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July 31, 2013 by Anthony Goodwin EyeTuner Photo Editor is simply the fastest way to transform your eyes into those of cats, eagle, dracula and many other sexy, crazy or downright evil eyes.
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Every great blog post deserves a great photo to go along with it, and sometimes, there just isn’t a stock image that works, especially for those personal posts. I’m here to tell you that you CAN take an awesome shot with your camera phone and provide you with seven phone photography tips to capture a photo that’s perfect for your next blog post.
The second you start zooming in with your phone camera is the second your photo starts losing its quality.
About the Author Latest PostsAbout BrittanyBrittany is a 22 year old business owner from Texas. Filed Under: Apps, Photography About BrittanyBrittany is a 22 year old business owner from Texas.
Perfect timing because I just noticed the other day when I purchased an image, that it gave me all this copyright info at the download.
In the very early hours of October 10th 2012, the fog hangs low in the city at the Arabian Ocean. I have seen pictures like this before, and every time I see one, I think about how cool a picture it is!
Few pictures I’ve seen can compare with this to evoke the wonder and excitement of travel. Submit your photographs to Earth Shots for a chance to win the prestigious "photo of the day" title! Earth Shots is a photo of the day contest celebrating the beauty and diversity of our planet.
You can enjoy Earth Shots' inspiring photo of the day on a regular basis by signing up to our daily email or one of our other subscription options. I loved capturing moments under the Friday Night Lights and the DSLR camera for the staff had become my best friend, but sometimes, we simply don’t have the big fancy camera at our disposal and the next best thing is definitely your phone. I take between 9 and 15 shots and while sometimes the first one is the best one, I still allow myself to have another choice just in case a photo is blurry or if someone blinked. I have a new phone (FINALLY!) that seems to take decent pictures but I’m always looking for ways to make my posts pop a bit (and I will now start to play with angles and natural lighting). The topic are so helpful that it made me think of creating a blog about myself, even though personally I don’t know how to create one. Were were watching the keynote on iOS 8 and there looks to be some new features that should help even more!
It just takes a little bit of photography know-how and an ability to understand light and composition. I use my phone for pictures with the help of some editing apps and it works just great for blog photos, Instagram or anything really.

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I love the app Camera + for photo editing and am a newcomer to Instagram but enjoying its social element. Burj Khalifa the talles man made structure in the world sits in the Middle of this almost surreal panorama. My guess is just inside a light aircraft, The fog reduces the perceived size of the buildings, – even the building crane looks a toy.
Remember, camera phones today have a pretty good resolution, so when you crop you’ll still have a nice crisp photo for your blog post.
Instagram, a very popular app in the blogging world, just announced an update that introduces new creative tools that would allow you to edit brightness, saturation, contrast, warmth, and more!
Brittany is also the founder of Fun For EP Kids, an online parent resource for moms & dads in her city.
Sometimes I end up pressing to hard and it take several at a time but that is also good if you have a moving object like the butterfly I just tried to photograph. I started photography as a teenager and have ever since never stopped to be curious and experience travelling, other worlds and cultures trough the lenses of my Canon DSLR. How To Clear Your DNS Cache In Mac OS X Find Out Which Application Drains Power On Mac OS X How You Can Use OpenDNS Or Google DNS On Apple Mac OS X Download (Original) iOS 9 And OS X El Capitan Wallpapers Introducing Apple’s Latest Mac OS X Version: OS X El Capitan Amazon Google Android Chrome Nexus Project Ara Find The List Of Inactive Apps On Your Android Device How To Take Android Screenshots Using Google Now End Calls Using Power Button On Your Android Device Download Android M Preview On Nexus Devices How To Backup Android Device Contacts Find Out Which Chrome Tab Consuming More Memory (RAM) Time-Saving Search Trick For Google Chrome (Android) Google Chrome + Adobe = Better Laptop Battery Life? Speed Up Chrome For Android With This Simple Tip Quick Tip: Add Website Links To Your Android Home Screen Expected Features Of Google Nexus 2016 (Marlin & Sailfish) This Phone Mockup Is The Next Official Google Nexus? 5+ Interesting Things You Should Know About Project Ara Microsoft Windows How To Check Your Windows Laptop Battery Health How To Reserve Your Windows 10 Free Upgrade? If you too have decided that your content is something that the world will benefit from, there are few places better than YouTube to showcase it.Photo Blogger? 10 Best DSLR Accessories That Will Enhance Your PhotographyBefore you set up your content and prepare a schedule, you will require some gear and research to get started with an upper hand. Whether you wish to upload simple game commentary or professional short films, you will require appropriate hardware to make do. Here are the top 5 best budget investments that are best for starting your new YouTube channel.Budget Investments For Your New YouTube Channel1. A Decent CameraThe most important aspect of shooting videos is getting a great camera for making sure that the audience can see you clearly and in HD resolution.
An entry-level DSLR or high-end compact camera should do the trick when it comes to home videos or gaming commentary. A DSLR is better for shooting in locations that have low light, and it can offer impressive video in such a scenario. In this budget, the best options available are the Canon EOS 700D and the Nikon D5300.Apart from these, if you are feeling the urge to splurge your cash on bigger and better DSLRs, you can get the Canon EOS 5D for around Rs.
A Good Quality MicrophoneNow that you are done with the DSLR camera purchase, it is time to invest in a decent microphone.
If you are uploading video on YouTube, you will have to incorporate audio for it to work well with different audiences.

