When an attempt is made on Senator Edward Morra’s life by a former member of his inner circle, Brian is tasked with sabotaging the FBI’s investigation into the attack. Tagged  assassination, eddie, limitless, limitless e12, limitless episode 12, limitless s01, limitless s01e12, limitless season 1, limitless season 1 episode 12, limitless the assassination of eddie morra, morra, the assassination of eddie morra, watch limitless, watch limitless e12, watch limitless episode 12, watch limitless s01, watch limitless s01e12, watch limitless season 1, watch limitless season 1 episode 12, watch limitless the assassination of eddie morra, watch the assassination of eddie morra.

As the assassin threatens to end the Senator’s career by exposing his connection to NZT, Brian and Morra’s fates become further endangered and intertwined.

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