We've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to engagement shoots, but with so much riding on one set of pictures, we want them to be perfect — and to feel like us. Like we said, there's a lot riding on these photos (just like your wedding photos!) — you'll have them for a long time and may even use them for your wedding invites or save the dates. With two cold-weather babies, I've always envied moms who could plan an outdoor birthday party and take advantage of their backyard or local park.
The trick isn't just having the right photographer or great lighting, a lot of it is what you and your partner are wearing.

So the necessary attention must be paid: we've come up with a set of tips to help you get the look just right.
Nature makes the great outdoors ideal for garden parties, water games, messy projects, and sporting events — and best of all, they can be done at a fraction of the price of indoor ones without rental fees. That's because what you wear is likely going to dictate how comfortable you are moving around, or how you and your fiance look together. Check out 44 fun parties you can throw right in the yard, without ever worrying about how you'll fit all those kids in your home!

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