The Best Video Editing Software Similar to Sony VegasAre you looking for a Sony Vegas alternative in Windows (or Mac)?
Adobe premiere pro is an excellent video editor like Sony Vegas, easy to use, runs swiftly, and supports complete video processing including script writing, editing, encoding as well as delivery. Different from Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects (AE) is specializing in visual and motion effects of photographs, text (3D), etc., allowing users to polish video production in various effects, preset animations, precise tracking controls, and delivering robust abilities to process complex projects as a result of native 64-bit support. Lightworks is a far cry from Sony Vegas, which is less professional or complete than Sony Vegas but comes free of charge, providing a dedicated and rapid way to edit (trim) video together with an unapproachable auto sync feature.
Besides, there are also guys recommending Windows Movie Maker as the best Sony Vegas replacement. As to Sony Vegas-like video editing software for Mac, you can refer to iMovie or Final Cut Pro. Music Editor Free has so many other powerful effects like amplify, equalizer, normalize, echo, envelope, sample rate conversion, reverse and much more. We can use smart phones, tablets, protable cameras like Gopro or DSLR to shoot just as many pictures and videos as we want. Microsoft Windows (live) Movie Maker is a free download for Windows Vista Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1. The easy-to-use home video editing software with special editing features lets you seamlessly stitch together video clips, music & text, apply effects and get a professional-looking home movie in minutes. Despite of the powerful abilities, people find it hard to find a good Sony Vegas alternative, which is especially a problem when the Vegas software crashes unexpectedly or people hope to find a Mac version of Sony Vegas.
The latest AE has integrated an array of useful tools including Refine Edge tool, Warp Stabilizer VFX, etc.

Opposite to paid video editor programs (Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.), Lightworks comes with an inscrutable interface and that users typically spend a long time to get used to it.
Magix Movie Edit Pro provides a straightforward interface, making it pretty easy to get started.
As Windows Movie Maker belongs to another group, you may be interested in the best free video editing software. Acoustica Basic Edition is free but has so many feature to full fill all your non-commercial need.
Music Editor Free is a commercial music editor and free version comes with some limitations. This article titled Seven Best Windows 8.1 Video Editing Software could be the answer you have been looking for. The cheapest Windows 8.1 video editing software is the Gopro Video editor, however, it seems to be the top on the list. In addition to this, you can insert text, add effects such as time lapse and adjust the volume of all your audio clips. With all the features and tools this software offers, it’s a little more complicated to use. While Sony Vegas accepts a big range of source formats and renders video at a faster speed, Adobe premiere aims for Flash and online marketsv, and wins with heaps of external tools such as the entire CD production set supported. Adobe After Effects comes a bit expensive from the angle of price, but students are able to receive a good discount.
Since everything has a learning curve, it is not bad to grasp a free Sony Vegas alternative after a period of efforts.

However, the current 2013 version is less smooth and crashes at times as per users' feedback on CNET (previous versions function fairly well). It doesn’t provide as many transitions, picture-in-picture objects or audio tracks as some of the other applications we reviewed. Bottom line: This video editing software allows you to add many video and audio clips if you want. As good video editing software similar Sony Vegas, AE offers a user-friendly interface and helpful tutorials, whereas it is less convenient to a beginner. Also have basic audio editing function like Silence, Trim, Cut, Copy,Paste, delete , insert & more. We hope you can share this article with more friends and if you have another BEST program to add in this list, please make a comment in below. We mainly made judgement by focusing on file-format support, customer service support, price and its editing performace.
It magically cut, splice portions of videos whereever you want to, add music, text, transitions, upload to Youtube or Viemo, or trasnfer video photo to DVD disc playable on DVD player connected to TV.

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