Recording via the DSLR mic is only recommended when your location is completely soundproof, and you are recording closeup shots.Instead, you can check out cost-effective options in the market that provide a great quality of audio at nominal prices. The best microphone in the budget range is the Rode VMGO mic that provides exceptional audio quality for a price range of around Rs.
Sturdy TripodNow that you are completely equipped with your camera and microphone, you may think your gear is all set. But, in case you have an entire team to manage shooting, you will have to manage video recording with the help of a tripod. Also, accessories like dolly sliders and shifters can be used to change camera angles while it is stuck on to a firm tripod head.Depending on what DSLR you get, the weight capacity of the tripod will matter. If you went for one of the entry-level cameras, you might not require a heavy-duty tripod and the Benro T600EX can do the trick quite well at around Rs. If you are looking at handling heavier and premium equipment, you can get tripods that range up to Rs.
1 lakh and are available with exclusive brands like Manfrotto and Gitzo, which offers unparalleled performance.Vanguard CX203AP Espod Tripod AluminumVanguard Aluminium Tripod Espod CX 203 AGH With Gun Head4. Video Editing SoftwareOnce you have purchased your entire hardware gear, it is time to set up the software for managing your content.
Gone are the days of YouTube where every video used to be an unedited and rash collection of content by creators, the entire industry is now based on carefully edited shots. You don’t NEED to use an editing program to start, but it is highly recommended that you buy one. Of course, you can use built-in editing software like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, but for additional features, there are premium software that most YouTubers are using.Windows OS has popular options like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro.
Alternatively, if you are on Mac OS, you can check Final Cut Pro, which is an easier version but gets the work done twice as fast. LightingTo get started all that you need is a DSLR camera, a microphone, tripod and a great video editing software. While it is a concern in low lighting conditions, you don’t have to necessarily stress yourself about setting up artificial lighting, but if you have some money left over in your YouTube budget I strongly recommend getting arranging a three-point lighting softbox that involves getting 3 powerful sources of artificial light and placing them in a position that lights up the subjects completely.For this equipment, you could grab the GizmoGrid softbox from Amazon for around Rs. Sure it requires a substantial amount of money to showcase your content to the world, but once you start to get noticed, the amount of returns and fame will leave you to want to take up YouTube as a viable career option. You need to have something that your audience will find interesting, a passion for something that you might want to share with others. Currently pursuing a business degree, he also is a freelance writer for GizBot, Deals For Geeks, HT Media, among others.

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