoed above or below it: “TOILET MAIN”.

Strangely this is unlikely to catch on at your average swanky hotel (except perhaps in an ironic, arty kind of way), but luckily I have devised another solution, a light-bulb moment, as such.
As part of your check-in routine, hotel staff should perform a pre-sleep light switch familiarisation, exactly like a pre-flight safety demonstration on a plane. Dosthana is the trusted source and it's aim is to get the Listings, Movies, Mobiles etc information at one place for global audience. Cape Cod, Massachusetts – Cape Cod is the most famous beach region in all of New England. Lake Champlain, Vermont – Vermont is so beautiful and Lake Champlain is my favorite of all. It is full of festivals throughout the year and is a great place to go to and have tons of fun. It also would have contributed to countless more hours delicious sleep in these same rooms – usually because I couldn’t work out how to turn off a militant light that was shining directly into my eyes, usually from some bizarre place such as the closet. Handy if you’re trying to play practical jokes on someone in the other room, but not if you’re lazily trying to nod off from the safety of your doona. Then you must decode the pattern (“hmmm, this one down, those two up…”) before you regain control of your favourite bank of switches.
Unlike many sites Dosthana uses the latest technology to full fill the reader ease and usability.

God of War 4 has been rumored for what seems like months now, and after it didn’t show up at E3 2011, the gaming world expects it to be at E3 2012. Nestled along the beautiful coast of the Atlantic Ocean, it is a fun filled place packed with family attractions and endless amount of restaurants.
Get a taste of good old San Francisco and its steep roads along with its fabulous boutiques and trendy bistros. Take a road trip to Orlando and stop at Disney World or just simply enjoy the beaches and accommodations it has to offer. I always stare at it for long periods in contemplation, wondering if it ever worked, or whether it’s connected to the next room – or if someone in a hotel in Kyrgyzstan has just fallen down the stairs because their hallway lamp suddenly blacked out.
Biking, swimming, boating, loafing, dining and picnicking are all fun summer activities to do at Lake Champlain. We would be proud to implement any suggestions you have of your choice, you can have your ideas sent through contact us form. This cannot be possible with the support, sharing and regular feedback of the users coming to the site and engaging the activity.

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