Following a recent article elsewhere which generated an interesting discussion, I started thinking about the things one must give up on the road to becoming a doctor. Equally you must, eventually, give up on the idea of becoming some sort of medical superhero who can solve the worlds medical problems one by one. It starts at medical school when the work starts to pile up, and weekends are sacrificed to meet deadlines and for exam revision. Gone are the days where doctors would be on call for 48 or 72 hours and then do a clinic for the boss before retiring to bed. You will make mistakes from time to time in this job and your mistakes will all be potentially serious ones, simply because everything you do affects your patients’ lives directly. Furthermore, there will be times when you have to withstand an onslaught from senior doctors who feel that teaching by humiliation is the only way forward. As a doctor your job usually takes priority and you simply cannot shirk your responsibilities simply because you have prior engagements of a personal nature. Not many people admit this but medicine takes people who are often very creative and turns them into workaholic, automatons who have little room left in their lives for creativity. I began to come to terms with this when I found that even the most obscure places have hospitals.
You may not know it, but you’re joining a profession that has high rates of physical and mental illness as well as drug and alcohol misuse.
Although ill health isn’t guaranteed in a medical profession you should realise the future risk now and take steps to formulate good lifestyle habits to minimise your risk factors. There’s little encouragement in medical school to really pursue creative passions unfortunately. I guess in later career, one can start having lie ins and weekends off and feeling rather rich and happy?
I think a lot of people misinterpret hospital life as being similar to that on TV – shout out to Greys Anatomy and House fans (personal favourites lol).
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Welcome to the FIFTH Best of British Cooking Blog Challenge, where we visit the lovely English  county of DORSET.
Dorset is home to some of the finest, most delicious, first-class food you’ll ever taste. Post your recipe on your blog with a link back to The Face of New World Appliances and to me here: Lavender and Lovage.
Add the ‘Best of British’ badge to your blog post – the badge is shown above and below. Please add your recipe link to the linky below so I can visit you to leave comments and also add you to the end of month round-up!

Add your recipe or post link (url) to the linky below, it’s easy to use and we can all share our Dorset recipes straight away!
Not a problem Fiona, I didn’t have tome to post a recipe in the challenge though, so, that will have to wait until I submit one myself! Aw I have missed you Ros….BUT, I DO know what life is like, and I have also been SUPER busy too! Fabulous to see us (Updown Cottage) on Gold Hill pictured with all that fabulous Dorset food!! In my experience Dorset Knobs are only good for cracking your teeth on and should come with a health warning! The hard work really only begins at medical school where long hours and repeated exams are considered normal and where you need your patients more than they need you.
If riches are what you desire there are many many easier ways of getting that involve alot less heartache, money and stress. Yes doctors can do some impressive things when applying their skills to the right situation. Once you start working as a junior doctor, you’ll find yourself scanning each new doctors rota to work out where your on-call weekends have landed and who can swop with you so that you can still go on that holiday or get married or whatever.
The talk amongst doctors doing nights together often centres around changing specialty or leaving the profession. You will feel like an idiot at times and if the thought of that frightens you you should promptly pick a different profession. Over the years I’ve known many difficult situations including a colleague who had to turn down a role as best man for a close friend because nobody could swop his on-call weekend with him and the hospital refused to organise a locum to cover him. Telling your wife you need to postpone an evening engagement because you are still operating on a difficult case, or telling a patient you won’t be operating on them as they only have three months to live, are both likely to be met with upset. You have to realise that choosing your location is a luxury and you may have to follow your dream in a less than ideal location.
Working in these places you’re just as likely to meet doctors who have also had to move from here from the other side of the country. Doctors are also less likely to seek help than other professions which all adds to a rather worrying picture. A good network of non-medical friends should also protect you from neglecting your own needs while you’re treating your patients. It is difficult to become very rich by being a doctor, you will be comfortable, yes, but to be very rich requires some extra knowledge not taught in medical school. I think medical school applicants are less like other people though and are more likely to try to please everyone by misinterpreting the real role of a doctor. It is a place that’s practically never runs out of things to see, since the variety of scenery and activities available are virtually limitless. A visit to South Africa represents an experience that will be etched indelibly in your memory.
Famous for its beautiful coastline and rich agricultural landscape, this county has a rich food heritage, and I am lucky enough to have sampled its delights many times, as my sister lives in Blandford Forum and is an expert on Dorset cuisine – she has just started a blog and is available to answer any Dorset culinary questions if you visit her at Most Simply Traditional.

With its reputation for freshly caught fish, organic blue cheeses, specialist breads, local ales, award-winning handmade chocolates and the sheer luxury of local, premium ice cream – you are never far away from exceptionally good food in Dorset. If you’re feeling peckish in the afternoon, find a village tea room and indulge in some famous Dorset Apple Cake with a dollop of clotted cream.
There is such a diverse range of ingredients and recipes to use, and I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! I DO know that beetroot was used in cakes during the war as a substitute for sugar, but whether it was a Dorset thing or not, I cannot say!
I visited a blog earlier this month that I’m sure stated it was hosting Best of British. But my mother is very taken with their other biscuits and always brings a few packets home with her when she visits the area. If you want to be a millionnaire before you’re 30, my advice would be to avoid university altogether. But remember that however good your intentions, you will not be able to overcome the problems caused by poverty, war, government neglect or abuse, or coorporate profiteering at the expense of the sick. There will be sunny weekends when your non-medic friends will be having a barbecue whilst you sweat it out on a ward seeing yet another gastrointestinal bleed wondering why you chose this path. Each situation has it’s unique challenges and needs some communication skills, but the bottom line is that you will have times when you will have to make someone want to either hit you or cry in despair. Even after you graduate, having your heart set on one speciality is a sure way to geographical instability. Come evening, you’ll find plenty of award-winning restaurants, some even run by the culinary stars of our TV screens, perfect for those special occasions.
We drive past Blandford on route to the New Forest where CTs mother lives and keep thinking we ought to make a bit of a detour one day to see what it’s like. The confusion may have come about as I stood in to host Dorset when the original host had to stand down!
Most doctors are in the profession for genuinely altruistic reasons as well as the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have the skills and knowledge to save lives and apply these every single day as a routine part of your work. That’s partly because anecdotes from doctoring are entertaining, but also because if the medics stray from this conversation topic, they will rapidly expose their banality and limited insights in other areas particularly all things creative. Some people don’t mind this, but some with strong family ties or a mortgage, the need to move frequently is a pain.
I made my Dorset Apple Traybake and then noticed you are hosting Dorset so would love to link it up but I can’t see the linky.
I am a freelance travel and food writer and recipe developer with a passion for art, travel, books, photography, seasonal food and especially cheese!
Please do get in contact with me if you have any questions about my work or commissioning me.

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