Pokemon Go might be the most popular mobile game right now, but the image editing app that's making the most headlines is none other than Prisma.
But, there are several apps for the Instagram like buying Instagram followers, photo editing apps, and many. Instagram allows you to share the images and videos within the group, but it doesn’t give you the option to have a chat with your friends. Unlike other social media networks, Instagram doesn’t have the option to give the alerts and the notifications.
If you are bored of Instagram’s poor filters, same interface, limited sharing, no options to download, and constant cropping then you must try PadGram. Like the InstaPlace this app shows the weather conditions of the images which you have posted.

Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background".
In case you've missed all the hype, this new hit iOS app originating from Russia is able to turn your mundane photos into thrilling pieces of digital art. There are many annoying apps also, to have the best experience of the Instagram you must have better alternatives for your Android Smartphone. Try VSCO Cam which will add more professionalism in your Instagram photos and will give the best photo experience ever.
HashTags apps will just add the popular hashtags and then you can copy paste the hashtags to your images. You can get the list of person who is following you, who have unfollowed you, and the person whom you dint follow, all in one page.

By seeing the surroundings it can guess the weather conditions which will help you to gain Instagram followers than regular photos followers. The main concept at the centre of Prisma is its ability to turn your photos into works of art by overlaying filters onto them that turn them into images that look like paintings. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and exposure of the images to increase the number of Instagram followers. Then it forms the interface with the Instagram and allows you to download the images and save them in your gallery.

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